You don’t have to stay at home!Moms can also travel with peace of mind

Many people think that women should not travel long during pregnancy, but when healthy conditions permit, traveling can also relax the mothers and release stress.The French fashion magazine "Mrs. Figaro" summarizes the "pregnant women’s travel strategy" to help mothers from pregnancy to avoid the boat and car and enjoy safe and comfortable travel.

1. The physical examination before traveling is essential

Good health is the basic guarantee for smooth travel.Therefore, gynecologists suggested that expectant mothers do a pregnancy test before travel, measure blood pressure and detect the fetal neck and heart state, and ensure that they will embark on a journey in a healthy state.

2. Seeing the way to choose a travel method

Gynecologists point out that pregnant women do not have to fear long -distance travel, but they need to pay attention to the comfort of transportation.Here are several precautions for travelable ways:

Aircraft: Before booking a ticket, remember to consult the airline for the requirements of pregnant women’s pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, pregnant women who are more than 32 to 34 weeks of pregnancy cannot travel by plane.The risk of cerebral thrombosis and venous inflammation occurs in a plane. The female hormone levels during pregnancy are high, and venous curvatures often occur, and the air pressure in the cabin is higher. In addition, if it is not moved for a long time, it will increase the symptoms.Gynecologists suggested that expectant mothers can wear varicose vein socks on the morning of the plane, and if the pregnant belly is not obvious, it is best to inform the air of their pregnant women when boarding, to prevent emergencies on the machine.During the flight, you must remember to get up and walk more, drink more water and use moisturizing skin care products.

Train or car: These two transportation are the most secure choice.When riding a train, it is recommended that expectant mothers get up and walk around to prevent leg edema.When riding a car, the driver should pay attention to driving steadily at a uniform speed, and put the seat back with a slight down to create a comfortable ride conditions for expectant mothers.

Ship: For pregnant women, the ship is not the best choice, because the bumps on the ship are easy to make people feel uncomfortable.If you must travel by boat, you should avoid the stage of vomiting such as vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy.

3. Domestic travel or travel abroad?

The advantage of traveling in China is that there is no language barrier and familiar with the domestic medical system.If emergency occurs, expectant mothers and family members can quickly find local hospitals and quickly get treatment and help.

If you choose to travel abroad, then you must avoid going to countries and regions where infectious diseases are prevalent, and consult the doctor’s consent before travel.

4. Precautions after arriving at the destination

When expectant mothers are out of the door, it is best to carry a case document with her, including blood types and other medical examination results, as well as test reports on the health status during pregnancy.

In terms of diet, you should follow the rules of diet during pregnancy, prohibit eating raw cold foods, or drink tap water (although tap water in some countries is direct drinking water), it is best to buy bottled water and heat up.

If you go to the sea or mountains such as the sun, do not forget to use sunscreen, wear a sun hat, sunscreen, etc. to avoid the production of pregnancy spots.

In the end, pregnant women should not participate in diving exercises and exercise that need to jump from high places (such as bungee jumping, skydiving, etc.), and hiking exercises that are not irritating can be tried properly, but everything needs to be dependent based on the health status of expectant mothers.(Internship Compilation: Sun Jianing Review: Wang Zhantao)

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