Zhengzhou Beauty Host: During pregnancy, it was found to have cancer and abandon chemotherapy in order to protect the fetus.

When you say goodbye, you must talk hard, say a few more words, maybe each goodbye is the last sentence, and look at a few more times, because maybe it is the last time you see it.This is a sentence that a mother with cancer was said during her lifetime. She was a relatively good host in Zhengzhou Tai and had the most beautiful mother Qiu Yuanyuan.

The things in this world are not allowed to be accurate, and nothing will guess what happened, not to mention that everyone is equal in front of the disease, and life becomes so fragile and weak in front of the disease.The disease is even more desperate, after all, cancer is really difficult to save.

In the end, life was slowly exhausted, and it could only leave regrets.To be honest, even if it is a well -known person in the world, a very rich person, facing the threat of the cancer notice, there is still no way to do everything, and be sentimental.Although the profession of the host looks bright and beautiful, it is still so gorgeous under the attention of the spotlight.

However, if you want to be such an outstanding person, it is a difficult thing. After all, as the host of CCTV, it is the leader in the industry. It can enter CCTV, and it is even a dragon and phoenix among people.Dong Qing knows it, Zhu Jun and Sabenin are even more clear.They all rely on the usual efforts to accumulate the popularity of returning, so that they have achieved today.

However, some people always live in a high position without knowing how to cherish it. In recent years, many CCTV hosts have been prosecuted either in jail, or they are suffering from serious illness and other incidents.And a relatively famous host Zhu Xun actually had cancer. He had been suffering from cancer twice. You can see that Zhu Xun has reached the point where he is thin because of cancer.Those private hospitals have caused many adverse reactions due to bacterial infections.

Recalling the misery of that time, Zhu Xun really burst into tears. Fortunately, now Zhu Xun has already returned to health, and after recovery, he returns to everyone again.There is a saying that this is the same. Everyone is a host, and everyone is a host. Qiu Yuanyuan is not as good as her.

Maybe everyone is not very familiar with the name Qiu Yuanyuan, but as long as I say the name of a show, everyone may know that the host of "Who is the Winner" is her.After watching the show she hosted, she knows that her performance on the show is a gentle and generous girl, and many audiences like to watch her show.

Because her face value is very outstanding, she is a relatively good one among the host. Many viewers like her, and they are called the most beautiful anchors.It can be said that she is a beautiful and talented beauty host who graduated from Nantuchong College of Communication University of China. At that time, the major he chose was the art of hosting.

Qiu Yuanyuan was born in 1988. She is from Linyi, Shandong, but she has both southern beauties and a gentle and elegant northerner.Qiu Yuanyuan has a dream since he was a child, that is to become an excellent host. Watching the hosting on TV is so outstanding, she also wants to grow up and be able to become the same person for one day, sitting in front of everyone.

The producer Li Hailong, after learning that Qiu Yuanyuan died, had a evaluation of her, probably some views on her job. When she was in "Who is the Winner" at that time, she was a very hard -working girl at the beginning.EssenceBecause the column is from Monday to Saturday, and it starts live broadcast at 9 pm. At 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, there are not many staff members, and the garden will pass early and go home at 12 pm.

After that, Qiu Yuanyuan had achieved good results because of his work efforts and achieved good results. Therefore, her career began to become heyday. Later, her love was more positive. When Qiu Yuanyuan had a boyfriend when she was on campus, she entered the society.In the future, they have been together.Her boyfriend is Zhang Qixuan, and she is also a host, but he is the host of the new countryside of Henan Satellite TV.

After getting married, the two people lived very loving, and it didn’t take long for them to usher in the crystallization of their love after marriage. Both of them were excited about the news.The beginning of life.Originally, everyone thought that they could wait for the child to be born, but unfortunately Qiu Yuanyuan was told that he might have a decision because he had uterine cancer.

2014 was probably the most uncomfortable period of Qiu Yuanyuan. The child had been bred for seven months. At that time, Qiu Yuanyuan found out that the cancer cells were spreading. Qiu Yuanyuan’s decision was carrying her life or her child’s life.If chemotherapy can save her life, if the child can keep it, she will not be able to keep it.

If she chooses chemotherapy, the child is gone, and it is impossible to get pregnant in the future, and it is still a question that chemotherapy can really save lives.Everyone is persuading Qiu Yuanyuan to give up children. After all, it is more important to live.However, Qiu Yuanyuan had his own plan long ago, that is to keep the child and sacrifice himself.So she chose to give up chemotherapy, but to raise her fetus with peace of mind.

Qiu Yuanyuan never complained why he wanted to give her a blow to her, so that the people around her did not know that she had already suffered from cancer, but she felt that she had become thinner for no reason, and her hair had dropped a lot, but she had dropped a lot, but she had dropped a lot, but she had dropped a lot, but her hair was a lot.Everyone still thinks that she is very different from ordinary pregnant women.

Fortunately, in the end, the child still let Qiu Yuanyuan give birth, and after a series of inspections, it can be reached that the child is very healthy. This means that this child that Qiu Yuanyuan is in danger of life is worth it.EssenceThe child’s name is named Nian Nian.Qiu Yuanyuan, who gave birth to a child, started surgery, but it was too late at this time.

Everything is nothing, but Qiu Yuanyuan has been supporting it without death. She was willing to die until she watched the child’s 100 -day banquet.It is said that Qiu Yuanyuan was about to leave at that time, but her husband could not see her last because he failed to meet her in a business trip. She could only go with this regret.

At 9 o’clock that day, Qiu Yuanyuan opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, and asked the family of Zhang Qixuan next to the family of the family, and the family could only answer it. However, she really couldn’t wait.She left a sorry tears. She thought that the two could be old to get old, but they did not expect that they were dispersed by the disease.

Conclusion: The disease is scared and awesome. No matter who is, everyone should learn to maintain good health.

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