Yu Ping talked about breeding: It is impossible for the ovulation during the same room, but is it impossible?what happened?

For couples who are prepared, the same room in the same room during ovulation can greatly increase the chance of conception.But there are many couples who have been infertile for a long time. Every month, I look forward to the arrival of the ovulation period every month. I can do my homework, but I ca n’t conceive.The more anxious, the more anxious, the more you can’t conceive.

Women’s menstrual cycle is about 28-day-30 days under normal circumstances.Each cycle can only ovulate once, and one is more than one at a time.

Women with regular menstrual cycles generally will usually be on the 14th to 16th of the menstrual cycle; women with irregular menstruation are generally about the 14th day before the next menstrual period.

Pregnancy is a complicated process. The same room during ovulation is only increased the chance of conception, but there are many factors that can be pregnant.If there is the following situations, it is difficult to get pregnant even if the ovulation is in the same room.

First, suffering from uterine diseases: In addition to chronic cervicitis and endometriosis, it also includes chronic cervicitis and abnormal cervical development.Essence

2. Related to immune factors: If there are antibodies in women’s serum or reproductive tract, this antibody will directly kill sperm, affect the combination of sperm and eggs, and hinder the growth of the fertilized eggs in the uterine cavity, which will eventually lead to infertility.In addition, some women’s serums have antibody substances for their own eggs, which can hinder the penetration and impact of sperm.

Third, affordable tubal diseases: We all know that the fallopian tube plays an important role during the surrogacy. It can collect sperm and let eggs and sperm combine normally.However, if you have tubal diseases, such as fallopian tubes, adhesive obstruction, or fallopianitis, it will cause female infertility.

Fourth, ovarian dysplasia: Although women also have ovulation, luteal dysfunction due to poor ovarian development causes ovulation disorders, affects follicle development, and has no mature eggs in the ovaries and affects conception.

V. Men’s little tadpole problem: If men’s sperm is insufficient, dead sperm, deformity sperm or sperm -free, even if women ovulate, sperm vitality is insufficient, it cannot be combined with the egg normally, and it will also cause infertility.

6. Undaimal ovulation menstruation: The clinical manifestation is that the amount of menstrual bleeding is too large, the duration is too long, the interval period is short, and the amount of bleeding is not much.This makes many women feel that it is menstruation. In fact, it is abnormal uterine bleeding, and there is no ovulation at all.

In fact, if both husbands and wives go to the hospital for examination, at the beginning, the woman’s ovulation is to be measured at the beginning, how the quality of the man’s small tadpoles is, and if these two areas are fine, women should judge whether they have uterine, fallopian tube diseases, and gynecology.Inflammation.In order to enable the fertilized eggs to enter the uterine cavity smoothly, mature and healthy eggs must be combined with sperm, and the fallopian tubes are unobstructed.In addition, it is necessary to detect whether the thickness of the endometrium of women is suitable, so that it is conducive to the normal bed of fertilized eggs.

The above tests are not necessarily all done. Doctors will determine whether to conduct the next check based on the patient’s preliminary examination.Of course, if the woman ovulates, fallopian tubes, endocrine, men’s semen, etc. are okay, they still can’t be pregnant. The doctor will also recommend patients to check immune infertility.

In summary, the same room during ovulation can greatly increase the chance of pregnancy, but breeding of a new life is a complex and wonderful process. There is no problem with any link in the middle.If you still do n’t want to be infertility, you have to go to the hospital for a corresponding examination as soon as possible.

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