Zhao Benshan’s daughter has been exposed to 3 months of pregnancy. On the question of whose surname of the child, there is a dispute with her husband

On July 17th, Zhao Benshan’s daughter ball played the news that she was pregnant for three months and went to the hospital for a checkup through the video.

In fact, the rumors about the pregnancy of the ball, a few days ago, spread on the Internet over the sky, and appeared together with this rumor, and the news of her dissolution of the company.Husbands want to occupy the company, and the ball has to do it.

However, from the video shared by the ball on the 17th, we can see that she and her husband are still very greasy. The ball also snuggle her head on her husband’s shoulder, indicating that she is "swollen", and her husband is full."Don’t swell at all."

Obviously, the ball husband’s occupation company should be a rumor, otherwise, how can the bird’s temper be so straightforward?

The ball not only announced several key data of the birth inspection, but also posted the B -ultrasound photos of the fetus, and sent out a sense of life.

In fact, the reason why the ball disbands the company and suspend the live broadcast is entirely due to the consideration of physical health.

At present, her pregnancy just three months has caused her response abnormally. The symptoms of back pain and nausea and nausea are very obvious, which has made her very unbearable.

You know, the live broadcast work is not simply spit the lotus in front of the camera for two hours. As far as everything is good, you also need to plan, choose products, and communicate with all aspects.Essence

In order to successfully give birth to a healthy child, the ball can only reduce or even suspend live broadcasts, and use more time to raise tires.

It is said that pregnancy is a thing worthy of joy and celebration. However, in the recent live broadcast, the ball wiped tears and talked with fans.

It turned out that the ball hopes to follow the surname of the Zhao family for this little life.

However, the mother -in -law and father -in -law of the ball believe that this is the blood of his son, and he should follow the surname of the man.

Because of this, the husband and wife were unhappy for a while, and the ball husband who was sandwiched in the middle was difficult to do.

Of course, the country has now advocated a three -child. With the economic strength of the ball, raising three children without pressure can be determined in this way. Which one of the surnames of the first child follows, then the second child and three babies are with the other.surname.

Such a fixation can be regarded as fairness.

However, the ball has a different view of fertility that is different from most people. In her eyes, the child is born, not just material dedication. At the same time, you must also devote your mind and give your children to care and educate.Parents’ energy will affect the child’s growth environment.

In this case, who the child has the surname will let the other party have no one who undertakes the account book.

Although the child’s surname is not the principle issue of the husband and wife relationship, if both sides adhere to their own opinions, they will inevitably let them gradually separate each other.

In fact, at this time, one of the elders of both parties can stand up to make an authoritative statement. As for the candidate, there is no more appropriate than Zhao Benshan.

Of course, Zhao Benshan stated that he must persuade his daughter, not to persuade his son -in -law to let his daughter a horse, and as the old Zhao’s identity and reputation, it is really inappropriate to favor her daughter.

After all, Zhao Benshan also has his son Zhao Daniu. It is estimated that the name is just a grandfather. It is the past few years. At that time, if Niu Niu can add three to Zhao Jiading, there will be three grandchildren’s surnames with Zhao Benshan.

The husband of the ball is the only child. If the ball has only one child in his life in his life, the in -laws will not be able to get the child’s surname with their family this time. I am afraid that there is no chance in this life.

Which of the surnames do you think the children of the ball will eventually follow?I hope to speak in the comment area.Welcome to follow@欢 欢 to share with you different entertainment stars every day.””

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