You may be pregnant!What should I do if I am pregnant?

How wonderful will the psychological activity of girls be late?

On the third day when my aunt didn’t come:

"I didn’t wear a sleeve last time, shouldn’t I have it? This irresponsible scumbag!"

The fifth day of the aunt didn’t come:

"Why don’t you come? It’s anxious, feel all the symptoms are signs of pregnancy …"

The seventh day of the aunt did not come:

"I think of the lines with my parents, I have been prepared to be desperate!"

You may be pregnant!

1. Aunt’s aunt will not come late

Without wearing a set, the aunt did not come after the pop, and she was really panicked in her heart.Tell everyone solemnly: menopause is the most obvious sign of pregnancy.The little fairy who is childhood age and has a popping behavior. Usually, the aunt’s cycle rules. Once the aunt is late and the menopause is more than 10 days, they must consider whether they are pregnant.

2. Early pregnancy response

If you want to ask: "How do you find that you are pregnant?"

"When you see the greasy things, you are nauseous!"

"Suddenly there is an inexplicable obsession with sour food …"

Nausea and vomiting for no reason, fancy pregnancy to doubt life?About half of the little fairy appears in the early stages of pregnancy (about 6 weeks of menopause), weakness, loss of appetite, dysfunction of acid, hate greasy, nausea or vomiting in the morning, etc. We call it "early pregnancy reaction".This is related to the increase in HCG in the body, decreased gastric acid secretion, and extension of gastric emptying time, and most of them disappear at about 12 weeks of pregnancy.

3. Always want to hush

Many fairy girls will always want to boo at the 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. This is caused by the increasing forward uterus that is caused by the increase in the bladder in the pelvic cavity.Naturally, it will disappear.

4. Other symptoms

In the early stage of conception, abdominal distension, constipation, dizziness, headache, prone to fatigue, emotional fluctuations, etc.If any symptoms are seriously affecting life and causing trouble, it is recommended that professional obstetrics and gynecologists can be consulted to understand and properly handle these situations.

What should I do if I am pregnant?

1. Your stick is here again!

It is it, it is really here!Pregnancy tests!As the world’s most sensitive stick, except for the "two bars", many people still don’t know much about it.

After pregnancy, pregnant women have HCG, which is to help everyone maintain pregnancy, and the pregnancy test stick is performed by measured HCG in urine measurement.After careful reading the instructions, immerse the pregnancy test stick into the urine, wait for 3-5 seconds to take it out, let the observation results flat, and wait for the lottery.

Two dark bars: both bars are very clear. Congratulations on winning the prize.

Two bars deep and shallow: may be pregnant.Don’t be happy too early, it is recommended to check again after 2 days;

A bar: No pregnancy.Thank you for Gu Gu, if you are not willing, you can come again;

Zero bars: invalid or failure.Waiting for five minutes is a whiteboard?This may be caused by operating errors or the expiration of the product. It is recommended to re -test after two days.

Planning: The two bars of the pregnancy test stick are not necessarily pregnant!Generally speaking, the accuracy of the pregnancy test stick is about 85%-95%, not 100%accurate. If the little fairy wants to confirm whether he is really pregnant, it is recommended to go to the hospital for further precise examination.

2. Blood testing

Come to urine without blood tests!The HCG concentration in the blood is higher than the urine, and the test results are more accurate earlier, which can be detected at about 6-8 days after ovulation.Not only can specific values be found, but also the diagnosis basis for unexpected conditions such as ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal, and threatened abortion.

3.B super check

When HCG checks pregnancy, it is recommended to cooperate with a B -ultrasound to eliminate ectopic pregnancy and pelvic mass. The doctor will also carefully check the embryo and the original heart tube to determine the specific situation of the baby.

In the end, if you want to make a baby, in addition to Papa, remember to do a pre -pregnancy examination and actively prepare for pregnancy. Body and psychology must be prepared to welcome the arrival of a new life.

If you are pursuing the road of harmony between the two, you want to be unrestrained and unwilling to be a father -in -law, please protect yourself with the right and suitable contraceptive methods.

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