Yuan Yongyi Wu Junru is all pregnant and worked very hard for the child.

Yuan Yongyi’s son Zhang Muchi celebrated the 15th birthday of his 15th birthday recently exposed, raising his hands, like his father and mother.Fifteen years ago, after Zhang Mutong was born, Yuan Yongyi also wanted to have a second child.

For example, Li Jiaxin was pregnant at the age of 40, and many actresses also wanted to imitate it. Wu Junru also planned to have a second child.At that time, after giving birth to the eldest daughter, many media revealed that Wu Junru was preparing for pregnancy. Wu Junru, 45 years old, can strike the world for a second child.

After the lovely daughter Chen was known in 2006, Wu Junru has always thought that "the child is bigger than heaven". According to people familiar with the matter, "Wu Junru is usually careless, in fact, she is very traditional. Although she and Chang Mao (Chen Kexin) have not registered to get married,But she always wants to help Chang Mao chase a son, and can also add a playmate to her daughter, so she is anxious to give birth while she can give birth. "

Wu Junru and Chen Kexin have been unprepared. Wu Junru is more actively seeking He Yongchao, a "gynecologist" who specializes in gynecological gynecology.However, Wu Junru also knew that he was too old. He had no hope of having too much: "Doctors say that I am at this age, the chance of having a child is only 5 %, and 45 years old is already the limit."

Ren Dahua said that he had prepared a camera for Wu Junru as a gift, and he would celebrate her happy at that time.

The middle girl chased the second child at the age of 45. In addition to having physical conditions, of course, the economic strength must be considered.Yuan Yongyi was actively "preparing for the second child" with Zhang Zhilin at any time in 38. However, the money is important, and the couple have their own busy work, and they have little time to get together.In the end, he can only help the famous "gynecologist" doctors like other middle -aged actresses.

Yuan Yongyi has always regarded her son Zhang Muchi as a baby. After birth, she stopped working with her husband Zhang Zhilin and took care of her son.However, his son entered a prestigious school and spent 5 digits of Hong Kong dollars per month.Therefore, Yuan Yongyi and Zhang Zhilin connected to the drama, and Zhang Zhilin announced the return of the music scene. In addition to the new discs, he also had to start a concert to maintain his livelihood.However, the busy work also made Yuan Yongyi, who wanted to give birth to a second child, helplessly put on hold on the plan of Sheng Zi again and again.

Yuan Yongyi, who is nearly 40 years old, once simply reduced the workload and allowed Zhang Zhilin to cooperate with her time.However, in a short period of time, "oxytoculation" did not see its effect. In a hurry, Yuan Yongyi pulled her husband to patronize Dr. He Yongchao.On the same day, Yuan Yongyi and Zhang Zhilin were hit by the paparazzi near the clinic, but they did not admit to see a doctor.

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