Zhang Zetian: At the age of 29, he was 188 billion in the 29th family. He did not divorce Liu Qiangdong. Is it stupid?

Two days ago, 29 -year -old Zhang Zetian was photographed and went to the supermarket with her husband Liu Qiangdong, holding a big belly, suspected to be pregnant again.

As the saying goes, for a while, he has a calm and calm, stepped back to the sky, and Zhang Zetian, who has been forbearing for 4 years, now has a net worth of more than 188 billion yuan.

Because the husband faced a well -known lawsuit in the United States, Zhang Zetian, who was pregnant with her husband, was obvious that this was to convey the attitude of husband and wife to the outside world.

Among the videos released by netizens, Zhang Zetian and her husband have already been in the United States. The two went shopping in the supermarket leisurely, and they were also very common in dress.

Liu Qiangdong wore a gray T -shirt and black pants, like the uncle next door, and Zhang Zetian wore a conjoined skirt similar to a sea soul shirt.

At a glance, the dresses of the couple are indeed unpredictable, but the degree of love seems to be unremarkable by the outside world.

According to the height of Zhang Zetian’s upright belly, some netizens guessed that Zhang Zetian should be pregnant for about 6-8 months, and it is close to the due date.

On the Forbes rich list in 2021, Zhang Zetian Liu Qiangdong’s net worth exceeded 188 billion, and his assets were soaring for three consecutive years.

As the once -popular milk tea sister, Zhang Zetian and her husband Liu Qiangdong married in 2015 and held a grand wedding in Australia.

Regarding some netizens speculated that the two were married, Zhang Zetian also generously stated that he was indeed pregnant first, and the daughter who gave birth to the second year was also confirmed by Da V Zhao Hongmin.

After the marriage, Zhang Zetian had a long period of happy life for a long time. The husband’s career was successful, and his daughter was cute and cute.

But unfortunately, shortly after marriage, her husband encountered a well -known "scandal", and Zhang Zetian experienced a "dark" day.

Zhang Zetian has also been confused and overwhelmed. Even at the beginning of the New Year in 2019, Zhang Zetian made a "rough talk", and he talked about the huge depression in his heart.

Today, I will take you to see, Zhang Zetian, the milk tea girl, how she lives a sober in the world, see what she does, how smart!

On November 18, 1993, Zhang Ze was born in Nanjing. His father, Zhang Lihou, was the president of the Stato Group of the Nanjing Hui Group.

It can be said that Zhang Zetian not only looks well -behaved, but also born in a wealthy family. He is a generation with a golden spoon.

When she was in elementary school, Zhang Zetian was fascinated by the aegant exercise, and Zhang Zetian felt more attractive than simply dancing.

In 2005, Zhang Zetian, 12, quickly became the school flower of the school. What is even more rare is that Zhang Zetian jumped his health and jumped out of a different level.

In order to learn the fitness exercises, Zhang Zetian has to follow the teacher every day in addition to studying, and he also has to practice hard -to -practice bodybuilding operations for three or four hours.

I have to say that in the wealthy families who are accustomed to raising, Zhang Zetian can suffer than many children of poor people, and has achieved Zhang Zetian’s uncomfortable personality.

Zhang Zetian junior high school is the captain of the bodybuilding school team. High school began to participate in national bodybuilding competitions. He has won awards and won the second prize of the National Bodybuilding Competition at the age of 16.

With a good body jumping, Zhang Zetian became a national first -level athlete. In 2011, he was also sent to Tsinghua University. Zhang Zetian’s life path was like opening.

It can be said that Zhang Zetian is beautiful, and the family is superior and can endure hardship than ordinary people. If such people are unsuccessful, it seems to be a strange thing.

At Tsinghua University, Zhang Zetian quickly became a beautiful landscape in the school. The high return rate was high, and it has already become the legend of Tsinghua.

Many boys intentionally created opportunities to meet Zhang Zetian. The elective courses in Zhang Zetian are always overcrowded by boys, and even the teacher has a headache.

Some male students sent Zhang Zetian’s photos to the post bar and were quickly reprinted by major websites. Zhang Zetian’s popularity became greater and greater.

At that time, there was a netizen who claimed to be a "pen bag man" on the Internet. He said, "Brother San all of his families asks for this woman", and even attached a natst love letter.

In particular, Zhang Zetian drank milk tea in the classroom, and quickly got on the Internet to make him a well -known "milk tea sister".

Zhang Zetian has a rich dad, so there is no shortage of money or name. Even Zhang Yimou invited her to make "Jinling Thirteen Sisters" and was rejected without hesitation.

If you have money, you are full of confidence. He pursues Zhang Zetian’s giants, and it is like a lot of crosses.

Until August 2013, Zhang Zetian went to the United States to study and exchange, and he met Liu Qiangdong, who was also studying at Columbia University.

In a foreign country where life is unfamiliar, Liu Qiangdong’s consideration and care, so that the relationship between the friends of the two people gradually got closer and closer.

Someone once took Liu Qiangdong’s lens to wear Zhang Zetian himself. A business man can say that he has a meticulous extent.

Such a warm uncle, easily defeated the frizzy little fresh meat, Zhang Zetian finally accepted Liu Qiangdong’s love.

