Zhengzhou’s 45 -year -old uncle raped his 12 -year -old niece and lost money after his pregnancy lost 1,000 yuan?

Blood relationship is a link that is difficult to give up in loved ones. It should be a bridge that promotes mutual communication between relatives and friends, but in the end it is reduced to the root of the relationship between the relationship between the two parties.

The following cases were uncle raped his niece and caused pregnancy. The parents of the daughter after mediation after mediation will sue him to court.

On October 14, 2016, Hu Moujia and his wife Hong Mou went out to work and took care of Hu Moujia’s brother and sister -in -law to Hu Moujia’s brother Hu Mouyi every month.Taking 200 yuan as a raising fee.

At around 1 pm on May 21, 2017, Hu Mouyi will call Xiaohu who played outside to watch TV, and then handed the milk with sleeping pills to Xiao Hu, and the tired Xiao Hu drank a good breath.

After a while, Xiao Hu fell dizzy on the sofa.

Hu Mouyi immediately hugged Xiao Hu into the bedroom, and had a sexual relationship with his niece unconsciously.

When Xiao wakes up, her headache is also painful. His uncle then explained that he put a few sleeping pills in Xiao Hu’s cup, and said that he had a poor sleep quality because he saw Xiao Hu because of the near -term exam.Relieve its sleep.

After listening to Xiaohu, I then thanked the uncle Hu Mou.

In mid -August 2017, when Hu Mouyi was not at home, Hu Mouyi called Xiaohu again to his bedroom to rape.

Seeing Xiaohu unwilling, he immediately grabbed Xiao Hu’s hands and dragged him into the house, and Hu Mouyi, who had been asking for help and resisting Xiao Hu, raped Xiao Hu again.

At around 4 pm on August 21st, in order to let Xiao Hu not tell his parents to rape, Hu took Xiaohu to a mobile phone store to buy a mobile phone for compensation.

Xiaohu was difficult to enlighten the teeth and finally agreed to his uncle’s thoughts to rot the matter in his stomach.

In 2017, Xiao Hu’s parents returned home to visit his daughter and found that Xiao Hu deliberately alienated relationships with them.

His mother Hong Mou felt that Xiao Hu had something to hide from them, and then saw that his daughter was not right when he was unwell.

After Hongmou told her husband, Hu Moujia, the husband and wife sent Xiao Hu to the hospital for examination on October 11 of the same year, and finally found that Xiao Hu had been pregnant for more than a month.

In the ward, Xiao Hu’s father Hu Moujia stared at his eyes and asked what was going on. After a few choking, Xiao Hu finally told the truth.

Later, Xiao Hu’s father told Hu Mouyi, and Hu Mouyi took 1,000 yuan to get a fetus.

Later, the couple asked Hu Mouyi for a compensation of 10,000 yuan. Hu Mouyi said that it didn’t want to pay for him. After the mediation of the two sides, Hu Moujia called the local police station.

Around mid -October of the same year, the police arrested him at Hu Mouyi’s home.

In this case, Hu Mou knows that Xiaohu, who is less than 14 years old, has sexual relationships with her many times, and should be the crime of rape.

The public prosecution agency accused the offending.

Hu Mouyi used the convenience of the temporary monitoring relationship with Xiao Hu to implement rape behavior on Xiao Hu; and Hu Mouyi’s behavior led to the consequences of minor Xiao Hu’s pregnancy.

Based on this, in accordance with the provisions of Article 236 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the judgment is as follows: The defendant Hu Mouyi committed a crime of rape and sentenced to twelve years in prison.

Through the above cases, we can see that the following points: 1: When both parents go out to work, they must seek reliable people to take care of their daughters. Do not cause their daughter to be persecuted because of their omissions.

2: Parents should talk to their children more about personal safety and be rape.

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