Zhen Huan Chuan Fan Fan: When Zhen Huan’s last pregnancy, why is it all?Listen to Ling Rong

Introduction: When Zhen Huan’s last pregnancy, he was uncomfortable. He only felt that his chest was stuffy and vomiting frequently.

Don’t think that Zhen Huan’s pregnancy is uncomfortable, maybe he is secretly chanting again. At this time, Zhen Huan is not the same as before, and the real power is in the hands and allies. No one dares to do such hands and feet in her soup.

Therefore, the only explanation can only be that Zhen Ye had originally "ghosts", just like her intention to overthrow Yixiu’s mind.

The matter was very simple. Yinggui from the King’s Mansion of Guojun was young, beautiful, gentle and quiet, because I said a few words to San Ge’s words, "Putting his heart", and was mistaken for the third brother that Ying Gui "Pengmen intends to be Jun Jun."Kai", so he was like a demon, and fierce pursuit of Ying Guiren.

In the end, it was also developed to compose a word for Ying Guiren’s Guiren. If you put this kind of thing on other women, it may become a good story.woman.

The third brother did not give up, thinking that his father was old, and he took advantage of so many young and beautiful women, which was purely "violent heaven".As the eldest son of the emperor, why not share one or two?

Moreover, such things have been there since ancient times. For example, Wu Zetian and Yang Yuhuan have all caused Jugu?The flowers are not the master, and the picking is home.As long as she can get her heart, this matter will become more than half.When his father died, he immediately "violently" Ying Gui, and then changed another name and identity to become his own woman.Zhen Huan returned to the palace from Ganlu Temple, and did not become "Niu Lulu Zhen Huan?" For the emperor, this kind of thing that concealed the sky and covered his ears and stole the bell was originally a trivial matter!

Hongshi wanted to be very beautiful. However, unfortunately, he was seen through the concubine, and even when he was strolling around the Royal Garden, he hit the scene he confessed to Ying Guiren.If Jing Fei got the treasure, he was busy instructing someone to follow San Ge. Only if he had the next step, he could report to report.So there was a later East window incident.

This incident is large or small, but it is different in the emperor’s house.The harem is a complicated and sanctuary place.The emperor was already sensitive and suspicious, and Ying Guiren came from the King’s Mansion of Guojun, who was afraid of it. As long as he associated a little bit, he would associate a series of stories that thought about it.

For example, King Guojun tried to insert traitors beside the emperor, while seduce Sana brother paving the way for the future, while monitoring the emperor’s every move.As long as the organic can be used, King Guojun immediately responded and came in.

For another example, King Guojun’s side Fu Jinyu is a righteous girl of Zhen Huan. Perhaps Zhen Huan taught Yu Yin to use Ying Guiren to stink three brothers, so that he completely lost his qualifications to be the prince, and then Zhen Ye could support it without suspense.A certain son is a prince.

Therefore, Zhen Huan was also passively involved in this right and wrong storm, and was banned by the "suspect" as a conspiracy.

Seeing that Zhen Huan was about to fall out of favor, the dramatic scene happened again, and Zhen Ye actually found that he was "pregnant again." Moreover, before pregnancy, she also had an intriguing dream.

After lunch one day, Zhen Huan felt a little mental burnout and thoughtful.Then he ordered someone to help him go to bed for a while.Just after closing my eyes much, I saw Ling Rong wearing white hanging plain floating from outside the door.The expression on his face seemed to be smiling, making Zhen Ye cold.

Strangely, Zhen Ye also knew that he was dreaming, and he knew that Ling Rong was dead. This time, there must be something to say.Thinking of the sentence before Ling Rong’s death: "The queen killed the queen." Zhen Huan wanted to ask the opportunity to understand what the phrase of Ling Rong meant.

Before he could speak, Ling Rong had fluttering and worshiped, whispered: "My sister knows what the sister wants to ask, but the time is not the time, the sister is inconvenient to inform, so don’t ask."

Zhen Ye said: "In this case, what do you want to see this palace this time?"

