Zhejiang’s post -90s "Secretary Zhang Secretary" is leaving, and the whole village press together …

Recently, Zhou Ni Village, Qili Township, Lishui, Zhejiang

Zhang Lichao, who is "First Secretary"

The term of office is over

On June 28, he was rated as

"July 1 Pioneer Model Good Secretary"

As soon as I finished the prize, Zhang Lichao was called

At this time, on the big screen behind

Show two

The villagers wrote it as early as half a month ago

Thank you

The end of the letter

It is the red handprint pressed by the villagers of the villagers of Zhounong Village

See the end of the letter

According to the familiar name of the red handprint

Always advertise yourself

Zhang Lichao of "The Sunshine and Cheerful Big Big Big Big Boy in 1991"

Can’t help but move

Store by the villagers pressed by red handprint

"Secretary of Xiao Zhang" after the 90s

What kind of story is behind?

January 2019

Zhang Lichao from Zhejiang University Shawiyu Hospital

Come to Qili Township, Liyun County to work

Be the first secretary of Zhou Nongcun

Zhang Lichao, who first arrived

The first task

Is the water purification system for the village

Let the villagers drink clean tap water

Zhang Lichao (first from right) took a promotional photo for Yangmei in the village

"At that time, the hospital aid 180,000 yuan

But it’s not enough ""

To find the source of funds

Zhang Lichao runs back and forth to raise funds

Due to the wetness of the mountain road, the car was trapped into the mud

Tired, anxiety and other emotions hit at that moment

"I really want to cry!"

However, Zhang Lichao quickly adjusted his emotions

Continue on the road

Hard work pays off

With the support of all parties

At the end of 2019, Zhou Ni Village was successfully completed

Village tap water purification reaching standard standard project

Since then, Zhang Lichao’s work in the village has become more and more smooth.

In 2020, he led the villagers

Successfully complete the reconstruction of the village cultural hall

Assist in winning the funds of the village tea processing plant

In 2022, the village entrance entered the village bridge pier repair project

Steadily advance

He also actively carried out low -income family children

"One -to -one" assistance operation

Further guide charitable forces to help school help

Zhang Lichao from the hospital

Relying on your own career advantage

Experts from Zhejiang University Shawiyi Hospital many times

The righteous consultation of the villagers in the village

64 -year -old villager Zhou Changhu’s right foot calf is black

Have venous curvature, lymphatic swelling

There is also a son of intellectual disability in his house

In addition, the medical expenses require nearly 13,000 yuan

Zhou Changhu has been dragging his illness

In 2022, Zhang Lichao learned of this situation

Use a video to ask the doctor at Shawiyu Hospital

Remote see for Zhou Changhu remotely

After that, the hospital’s vascular surgery expert

Please go to Zhounongcun to on -site diagnosis and treatment

Even Zhou Changhu’s most worried treatment fee

He also helped contact with support

Not long ago

Zhou Changhu returned from Hangzhou’s surgery

Zhang Lichao immediately visited

Zhou Changhu picked up his pants and legs happily

"‘ Secretary Zhang ’, you are here

Look at it, my surgery is done

I was discharged from the hospital that day!"

Not only "blood transfusion", but also "hematopoietic"

What are you really left to help the area?

Zhang Lichao has been moving his mind

On the way to a survey

The native chicken running on the mountain road

Give him inspiration

It’s hard to buy in the provincial capital

Pure high mountain breeding native chickens

Here you can breed a large number

After having this idea, he said it would do it

Help the village collective

Alpine ecological reed chicken breeding base

As demand continues to increase

Zhang Lichao also opened the code scanning pre -sale in the WeChat group

Not only that, Zhang Lichao also led the villagers

Complete the reconstruction of the village cultural auditorium

Assist in getting funds

Help the village to build roads, build tea processing plants

With the efforts of the local and all parties

Village collective income in Zhounong Village

Ten tens of thousands of yuan in 2019

By 2022, a double growth rate will be achieved

The road to getting rich is getting wider and wider

Zhang Lichao secretly revealed

In fact, he still has a lot of ideas

If you can continue to be re -elected

Just use the live broadcast base in the countryside

One trip to the road with the cargo

If there is no re -election

Leave your work experience summary

For others for reference

"That year, I put my pocket in one hand

I don’t know how many meters of oil have been carried to the village

Now, I want everyone to rely on my hands

Live a good life ""

Zhang Lichao, who likes to send a circle of friends

New expectations for the village

Words recorded a word, recorded

Hope in the near future, all can be realized

This simple red handprint

It’s the villagers who are silently grateful

It is also the best affirmation of "Secretary Zhang"!

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Source: Hangzhou Transportation 918

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