Zhang Qiuyi, Department of Breast Department of Difficult Institute of Difficult Diseases in Beijing Ancient Tower: What is going on with chest pain in women

For female friends, breast health is very important, so we must pay special attention to daily care, especially swelling and pain.The cause of breast pain is very complicated, which may be caused by physiological causes or diseases.So, what is female chest pain?

1. chest development

Teenagers have chest pain.At this time, the girl’s breasts began to grow and mature slowly.The breasts will slowly lift the nipples, feeling slight swelling and pain.This swelling and pain will last until menstruation.As the secretion of hormones gradually relieves, chest pain will disappear by itself.

2. menstruation or pregnancy

Former breast pain, many women have breast swelling, stiffness and tenderness before menstruation.After menstruation, the above changes can disappear.

Breast swelling and pain during pregnancy.Some women secrete a large amount of estrogen, progesterone and prolactin from the placenta and fluffy about 40 days of pregnancy, causing breast enlargement and breast pain.In severe cases, it can continue the entire pregnancy without treatment.

Postpartum breast swelling is 3-7 days after childbirth. Due to the obstruction of breast ducts, venous fillings, and lymphatic retention, many female breasts are swollen and painful.In addition, many women have breast hyperplasia after childbirth, which can also cause chest pain and discomfort.

3. Breast disease

The swelling and pain caused by the disease, such as severe symptoms or irregular local breast masses, are pathological causes.It is necessary to go to a professional hospital or breast department for B -ultrasound examination and diagnosis, and can be treated through surgery.

Breast hyperplasia is one of the causes of chest swelling and pain.This swelling and pain are usually irregular and have nothing to do with changes in the menstrual cycle.The swelling and pain caused by hyperplasia of breast generally lasts for a long time, and the pain in shallow breasts is even more obvious.

Mastitis can also cause chest swelling and pain.The pain caused by mastitis is very strong.Many women have unbearable pain, accompanied by breasts and swelling.If it is a postpartum women’s mastitis, it is usually inflammatory infection caused by milk deposition.

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