Your male ticket is obviously not wanting to bring you flicker, why are you so stupid and sweet!

I think every single pot friend will have the experience of being loved by the people around me.

They are in WeChat Bida Friends Circle Show …

Show on Weibo …

Show in front of you …

I can’t bear it, uncle!

Why do you hurt us who are simple and kind -hearted dogs! I don’t care about your sweet life! Don’t be interested in witnesses of your happy witnesses!

Finally, one day, I blocked the circle of friends, Weibo, QQ space, Facebook, Instagram … So my world was finally quiet! A good scene of time!

However, one day, a girl who staged "You’re Fenger and I am a sand" all day suddenly found me. The editor wondered: I am not familiar with you.But the editor still entered the alert state immediately: I have n’t been free recently, if you have a party, I will not attend it anymore …

But the girl brought me another more lethal news: I’m going to get married.

Me: Congratulations to you to cultivate a positive fruit hahahaha!

Congratulations … a p! Why do you want to tell me if you get married! I’m not very familiar with you! I don’t want to pay much money!

But the plot did not develop in the direction I thought. After the girl announced the news, she began to complain to me:

We are Balabla, Fengzi …

I didn’t expect to be pregnant Balabla …

When they discovered, the two parents knew, so the water was ready to prepare for the wedding Balabala …

I haven’t decided to live with him for a lifetime. Balabala …

All in all, the girl is not voluntarily married, but because she is pregnant, and the child’s arrival is an accident.

After I listened to my sister’s complaint, my emotions were very excited:

Let you show affection in front of this fairy, show off the moth paper hahahaha!

Kekeke, not this picture, the wrong, the following is the following:

Since you don’t want children, you should take protection measures!

The girl’s answer shocked me, she said:

My male ticket said that wearing a suit affects the experience, and let me rush down when I finished bathing, so that sperm can be flushed off.Is it rushing off?

Is your male ticket looking down on the sperm like this?! People have always been fast and fierce! How can it be rushed away casually!

What shocked me even more is, she believed it! She believed it …

So why do you not read much when you go to school! Do your best to pass on a small note with boys!

Study like me, so I won’t even know this common sense and embarrassing.

The old ancestors told us that I would rather believe that there are ghosts in the world, nor can I believe that men’s mouths! Your male ticket obviously doesn’t want to wear a set of flickering you, why are you so stupid and sweet!

But you look at the officials, especially the female official, don’t feel that things are not related.How to protect ourselves in sexual life is very important for our women. Is the contraceptive measures you usually think, will it be reliable?

A set of data released by the Institute of Science and Technology of the National Planning and Family Planning Commission in 2013 shows that there are 13 million artificial abortion each year in my country, ranking first in the world. Among the total number of artificial abortion in my country each year, more than half of women under 25 years old account for more than half Essence

What does this cruel data explain? How many young girls have, because they do not understand the knowledge of contraception, or have been instilled in the wrong contraceptive knowledge, or out of luck, they have caused themselves to become a "sister -in -law hand" to kill the baby.! Masting damage to women is not only physical, but also psychologically. Since it is not prepared to be a child, why not prevent problems? As a woman, understanding that contraceptive knowledge is responsible for themselves, but also a baby who may come.Life is responsible.

In fact, there were more than this one who was pregnant unexpectedly by Xiaobian. Some of them did not take contraceptive measures because the male ticket said "I can’t shoot in".

Yes, some are relatively heavy. They love love during the menstrual period and feel that they will not be pregnant. The result is also unfortunately recruited.

Some of these girls chose to let it go, and they were married, and most of them chose abortion.

As a girl, Xiaobian expressed heartache, I really feel heartache! What "in vitro ejaculation" and "menstrual contraception" are all unreliable!

These pitted girls, why don’t you learn more about medical knowledge, why not look at my popular science?!

Health China is a health science popularization platform under the guidance of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Division of the Maternal and Child.The platform is based on the encyclopedia of diseases and fun comics. It uses a variety of forms such as comics, videos and other forms to spread difficult medical knowledge to spread and visualize it. Most people can understand it!

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In addition, contraception is not only a woman, but also a man.

I don’t want to be a father, I don’t want to hurt my woman, I don’t want to let my child have no chance to be born, and don’t want to be a irresponsible man, you must watch this live broadcast!

There are also couples who don’t want to have two children, three children, and four children. Do you come to see such a good (wu) contraceptive knowledge?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each contraceptive method?

Is some wonderful contraception methods circulating in the folk reliable?

Which sexual posture is the easiest to get pregnant?

A live broadcast, answer for you.

In our live broadcast, there is nothing you can’t ask. As long as you dare to ask, we dare to answer!

Just ask you, dare to appointment?!

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