You can’t avoid bad news of overtime. With these 3 tricks, you can easily prepare for the fatigue of the office fatigue

What should I do most about young women in office workers? What should I do if I am pregnant in the future?I can’t avoid "doom" to work when I am pregnant.As the stomach of the expectant mother gets bigger day by day, work will not be unwilling. It is not as easy as before work, accompanied by tiredness, lack of sleep, and hunger.At this time, expectant mothers should do a good job of prevention and preparation in advance, "prepare for war" for the early pregnancy work, and easily spend the days of work during pregnancy.

I believe that many expectant mothers have their own little tricks for preparations for pregnancy. Can they play a key role and only the expectant mothers who have tried it to know. Today, I will share some small tricks with expectant mothers.Go to your expectant mothers.

Make enough sleep

It is prone to difficulty in going to work during pregnancy. Sleeping is inevitable, mostly because some hormones in the body are making strange.After pregnancy, a luteum hormones will be secreted. This hormonal effect is to make the uterine muscles super soft and prevent abortion.But it also has another anesthesia, which will make the action of pregnant women slow, so pregnant mothers always feel that they are particularly sleepy.As long as the daily sleep is sufficient, the work progress of expectant mothers will not be affected.While ensuring sleeping every night, lunch break is also critical. The lunch break can ensure the effort of expectant mothers in the afternoon. This must not be neglected!

Keep your hands and feet comfortable

The expectant mothers can relax their hands and feet during work, transform their desks, put a cushion under the table, and put a pair of slippers.Put the comfortable and soft slippers on the cushion to reduce the pressure on the feet.After working for a period of time, do some stretching exercises appropriately and massage the calf to relax.

The expectant mothers should not work for too long in front of the computer. Appropriately do the lower eye health exercises and rest their wrists, and make them feel comfortable as much as possible.In addition, let the leader know the fact that he is pregnant, and hopes that the leader can change the work that is easier and far away from radiation.

Properly relax yourself

Specific mothers must know how to learn to relax when they are working.EssenceHowever, it should be noted that the intake of nutrition during pregnancy is reasonable. After all, the importance of baby during pregnancy is understandable, and it must not be neglected.

Do you have any wonderful recruitment of fatigue during pregnancy?

Thank you for supporting the common sense of parenting shared by Xiaobian. If you have any views and suggestions, please leave a message in the comment area below to discuss with everyone.

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