You should know these common sense of obstetrics!

From a girl to a woman’s must -have, it is -pregnant.Become a prospective mother, not only will the mentality change many changes, but the body will change with

Speaking of pregnancy worth sharing in pregnancy, Zhong Liujun said that it is endless, but you still have to know about these most important things ~

Before pregnancy: Check the most critical nutritional nutrition

If you are preparing to get pregnant, you need to check your body carefully, including but not limited to: sex hormones, thyroid dysfunction, blood routine, urine routine, infectious diseases, monitoring ovulation, etc.Don’t forget, if you have a tooth problem, you can handle it quickly, otherwise it will be troublesome during pregnancy ~

It is best to do a check, such as routine semen and morphological staining.

Finally, nutrition must keep up.Don’t be too fat or too thin, pay attention to supplementing nutrition.

The 4 most of the nutrients that should be supplemented by pregnancy-

NO1. Folic acid -Prevention of fetal nerve tube deformity, start preparing for pregnancy and early pregnancy.

No2.dha —— "Brain Gold"!Promote the development of early cerebral and retina in the fetus

NO3. Calcium -affects fetal bone tissue production and skeletal development

NO4. Compound vitamins -promote calcium absorption and prevent fetal disease

During pregnancy: The essential pregnancy test should pay attention to 10-5 weeks: determine pregnancy

In fact, when the authentic period has not appeared for a long time, women should pay attention to it, especially for 7 days or even longer.At the same time, when some nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite appear, you must doubt whether you are pregnant at this time. At this time, you can go to the pharmacy to buy early pregnancy test strips for testing to see if you are pregnant.After the test, it is also necessary to go to the hospital for a professional test to determine whether the pregnancy is normal, because the early pregnancy test strip cannot be checked outside the palace and hydatidites.If these confirm that you are pregnant, you can confirm that you are really pregnant!

25-6 weeks: do B -ultrasound

Pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination during 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, mainly to see if the fetus is healthy.At this time, the pregnant woman should conduct ultrasonic examination. After the ultrasonic examination, the doctor can accurately determine the position of the embryo sac in the pregnant mother in the uterus, eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy and hydatidum, and determine whether the pregnancy is normal.If abnormalities occur, because it is in the early stage, it is easier to treat, which is also the meaning of the product inspection.

36 ~ 8 weeks: listen to the fetal heart

Pregnant women pay more attention to the fetal heart rate of the fetus at 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy to see if it is healthy.If you do ultrasonic examination, you can also see the embryo tissue in the embryo sac. At the same time, you can also see the fetal heart of the fetus. If you can see the fetal heartbeat, it means that the fetus is currently in a normal state.Under the scan of the ultrasonic, doctors can also see the yolk cystic required for nutrition for the fetus 12 weeks ago.If the fetus lacks any nutrition, you can supplement nutrition according to the needs, not blindly supplemented, which can easily cause food to accumulate.

49 ~ 11 weeks: choric membrane sampling

Pregnant women pay attention to whether the examination is possibility of genetic diseases from 9 to 11 weeks of pregnancy, especially in the family, and pay great attention.If there is really a genetic disease, "choric membrane sampling" is required during this period. However, because the harm of this examination is a bit great, it is easy to cause abortion and fetal injuries in pregnant women. Therefore, this examination is generally veryLess people do it.And many pregnant women do not know if they have genetic diseases, because many of the hidden genetic diseases are also.

512 weeks: production inspection

When pregnant women pay attention to 12 weeks of pregnancy, they must go to the hospital to report to the formal first -time inspection.At this time, the hospital generally handles the "Pregnant Health Manual" for mothers and tells you the time of the next delivery.Generally, doctors will formulate a birth checkup based on the physical fitness of the pregnant woman, so they cannot apply it for formulas.

In addition to pregnancy tests, the following are the most important thing to pay attention to during pregnancy:

There is a sense of sleeping posture during pregnancy:

When pregnant women do not take the supine position significantly when they are sleeping, the pregnant woman takes the position of the supine position easily to cause the large blood vessels on the spine side to pressure, resulting in a reduction in blood supply to the brain and placenta.In this way, pregnant women will not only have discomfort such as dizziness, panic, but also prone to ischemia, hypoxia and other conditions in the fetus. They will also reduce the urine output of pregnant women due to compressing the ureter, and even lower limb edema.Therefore, pregnant women are suitable to take the left side position during sleep.

Pay attention to bathing during pregnancy:

Do not take a bath with too hot water during pregnancy.At 15-56 days of pregnancy, the just formed embryo is in differentiation, which is extremely sensitive to temperature changes, especially nerve tissues.If pregnant women often take a hot bath or often at high temperature environment, it is easy to cause the development of the fetal nervous system to develop deformity, which increases the probability of the incidence of brain -free and spine bales by about 3 times. ThereforeEssenceIn addition, do n’t take a bath too long. Each time you take a bath for 15-20 minutes. If the time is too long, pregnant women are prone to tiredness, dizziness and other discomforts. When the weather is cold, it is easy to get cold, which may cause miscarriage or premature birth.

Don’t eat disgusting diet during pregnancy:

When you are pregnant, don’t be greedy for hot pot!Many beef and sheep are parasitic in the body. If you eat hot pot, you can just get the meat slices in the hot soup and eat it. It is easy to make the pregnant woman infected with a bowworm, causing miscarriage and premature birth.In addition, do not drink irritating drinks. The irritating drinks include strong tea, coffee, and chocolate drinks. They can increase the esophagus muscles of pregnant women, promote stomach acid reflux, and increase the sense of "heartburn" of the stomach.

After pregnancy: Don’t worry about breast milk

Breast milk is the same as the delivery, and there is a strong belief in the delivery, but the following preparation can still be done:

1. Preparation preparation

The amount of breast milk is not very direct with the size of the "container". The genetic factors account for a large proportion. If your mother has not breastfeeding in that year, you are also very likely that the amount of breast milk is not large.

2. House after delivery gold 1 hour and 72 hours

As soon as the baby is born, the doctor will give him it to you. The child is born to find his "food". Although it is not very good, he must let him suck more, even if it is sucking.Similarly, it is the best milk for the baby in the hospital for 3 days.

3. Low the breasts in time!

The amount of breast milk is a dynamic process, not relying on hoarding.The breasts of the new mother are very fragile. Regardless of the large amount, don’t be too sleepy because of being too sleepy. Lazy let the breasts rise. Once the acute mastitis is induced, it will have a fever, and it is harder.

Finally, when can I regenerate?

After the delivery, if everything returns to smooth, at least 6 months can give birth to a second child;

After cesarean section, if everything returns smoothly, you can have a second child at least two years.

Pregnancy is a hard and happy process,

I hope everyone’s mothers will maintain a pleasant mood,

Welcome to the arrival of new life ~

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