Zhong Xuegao went to the hot search again, and it would not be merged for one hour at room temperature at 31 ° C?Including a lot of additives?Expert: Don’t worry

Zhong Xuegao went on a hot search again, this time because it would not be "not".

On the hot summer, how can there be less popsicles.But recently, some netizens said that after 1 hour of room temperature was placed at about 31 ° C, Zhong Xue Gaohai Salt Coconut Coconut flavor ice cream did not "completely melt".

The left is a cowyfish ice cream, and the right is the sea salt coconut flavor ice cream, which quickly melts in the air -conditioned room

Earlier, some netizens said that after leaving the refrigerator by Zhong Xuegao’s ice cream, it would not melt even one night, which speculated that the ice cream contains a lot of edible brilliance.

From an e -commerce platform, this ice cream said by netizens, each ice cream is priced at 15.3 yuan. The details described that it contains 6.3%of the protein per 100g and melted the package.

Yesterday, Zhong Xuegao’s official Weibo responded-

Regarding the response of the online biography of Zhongxue Gaohai Salt Coconut Products for a long time, it does not melt the problem:

Answer: There is no non -melting ice cream. The solid objects are high and less water. After completely melting, it is naturally viscous. It will not completely spread into a pool of water, and the solid can not become water anyway.

The melting is sticky because the main ingredients in this product formula are milk, cream, coconut milk, refining milk, whole milk powder, ice egg yolk, etc.Outside of the water, the formula does not add additional drinking water.At the same time, for the addition of problems, in order to maintain the good flavor and form of the product during the shelf period, the product only uses a very small amount of food emulsion thickening agent, and it can be added strictly in accordance with relevant national standards.

How much additives do a ice cream contain?

Expert: It is not easy to melt, it is not necessarily an additional additive

The ingredients sold on the market contain a variety of food additives, as small as six or seven, as many as a dozen.

Whether it is a large brand or a small brand, almost all of the additives on the cold drink products are not less than five, and as many as a dozen species are very common. Add agents occupy more than half of the rivers and mountains on the product ingredient list.

Taking a chocolate ice cream egg tube of Hexue as an example, the ingredients have 5 lines. Among them, the light belongs to 11 species such as caramel, sunset yellow, lemon yellow, carmine, etc.Various food additives such as doses, edible flavors, thickeners.And a very popular "Qiao Lezi" ice cream ice cream, which is also very popular in the market, has no less than 20 additives such as emulsifiers, thickeners, and artificial pigments.

In order to make additives look "less", some companies only write codes when marking. Many food additives marked on the packaging of ice cream packaging are not a clear name, but digital code.It is seen on the packaging of an ice cream, the ingredient table on the packaging of this product shows that it contains emulsifiers (322, 471, 433), thickeners (412, 415, 407), flavor increases (621), color agent (color agent (color agent (colorful agent)150C).

Many food industry practitioners said that this is normal, "the composition of ice cream is relatively complicated. In addition to milk and water, it also includes emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, etc., which will make ice cream melt after melting ice cream melting.The liquid is relatively sticky. "Looking at the ingredients of most ice cream, the larger is milk, cream, whole fat milk powder, sugar -refined milk, coconut milk, ice egg yolk, etc.It is relatively thick and not surprising.

In fact, the phenomenon of cold drinks is not easy to melt.Ruan Guangfeng, a member of the Nutrition and Food Safety and a member of the China Internet Joint Ballad Platform, pointed out at the time that the saying "more additives, the more difficult it is to melt" is inaccurate.

He analyzed that components such as emulsifiers, thickeners, and stabilizers are indeed related to increasing the resistance of cold drinks, but for producers, they are not more good, and too many additives will destroy the quality of ice cream.There are studies analyzing the anti -fusion of ice cream with different amounts of emulsifiers and stabilizers, respectively. The concentrations added by the stabilizer are 0.40%, 0.45%, and 0.50%, respectively.It was found that when the amount was 0.45%, the blending of ice cream was the best.

In addition, the improvement of food raw materials and generating process can also produce ice cream with better resistance.For example, some Japanese companies have launched ice cream that can be maintained for 1 hour at normal temperature, because it contains bean slag ingredients, which can delay the melting speed of ice cream.

