Zhou Gong Dream Eight


· The uphill indicates the future.

· Downhill means that the fortune turns bad.

the way

It symbolizes your journey.

· If you dreamed that the road is wide and straight, you will not be in a happy mood now.

· If you dreamed that the road is narrow and twists and turns, there are obstacles to the road, indicating that you can’t unlock your heart.

· Dreaming of turning the corner means that there is a turning point, and it may happen by abnormal things.

· Dreaming at the crossroads indicates that the opposite approach must be considered.

· Dreaming of the fork means deviating from this way.· At the end of the dream, there is suffering or dissatisfaction.

· Dreaming of going downhill means that you must review the direction of the behavior, you must not abandon himself.

· Dreaming of thorns and miening means unsatisfactory, everything needs to be worked.

· Dreaming of the road of all directions is a good sign, the phenomenon of success.


The symbol of female sexual organs often has such a dream.

· Dreaming of being scared in the tunnel, indicating that you feel that sex is sinful and want to escape it.

· When girls do such dreams, they are afraid of pregnancy.

· Dreaming of crossing the tunnel means longing for sex.

· Dreaming of digging a tunnel indicates your desire for sex in the subconsciousness, or implies that the secret will be leaked.Bridge

It represents the boundary of the valley or river, which connects the bridge between the two parties, indicating that the two things that were originally in the opposition will be successfully resolved.

· If the bridge cannot be passed in the dream, it means that it is too persistent in the past (stagnation and timid).

· If the bridge means that life is transformed or will be forced to make decisions.

· The broken bridge indicates that there are sudden disasters, disputes or illnesses.

· Building a bridge means that the innovation bureau has achieved something, and wishes will be achieved.

· Dreaming of the bridge of the sea, the moment of transformation is coming.

· Dreaming of people on the bridge, winning, someone responds better.

· If you meet someone on the bridge, this person will have the relationship between your future development.


Dreaming that there will be good things in island.

· If the island is green on the island and the business is full of business, it means that your wish will be realized.


The dark and deep forest is a symbol of a sacred place.

· Dreaming of traveling through the forest means that you will lose important things.You will have such a dream when you lose your body.

· Dreaming of getting lost in the forest indicates that your mentality has changed from a girl to a woman.


Dreams related to memory of previous lives.


Dream walks into the field and bushes, indicating that you put aside your current mentality or life and enter such a state. In this state, everything is possible, and you must make a choice.If so, your subconscious is summoning you to enter a new stage of development.

If the field is desolate, it symbolizes your emotional life is lonely.

Two roads

Most of the dreams that emphasize the two roads are related to choice.

If you are facing your choice during your dreams, you can be more convinced that the two roads in your dreams are representing these two choices.

When a dreamer was in job hunting, he was choosing between two companies and hesitated.In the evening he dreamed: "I walk into a small alley with another person, there are two roads in front, one to the left, and one to the right. We are advanced on the left. On the left side of this road, there is a hut.Like a cave, the door of the hut is green stone, and there seems to be some troublesome cases on it. "(Remind me on the sculpture on the seal) I opened the door, and the light inside was dark.I feel like this place has been here once.Like a hole.There are two statues of Luxi on the left wall of the cave, like statues in Buddhist caves.There is a window behind the statue, which is shiny.I think it’s a little bit brighter than last time.

"Go back to this house (outside the cave) and walk along the road. The road in front is divided into two, and the road on the right is towards a small house. I know there is a person in this small house, so long like me when I was a teenager.I don’t know where to go. "

"At this time, the person and I turned around and turned to the back, that is, the first road on the right side of the intersection. There was an old man who came out from there to greet us. I have a little regret, I don’t know that the road I did not go.Where to go? "

"People who are with me in dreams are like a friend in Company A, and then another friend of the company. The two companies that I choose to choose is the two companies. I am now in Company A Company A. Company A is now A Company A.Work, and a larger Japanese company has another chance to let me enter. "

After analyzing the dream, in this dream, he proposed that he had "two roads" from the beginning, and then let him see the current situation and prospect of Company A.Like a hut, a cave, a green Yumen look like a seal, it means that the dreamer in Company A has a certain power.Liang Lixing’s portrait represents the dream and the friend must work very hard, and then there will be some light.