Besides, Zhang Zetian, who was in love, faced the charm of a mature man, where could he resist?

In April 2014, Zhang Zetian and Liu Qiangdong played together. They were taken photos. The two talents disclosed their relationship.

In order to discuss Zhang Zetian’s favor, Liu Qiangdong threw tens of millions of money in Australia and bought a luxurious luxury mansion, becoming a little love nest of the two.

On October 1, 2015, the two held a huge wedding in Australia, and Zhang Zetian seized the front page of the entertainment on the day.

In the second year, Zhang Zetian gave birth to a lovely daughter for Liu Qiangdong, and lived a grand life of the husband and the son of the husband.

As the saying goes, things must be reversed. How big a person to enjoy is how much sin will be suffered.

Soon, the first blow to Zhang Zetian came quickly. In order to prevent Zhang Zetian, Liu Qiangdong would notarize all property before marriage.

If Zhang Zetian took the initiative to divorce within 10 years, it is equivalent to getting out of the house, and it can only be divided into 5 yuan.

I have to say that as a business leader, Liu Qiangdong’s calculation can count ordinary people even the bones.

But for the hard time love, Zhang Zetian chose to forbearance.

It is said that life is unsatisfactory and eighty -nine. Even if we are wealthy like Zhang Zetian, you cannot escape this curse.

Just when Zhang Zetian took his child at home with peace of mind every day, her husband Liu Qiangdong had an accident, and it was a big deal.

In September 2018, Zhang Zetian’s husband went on a business trip and accepted a friend’s banquet for dinner. As a result, a well -known "scandal" happened after drinking.

Regarding things, whether Liu Qiangdong was in the immortal jumping or a trap, it was by no means a trivial matter if you could participate in it by Wang Sicong anyway.

At that time, the world was about the negative scandal of her husband. How bad Zhang Zetian was and how much it collapsed in his heart. Most people may not imagine it at all.

For a long time, Zhang Zetian, who was extremely proud of, did not dare to go out. I was afraid that facing the various inquiries of relatives and friends, staying with her daughter all day.

Zhang Zetian’s Weibo has never been updated that day, and even a lot of Weibo content about her husband has quietly deleted.

Obviously, Zhang Zetian faced too much mental pressure. Finally, in the face of a weak person, there was a day that broke out. The depressed Zhang Zetian had "rough words".

There is no doubt that in the face of the mistake made by her husband, Zhang Zetian, who has always been proud, can be said to be extremely sad.

However, Zhang Zetian did not divorce her husband angrily as the outside world speculated, but chose to support her husband.

Some people say that Zhang Zetian’s divorce is useless, because a penny can’t be divided. This is not right. Don’t forget that Zhang Zetian has a president father.

However, it is necessary to control wealth to achieve the value of life. Everyone is the same.

While supporting her husband, Zhang Zetian no longer regarded himself as a housewife, but began his own business layout.

Zhang Zetian first put down his child, took the initiative to go to Cambridge University to study business management, and began to find her husband for money for commercial investment.

Zhang Zetian’s first investment was Uber, a well -known company. For the choice of his wife, he might be out of deficiencies. Liu Qiangdong chose to support his wife.

At the same time, Zhang Zetian began to associate with the stars in the entertainment industry. Even superstars such as Carina Lau and Zhang Ziyi were as good as Zhang Zetian.

After Zhang Zetian’s business investment, through the relationship of her husband, she also set up a line with world economic leaders such as Bill Gates.

The purpose of Zhang Zetian’s approach is to comprehensively build his own connections and relationships, and Zhang Zetian must control his destiny.

In 2020, Sanya established a new company with a special company name, called "Sanya Tianqiang Enterprise Management Partnership".

This company took the name of the two, each, to put it plainly. In the case of Liu Qiangdong’s precarious situation, this was a posture of Zhang Zetian showing his husband’s unshakable gesture.

Faced with the unsuccessful, he pulled his wife, and Liu Qiangdong also removed the defense and asked Zhang Zetian to participate in corporate management.

Finally, after seeing the rainbow after the wind and rain, Zhang Zetian, who had been tolerated for four years, and finally, with her husband, became the common owner of the enterprise.

More importantly, Liu Qiangdong asked Zhang Zetian to reach the front desk and began to attend various conferences as a strong business woman.

Today, Liu Qiangdong has also completely got rid of the haze of the past. The wealth of Zhang Zetian and Liu Qiangdong also reached its peak in 2021, exceeding 188 billion.

This time Zhang Zetian was pregnant again. As the hero of the old Liu family, his mother was expensive, and Liu Qiangdong’s assets are now equivalent to Zhang Zetian’s assets.

Zhang Zetian’s forbearance over the past four years may not want the family to break, and do not want their children to have no complete family.

However, Zhang Zetian’s layout behind him is indeed impressive. Not only does he keep the family, but also let her husband obey himself.

You must know that many women encounter such a thing. In addition to crying, crying, two troubles, they are also scarred, and even make the family rupture.

From the once divorce, Zhang Zetian needs to go home to the house to the house to more than 188 billion, and one step has become a real winner of life.

It can be said that Zhang Zetian is not only a vase, but also the savvy beyond the imagination of ordinary people!

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