Ruan Guangfeng also said that as long as it meets the standard requirements, the safety of food additives is guaranteed.Taking emulsifiers as an example, there are about 70 kinds of emulsifiers in the world. The World Health Organization and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO/WHO) Food Additives Joint Expert Committee (JECFA) conduct safety evaluation of food emulsifier. The results show that the results show thatMost of these emulsifiers are safe, and most of them do not even need to limit the daily allowable intake (ADI), and it will not cause harm to health reasonably.

The faster the ice cream, the ice cream melted?

What is the "non -turquoise" ice cream and ice cream?

According to China Food Safety Network:

Misunderstanding 1:

See the speed of melting speed to determine how much the "glue" content of ice cream

"Hurry up, otherwise it will turn" is a word that everyone often says when eating ice cream.As everyone’s attention to the quality of ice cream has continued to improve, the rapid and slowness of ice cream melting has also become the direction of everyone’s attention.

In order to observe the melting speed of snow cake, we selected hawthorn flavor ice cream (left), yogurt -flavored ice cream (middle) and milk coffee flavored ice cream (right) on the market for comparison.After the three ice cream removed the room for ten minutes, the appearance did not change significantly.

After half an hour, observe that hawthorn flavors and yogurt flavors of ice cream signs significant melting. Some of them have become liquid, the cake body becomes soft and collapsed, and the appearance of milk coffee flavor ice cream has not changed significantly.

Three ice creams are observed in about 50 minutes after taking out the cold cabinet. Hawthorn flavors and yogurt taste ice cream have been completely melted, and the milk coffee flavor ice cream is slightly melted around. The shape of the ice cream is still clearly visible.Turn into liquid state.

It is not difficult to find that the three different flavors of ice cream are different in the same environment. The melting speed of hawthorn and yogurt flavor ice cream is faster, while the milk coffee taste ice cream is relatively slow.In fact, there are many factors affecting the melting speed of ice cream. Cream, cream, and whole -fat milk powder with high content of raw materials such as water cream is slower than the ice cream with water as the main raw material.

The quality of ice cream depends to a large extent on its total solid content, such as protein and fat content.The solid of ice cream can be understood as the dry substance after removing water in the ice cream, which is the source of nutrients in the ice cream.

The requirements of the national standard "GB/T 31119-2014 Frozen Drinks Ice Cream" are greater than equal to 20%. Take a product called "Sea Salt Coconut" as an example.The content of fat + carbohydrate roughly estimates that its solid content is about 40%, which is much higher than that of national standards.

Generally speaking, the higher the total solid and protein content, the higher the quality of the ice cream, the high solid content, and the relatively small proportion of water, and the slow melting speed is normal.

Misunderstanding 2:

Products with food additives are unsafe

When it comes to food additives, many people have a misunderstanding that food additives are unhealthy.However, in fact, the scope and usage of food additives in the national standards clearly stipulate that the use of food additives within the scope of standards is safe.The thickener is a kind of additives widely used in foods. The thickeners can be seen in foods such as jelly, eight treasure porridge, and Tremella bird’s nest. The main role is to improve and increase the viscosity of food, maintain the darkee food, The color, fragrance, taste and stability of jelly foods, improve the physical properties of food, and make food lubricating pawn.

For example, the Kara gum often used in ice cream, according to the requirements of GB 2760-2014 "Food Additives Use Standards", in ice cream and ice cream frozen drinks, can be "used in moderation according to production."

What do netizens think of ice cream?

Girls: It turns out that it is expensive on the additive

Favorite Cheng Paula: Is the ice cream that is not discharged?

Emeishan monkey that was exploded by the net: Has anyone ever eaten a small pudding and couldn’t bite.Too fast, you can only lick and eat

没有 _ Sugar Sugar: Have you ever eaten Xue Zhonggao?

A Ying returns: How do you say that some drinks that usually drink will add polymer materials to increase viscosity but still liquid liquid, but you are a little incredible in the consistency of your ice cream.

Allysaning: Last year, when I went to Dalian to avoid the summer, I found that the Northeast plate can be so large. It seems that the strong milk flavor seems to be only 10 yuan. It is really a conscience.

Adolf Gich: Money Snow Ice City’s 3 yuan sweet tube, dripping down in 5 seconds.The temperature is 32 degrees.

Sukoala: Let’s eat red bean ice cream!It is cheap and relieve heat.

What is the first ice cream you eat this summer?

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