Zhejiang’s marrying woman was 7 months pregnant and was hit by domestic violence.

Recently, another domestic violence happened. In Danshan, Zhejiang, the woman in the case was six months married. She was pregnant with seven months, but was punched and kicked by her husband.

The woman couldn’t bear to call her mother’s family for help, and finally left under the protection of her mother’s family and decided to kill the child.

This painful choice, I do n’t know how many outsiders who are full of outsiders and disakement.

This news has also triggered the thoughts of countless netizens: what exactly does marriage bring?

Should we still believe in marriage?

In the video, we saw six or seven people arguing in a yard to confront each other, and that was the woman’s mother -in -law and her mother.

The woman said that she had only been married for more than six months, but this was not the first time that her husband had violence.In the past, I have been forbearing, I don’t want my family to worry.

Until this time, her husband ignored her seven -month pregnant belly and hit her to the ground that she couldn’t get down the ground. She called the mother’s family.

The seven -month pregnant belly was beaten to get out of bed. The man is not only domestic violence, but also beating pregnant women and beating his unborn children!

Such actions are simply indexed, and people are incompetent!

The woman was completely chilling. In her previous domestic violence, she had always persuaded herself to endure, hoping that her husband could change his mind. This time, she finally let go of her husband’s expectations, decided to kill her children, and said that she would never forgive this.Family violent man.

Netizens said for her, "You will thank you for your decision today, stop loss in time, and don’t look back."

"Support, men who beat people can’t!"

"Although I’m sorry, the approach is correct."

"After seven months of pregnancy, it takes great courage to start again, how uncomfortable being a mother!"

Yeah, the seven -month -old child is already a lively life. How much courage and determination will be to endure how much pain can the child be killed. Only she knows it.

But we can’t say that she is wrong. Such a family, even if the child is born, is guilty, just blame him to spread such an irresponsible father.

The marriage of domestic violence cannot be tolerated. If the first domestic violence is not stopped in time, there will be countless domestic violence.

The unhealthy marriage of domestic violence is not only a dual torture of both the couple and the flesh, but also the adverse effects of the children.

Therefore, long pain is not as good as short pain, divorce and breakup are liberation, the beginning of happiness.

Some people may think that domestic violence is not common, but it is happening in countless corners of the earth.

Some research data show that the incidence of domestic violence in China is 29.7%-35.7%, of which 90%of the victims are women.

In other words, each of each of them has three couples who have domestic violence.

On average, a woman suffers from domestic violence every 10 seconds, and about 150,000 women in the country commit suicide or depression due to domestic violence.

In marriage, it is not only domestic violence, but also factors such as domestic violence, but also factors such as derailment.

When did marriage become synonymous with "purgatory" and "grave"?

We see that a woman in Zhejiang was beaten by her husband in 2019.

The woman Sun Qian married Jiang, regardless of her parents’ opposition, but had a great gap between Jiang’s attitude before and after marriage.The Jiang family forced Sun Qian to give birth to a child, and her attitude towards her was extremely bad.

Until Sun Qian gave birth to a daughter, the contradiction broke completely. The Jiang family was completely cold to Sun Qian. Her husband only regarded her as an appendix and was indifferent.After the second child was still his daughter, Jiang’s attitude changed completely, the axis scolded, and the domestic violence began.

The daughter of Sun Qianniang’s family was distressed, and because her family was more rich, she took out 2 million to Sun Qian’s husband and wife, and then asked her to go to a foreign company company to work.

However, for the Jiang family, she couldn’t stand her to work outside her work, so she directly beaten on the street.

Sun Qian’s face was all scratched by knife injury, which was not enough. Even the colleagues with her were splashed with feces.

Also in 2020, a woman in Zhejiang was violent by her husband, but after being beaten, she also calmly taught fans to fight tie in the live broadcast room.

The cause of the incident was just a few words that the woman educated her children, and then the husband next to her began to quarrel with her, and then kicked her face with her feet. As a result, she kicked her lower lips, causing her lower lips to break and bleed.

And the domestic violence woman is even used to it.

Recently, the Brazilian woman, who was killed by her husband for 23 years, surrendered her. She said, "No need to be beaten, I am finally free."

It is reported that on the morning of November 21, Claudia surrendered to the police station and admitted to killing her husband.

According to Claudia, for nearly 23 years with her husband, he has been suffering from the other party’s spirit and physical abuse.

She tried to escape, but her husband threatened to kill her and her daughter. Claudia could not bear this hell -like life, so she fed her husband to sleeping pills and dull him with a bag.

Countless bloody cases are shocking.

Should we think, is it worthwhile for marriage to be worthwhile?

Should we still believe in marriage?

In fact, good marriage is the continuation and crystallization of love, and the wrong marriage is the grave of love.

We should face marriage, don’t be afraid of it without being afraid of getting married; don’t rely too much on it, hurriedly married in a hurry in the urging marriage of parents and elders, and buried their happiness.

A good marriage should be that two people respect each other and trust each other, rather than accompanied by domestic violence, cold war, derailment, until they cause huge damage and psychological shadow to one party.

There is never a rule that must be married, so there is no need to be fulfilled. In an era of open and inclusive and economic development, everyone can support themselves.The pattern is worth advocating.

Entering marriage should be voluntary and happy, full of hope, we believe in marriage because it is "I was a good life alone, but I will have a better life with you".

Even if the life after marriage is a little unsatisfactory, we can promote the development of emotion through communication and coordination.Remember to seek help from family and law and stop loss in time.

After all, life is still long, there is nothing to go.

Finally, I hope that everyone who is not married can meet the other half that they fits, trust each other, and care for each other.I also hope that married people can be happy and family harmony.

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