Zhou Gong interprets dreams: Dreaming about pregnancy is either Huai, or Huaichun

Dreaming of pregnancy, you can first judge with your real life.Because dreams are an extension of real life. If you are preparing for pregnancy, then pregnancy in dreams is the achievement of your real desire in dreams.If you don’t want children for the time being, then dreaming that pregnancy is the dream that you are afraid of pregnancy. We say that dreams are reverse.If you look at the hint of dreams, dreaming that you are pregnant is a good thing, implying the happiness of life, the increase in wealth, and your potential will be exerted.

01 Hope to be recognized by others

When we are not understood in our lives, and our ability is not recognized, our hearts are often distressed. Although it is said that gold will glow, but if the gold is buried too deep, then you want to make a light.It is also difficult.

Under such circumstances, we often dream that we are pregnant, because this is the easiest to be recognized, and the belly can indeed highlight ourselves.Anyway, this will not be buried.This is also a man who wants to prove themselves in front of others, and hopes to get the recognition of others. It is like the new daughter -in -law in her mother -in -law’s house. If you want to attract the attention of others, there is nothing more direct than pregnancy.

02 The desire for happiness

If the pregnant person is very happy in dreams, it is actually your desire for happiness and love. As the saying goes: Which girl is not in spring and is with his beloved person, and it is a happy thing to bred a small life with him.So dreams represent your wish, of course, maybe you are envious of the happy life of others.

Pro-Yuan Xian fish, as retreat webs.No matter how beautiful the dream is, it is illusory. If you want to get happiness, of course, you must rely on your own hands to build.A person you like, a lively and cute little life, this is the happiness of the world.

03 A new state of life

Dreaming of pregnancy may indicate the acquisition of a new experience, the emergence of a new idea, and the advent of a new achievement, which may be the desire for a new state of life.

Pregnancy represents a new life is about to be born, just like we finally got harvest after the difficult effort.The unchanged life flattes our edges and corners, and the dreams of our hearts are also worn away. In fact, everyone’s hearts want to change their current state of life and re -live with a new look.

Dreaming of pregnancy is your desire for a new life. You hope that in a certain aspect, you have made breakthroughs and achievements. When you want the sun tomorrow’s rising, it is different from today.


04 Men dream of being pregnant

In fact, this is a weird idea to be blame. In your heart, there may be some different ideas about what problems. Of courseHow do you want to tell others?

Of course, this also represents your adventure spirit. The more impossible you can do, the more you want to try, even if it is realized in a dream?Even though the adventure spirit and the imaginative thoughts, the dark tide in everyone’s heart is just that everyone is good at controlling the thoughts in their hearts, and not let others see that you are a whimsical person, and joke you, and dreamsIt cannot be controlled.

Pregnancy is a happy event in real life, and of course it is also a good thing in dreams, so in general dream interpretation, this dream is a great dream.But after all, dreams are dreams. Only when we work hard to make ourselves more talented, our talents will be recognized by others. As the saying goes, it is as pregnant.Others discovered.This is just a matter of time. After a long time, others will always see it.

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