You can’t eat these fruits during pregnancy, do you know?

Golden Autumn is the richest season of fruits and vegetables. In this season, pregnant mothers see all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.The fruits circulating in the workshop cannot be eaten, and that vegetable cannot be eaten, so that pregnant mothers can get their hands on their diet.

Which vegetables and fruits should not be eaten?In fact, there is no kind of fruit for healthy pregnant women, so there is no need to care about these claims too much.The so -called should not eat more. We Chinese have such an old saying, "It is better to believe in it, not to be trusted."

Legend has it that hawthorn cannot be eaten, and it will cause miscarriage when eating.If it is really so spiritual, why do many people who do not need to eat hawthorn do not have to eat hawthorn?It can be seen that the establishment of many statements requires certain conditions.As the saying goes, "there is no beauty and evil, and it is disaster." The same is true for food. It is said that there is no absolute difference in certain foods. If you eat too much, it may cause harm to the body.

The nutritional value of fruits is that it can provide the human body with nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, etc., and most of them can be eaten raw, avoiding some nutrients of the fruit due to cooking methods.What’s wrong with the fruit that is not suitable for the Internet?

It is said that it is not suitable to eat fruit one: Hawthorn

Hawthorn vitamin C, carotene and potassium are rich in content.Its taste is acidic and has the effect of appetizing and eliminating food.Such a fruit should be in line with the needs of the mothers of pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy, but Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn can promote blood circulation and reduce blood stasis, which has a shrinking effect on the uterus, which will cause abortion.

In fact, if pregnant women are not threatened abortion or habitual abortion, healthy pregnant women can eat less, but they cannot be eaten for a long time.The recommended intake of female fruits in early pregnancy is 200 grams per day.

Judging from the recommendation of nutritional society, the amount of fruits in early pregnancy is lower than in the middle and late pregnancy.Women who are in early pregnancy really want to eat sour. It is not a problem to eat one or two hawthorn.It is best not to eat if there is a abortion or habitual abortion.

Because hawthorn has the effect of promoting uterine contraction, you can eat some hawthorn when you are about to come in the end of pregnancy. It has the effect of giving birth, and it can also promote the recovery of uterine postpartum.

Legend has it that it should not eat fruits 2: lychee, longan

The carbohydrates, vitamins C, iron, and potassium are rich in carbohydrates, carbohydrates, carotene, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium rich in carbohydrates.These nutrients are needed by pregnant women.Traditional Chinese medicine said that pregnant women are hot after pregnancy, and litchi and longan are warm foods. When the hot constitution is hot, it is easy to cause constipation when encountering hot food.

Pregnant mothers who have no threatened abortions or habitual abortion in the early pregnancy and the second trimester can eat less to solve it.The fetus gradually grows up during the third trimester, and the pregnant mother is very likely to have constipation. Therefore, if you eat hot things such as lychee and longan in the third trimester, it is easier to dry the stool, sore tongue, and easily cause fetal movement.Therefore, it is advisable to eat less or not to eat for pregnant mothers.

Legend has it that it should not eat fruit three: papaya

Papaya has rich nutritional value. Its orange color tells people that it contains more carotene. Carotene can be converted into vitamin A needed for human eyes.Papaya also contains more vitamin C and selenium. The papaya -containing papaya has the effect of relieving muscles and relieving pain.Papaya enzymes can fresh and moisturize the lungs and help digestion; papaya -alkali can prevent tumors … These advantages of papaya make it known as the beauty of "the fruit of Bai Yi" and "Wanshougua".

Papaya belongs to melon fruit. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this kind of food is cold. For pregnant mothers who have poor stomachs during pregnancy, eat less or not eat.In modern medical research, the papaya in papaya has the effect of increasing uterine contraction. Therefore, pregnant mothers who are about to come to the pelvis in the third trimester can eat in moderation.

Fruit is delicious and nutritious.There are a lot of fruits that are not suitable for the physical condition of pregnant mothers.For example, people with cold spleen and stomach should not eat more pears and watermelons, and it is easy to cause stomach pain after eating.Watermelon has more moisture content and high sugar content. It is prone to edema in a large amount of pregnant mothers, or induces gestational diabetes.

If pregnant mothers suffer from gastric disease or gastric ulcer, they should eat less fruit, such as apricot, bayberry, lemon, etc. Too much consumption can easily cause stomach discomfort and panic acid.Many pregnant mothers heard that eating more fruits is beneficial to the skin of the fetus, and she is afraid that she will increase too much about their pregnancy. Therefore, they eat a lot of fruits and even take fruits as staple foods, causing physical discomfort.

This approach is incorrect.Although the fruits are delicious, they must also be controlled by quantitatively, which cannot exceed 200 grams per day in the early pregnancy.In the end of pregnancy, it cannot exceed 400 grams per day.

In addition, many fruits can also cause physical discomfort.If the orange flesh contains organic acids, it will irritate the gastric mucosa. If it is eaten on an empty stomach, it will produce uncomfortable stomach.The protein decomposition of pineapple is quite strong. Eat on an empty stomach can cause gastric wall damage. Allergic shocks may occur, which will seriously endanger life.

Bananas’ empty stomachs will accelerate the peristalsis of the stomach, promote blood circulation, and increase heart load.Banana is rich in magnesium.Eating a large amount of bananas in an empty stomach will suddenly increase the magnesium content in the blood, and it will inhibit the cardiovascular inhibitory and is not good for health.Therefore, it is recommended to eat fruits between two meals.

Preview in advance, the next article will talk about vegetables that should not be eaten.

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