Two ways to move forward are two possible directions for the development of Company A.The place where the turn is around is the Japanese company, which is characterized by the turn of the people around him.The characteristics of the elderly who take them are very similar to the owner of the company.

It can be seen that although the dreamer was regretful to leave Company A, he still "turned" Company B.


Men dream of temples, and the country is about to occur.A woman dreams of a temple, and the husband’s family will split.Patients dream of temples, and their condition will worsen.Dreaming of entering the temple, all efforts will be turned into bubbles.Pregnant women dream of entering the temple, and the fetus will have problems.Businessmen dream of entering the temple, business will lose money.Dreaming of others enter the temple, all difficulties will pass.Dreaming of his wife entered the temple, the husband and wife live in harmony and happiness.Dreaming of the enemy into the temple door, he can surrender them.


Men dream of railway and travel long distances.The married woman dreams of the railway and is separated from her husband.Unmarried women dream of railways and will marry distant towns.The prisoners dreamed of the railway and would transfer to other prisons.Dreaming of the railway, the danger is coming.Dreaming of the construction of a railway is a sign, and power will be greater.The soldiers dream of the railway, which is a fierce sign, and will encounter a sudden attack of the enemy.Officers dream of participating in the construction of railways, which is a good sign and can defeat the enemy.


When a man dreamed of the onto, his reputation would rise.The married woman dreamed of the twisted shelves, and the husband and wife loved their heads.However, the married man dreams of his wife on the crowd.Dreaming of a friend twisted, the disaster would come from the enemy.But dreaming of the enemy on the broken side, there will be many friends at the time of crisis.Dreaming of rescue his wife or friends from the twisted rack, unfortunate days can get God’s help.The prisoners dreamed that the onto -header would soon be released from prison.However, the patient dreamed of the twisted shelves, and he couldn’t afford to bed for a long time.


Dreaming of the port, business will have unprecedented prosperity, and due to visiting abroad, it will be famous in the world.When I dreamed that my boat entered the water, when I was about to sink into the sea, I suddenly arrived at the dock. It was auspicious and will be helped by strange friends in the disaster.Dreaming of leaving the port is a precursor to the world, or the place is going to change.


Dreaming of the theater, the difficulties came.Women dream of the theater, they can be independent and do not rely on husbands or protect people.Men dream of watching the drama, which will increase additional expenses.Women dream of watching the drama and will be insulted.Dreaming of watching the drama with friends will be strong and strong.Dreaming of watching the drama with his wife, the husband and wife live in harmony and happiness.The businessman dreamed of watching the drama with his friends, and the business would flourish.The woman in the love dreamed of watching the drama with her lover, and the two soon met.


It may be a symbol of despair. In this case, you should find a psychologist to consult to relieve some psychological pressure.

Sometimes, you can also have a good side when you see the underworld. It symbolizes that for your personality, you "must die."To exact the meaning of the dream, it depends on your encounter in the underworld.If you see light there, then this is a good symbol, symbolizing your consciousness to find your subconscious.

The elderly dream of the yin, sometimes due to the burden of death.After waking up, the elderly may also worry about this dream, because they often have superstitious ideas and feel that they really have gone through the yin.If an old man talks about such dreams, he should generally be comforted and explain to them that there is nothing embarrassed.

Yin also represents things buried in the deep memory. If you dream of seeing a dead relative and friend in the underworld, this means that he recalled him or a kind of old emotional or habit of resurrection.

Dreaming of many people wearing luxurious clothing gather together, and those who are unmarried will have a good relationship.

Dreaming of those who wear dirty clothes gathered together, and the relatives of the dreamers will resign with the world.

Dreaming of monks’ chanting is the suggestion of death.

· Dreaming that you are a monk indicating that rebirth or disease can improve.

· The monk presented the monk, saying that he would open up the avenue of life.

In real life, I want to play my ability but is blocked.When you dream of this dream, you should also pay attention to the trouble at work.

Dreaming of graceful and tingting jade is auspicious.The girl dreamed of a girl, she would not be able to marry.The married woman dreaming of a girl is an ominous sign, and her husband will refuse the source of income.

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