Ling Rong’s face was revealing and hateful, and sighed: "Sister, Ling Rong negatives to sister, consciously sin and sin cannot be redeemed.

Zhen Huan said: "As the saying goes, killing people can not be available. Now you have thanked you for death. What else can you forgive this palace? Think about the day, the palace enters the palace with you.You and I will reach such an incredible level. If you think about it, it may not be all your faults. Perhaps the palace is not in the right place, so that you are resentment and hate. "

Ling Rong said: "I don’t blame my sister. My sister is noble and exactly like the pure Yuan queen. When she enters the palace, she gets the emperor’s favor.Unwilling to be the replacement of Queen Pure Yuan, prefer to go out of the palace to practice.

My sister is cold and unreliable, and everything can only rely on herself.There is also a lost mother in the family, so I can be a person to be a person.Those aunts, they also look at my mother -in -law for three points.If I fell out of favor, my mother would be bullied by my aunt.Therefore, my sister dare not lose and can’t afford it.Therefore, I would rather bury himself, and he also had to vote for his good. To imitate the singing of the Pure Yuan Queen, it was to get the poor grace."

"I know, you have to force the queen to have to have to do it. Now, I also realize your original hardships. But Ling Rong, don’t forget that many evil things are your own claims, not forced.In the eight months of Huai Hao, I found someone to tell my father’s prison, trying to let me have a dead body, and to put a mouse in my father’s prison, which almost asked my father’s life. As far as I know, I know.At that time, the queen did not force you. Even if you hate me, you should not use my family to vent their anger. Moreover, my parents have grace to you. You have sent it to the Zhen family. My parents are not thin to you.Generally, why are you the following poisonous hands? "Zhen Yan was angry and said with a lot of sense.

Ling Rong knew that he had lost his head and couldn’t help but choked: "Sister, I know wrong. Afterwards, every time I remembered what I did to Uncle Zhen, my sister also regretted it and blamed myself. At that time, I was faint.I want to invite merit in front of the queen to reward, and stabilize my position.

Zhen Huan sneered: "You are loyal, but what about the result? Did the queen treat you sincerely? Didn’t you think that Faer gave you contraception, lest you give birth to the prince and be proud and difficult to control?"

Ling Rong sighed: "It is. Therefore, Ling Rong is like her sister, hate the queen, and can’t wait to be fast. In my life, it will be destroyed in her hands."

Zhen Huan sighed: "The road was chosen by myself, who can complain? Now you have killed Huang Quan, what can you do if you hate poison? I still can’t treat her.How about it? "

Ling Rong’s face gradually revealed the cold hatred, and the word said, "Sister Cat Mo said so, the sister can’t bring her down at present, but she lacks a chance. As long as the sister helps from the side, the sister will be able to pay the place as a repayment.Wish. Sister just need to use this opportunity. "

Zhen Huan couldn’t help sneered, and said, "If my sister really has this method, why should I help me? Is it over to get revenge? Besides, the palace is now difficult to guarantee, and there is no such ability to quantity."

Ling Rong said determined: "Sister Capu Mo said so, many things can only succeed if two people join forces, just like Zhuge Liang, if it is not helping Liu Bei, who knows him in the world? Liu Bei will use it again.The world? Is my sister unwilling to give me a chance to discount me? "

Zhen Huan moved, eased his tone: "It seems that my sister is prepared? Let’s say, how can this palace join you?"

Ling Rong smiled deeply, and said, "Sister, we will have a few months of mother and child love, but my sister should not care about these, just do what you want to do. In this wayMy sister’s kindness, redeeming her sins, and revenge snow hate. "The moment she disappeared.

Zhen Yan suddenly opened her eyes, but it turned out to be a dream. At the same time, she began to pain in her abdomen.Zhen Ye was busy instructing the Taiyi to see it before he knew that he was pregnant.And this child is a key step in the renovation.

Disclaimer: This article is a self -continued article in Jiqing. Everyone is only entertaining, and it is not true.

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