Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng’s surrogacy incident, Zheng Shuang Zhang Heng’s surrogacy incident timeline combed the ins and outs of the dragon

What happened to Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng’s pregnancy incident

Zheng Shuang and his ex -boyfriend Zhang Heng met in "This!It is the "Iron Armor" variety records. In July 2018, it was photographed by the media.In September 2019, Double Double Variety showed affection, and the show chiral broke up in the last episode.Since then, the two sides have launched lingering long -term tears.

To this day, a sunny day, Zhang Hengfa Weibo took two babies.

The Weibo document mainly said that he has always been slandered. After breaking up, Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang have many disputes. The Internet has been scolding him as a "scum man" and "soft rice man".The highest bright is of course the sentence: "Two young and innocent little life."

What does it mean?Who is the child?Because the imagination of ordinary gossip people is too limited, everyone is still counting the time when they know and break up, and Zheng Shuang’s work is enough to make two such big children.

Zhang Heng provided the evidence to NetEase Entertainment. In simple terms: Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng’s two children in the United States (not twins, surrogate separately). When the surrogate mother was pregnant for seven months, Zheng ShuangThe family does not want children to abandon, so the two sides have disputes. Zhang Heng is currently staying in the United States.In addition, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng started to fight economic disputes after they were in hand.

Zhang Heng’s friend provided the birth certificate of two children to NetEase Entertainment.A copy of the "Birth Certificate of Population Records of Nevada" shows that the girl was born on January 4, 2020. The mother’s current statutory name "SHUANG ZHENG", age 28, father’s current statutory name "heng zhang", age 29, father father, fatherThe birthday was February 16, 1990.

A "Certificate of Birth of the Population Records of Colorado" shows that the boy was born on December 19, 2019. The mother’s name was "shuang zheng" before the first marriage.Show; the father’s name is "heng zhang", the father was born in China, age 29.

The birth date of these two children is December 19, 2019 and January 4, 2020, then push 280 days forward, on March 4, 2019 and March 30, 2019.In other words, about March 2019, Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang have completed the birth of children and other children.

"Abandoned" has the most "real hammer" evidence that Zhang Heng now provided by Netease Entertainment: the dialogue recording of the Zhang Heng family and the Zheng Shuang family.

In the recording, Zheng Shuang’s father said that because Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng broke their hands, the reason for the child who wanted to "do not afford" the child who wanted to "do not" can be "unable to raise", and Zhang Heng’s parents told the hospital that "abandoned it."——The tone is easier than applying for online shopping.

Zhang Heng’s father disagreed and reminded him: "This is illegal in the United States."

In another period of recording, Zheng Shuang’s family also proposed to "adopt the United States".

The Zhang Heng family said that she didn’t understand what it meant. Zheng Shuang intervened and said that he was anxious and nonsense.Zheng Shuang also said: "I am responsible for my own life." Is abandonment of children also called responsibility?

In Zheng Shuang’s parents tried to persuade Zhang Heng’s parents to adopt adoption for their children, Zheng Shuang suddenly intervened: "This child really can’t get rid of it, TMD is almost annoyed."

Zheng Shuang’s mother also said that sending children for adoption is a way to consult a lawyer, and give birth to the child.Let Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng "forget all."

Zheng Shuang’s mother also particularly emphasized that she should write the conditions for delivery and send them away "never meet again." It is also speculated that the adopter does not want the child to know his life, and the children who want to adopt think that adoptive parents are biological parents.

However, many adopted families in the United States will frankly tell their children’s life. Adopted parents think that this is the right to know the child, and it will encourage them to find their place of birth to understand where they come from.The Zheng Shuang family cared about "sending away children never to meet again". It should not be someone else, but himself.

Netease Entertainment also exposed photos of Zhang Heng and two children.

"Zheng Shuang’s surrogacy abandonment", in fact, there were some rumors as early as the lap in the second half of 2020.This broke the news in September 2020.

The breaking news said at the time: Because the custody right is in the United States, it is being a lawsuit in the United States.

Zheng Shuang Zhang Heng’s surrogacy incident timing combing

The power of the people who eat melon is huge. By querying the US court system, the divorce case of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng will be held on March 22, 2021.(Popularization: DISSOLUTION to lift the marriage relationship, PerManent Orders is the final trial of a divorce case.)

The birth certificate of the two children was also picked up. On January 4, 2020, the girl’s birth time was now the statutory name "SHUANG ZENG", age 28; my father’s current statutory name "heng zhang", age 29, father’s birthday, his father’s birthdayIt was February 16, 1990.Therefore, at this time, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng married, had children, and divorced already have stone hammers. This series of melons saw it, and netizens’ ideas were the same."Only the majority of netizens can’t think of it, not Zheng Shuang can’t do it."

At present, the biggest question about Zheng Shuang is when she was born?Is it really through surrogacy?

Come, let Benmow take you to understand the timeline:

In July 2018, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng’s romance was exposed;

In August 2018, Zhang Heng publicly acknowledged the relationship with Zheng Shuang for the first time to maintain his girlfriend and his fans;

In December 2018, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng were exposed to buy a house. In the same month, the two played the company in partnership, and Zhang Heng served as an executive director;

On January 31, 2019, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng vacated in the United States;

From March to August 2019, the two showed their love frequently, and Zheng Shuang even used to maintain Zhang Heng many times;

In September, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng loved the reality show "Daughter’s Love". The man was approved to perform cold violence against his girlfriend. Zheng Shuang also cried that Zhang Heng did not understand herself enough, and she was a bit aggrieved;

In November, Zheng Shuang left Zhang Heng after leaving Zhang Heng in the show in advance. The letter stated that "I hope to consider the relationship between the two." Some netizens broke the news that the two broke up;

In December, the media reported that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng officially broke up. After that, the two fell into economic disputes and public opinion wars. Zhang Heng was restricted to high consumption after Zheng Shuang was sued by Zheng Shuang. Zhang Heng was exposed a week ago.

Zhang Heng also commented on the circle of friends on Weibo that the two children were 1 year and one month this year, combined with the tradition of October in October, so Zheng Shuang Zhang Heng should be married in the United States in early 19 years.In September, the relationship between the two began to rupture. The child was born around December, that is, when the parents were officially broke up, they were born …

Some media contacted Zhang Heng’s friends to get more inside story. After Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang got married and had children in the United States, the two decided to separate. Zheng Shuang was unwilling to cooperate with legal procedures, causing the two children to return to China legal.

Reasonable guessing is that the newborn must be signed by the parents to apply for a passport, so Zhang Heng has been staying in the United States.

Source: Zhonghuanet Entertainment

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