You can see if you are pregnant at a glance, everyone who comes here should have this experience

On this day, Kobayashi and her husband talked about the strange things I met today: When I was about to get off work, a elder sister in the company pulled me quietly and said quietly, are you pregnant?Xiaoling laughed and said no, my elder sister, my aunt was here for a few days.Her husband touched her hair and said with a smile, she was really pregnant.The couple didn’t rest assured of this. Who knew that after more than ten days of Xiaolin’s aunt, she didn’t come. She went to the hospital and found that she was pregnant.Xiaolin said to her husband in surprise that the elder sister was really god, and she could see that I was pregnant at a glance.

I believe that many mothers also have the same experience as Kobayashi. They obviously do not know that they are pregnant, or they are just pregnant. When they walk outside, someone will see that they are pregnant women at a glance. It is really amazing.

The old people have a saying that after pregnancy, there will be some small changes in their bodies after pregnancy, so an experienced person can see if you are pregnant at a glance.

1. In the legend, after a woman is pregnant, her face will show a pregnant woman different from others, so it is easy to distinguish whether it is a pregnant woman.As for what is a pregnant woman, few people can say clearly. Probably after having a baby in the belly, the pregnant woman’s face will unconsciously show the peaceful peace and peace of mind.In addition, in order to protect the babies in the belly, expectant mothers will become brave and fearless, so they will look more confident as a whole.

2. Walking outside eight.We all know that the prospective mothers who have appeared in the future will walk out of the eight, because this will not oppress the baby in the stomach, and the center of gravity is very stable, and they will not fall.In fact, the prospective mothers who are just pregnant will be unconscious when walking.

3. Frequent urination.The expectant mothers who are pregnant will have frequent urination.But when you suddenly find that you start to urinate frequently and can exclude other external reasons, you can consider whether you are pregnant.Xiaolin’s colleague’s elder sister was inferred that she was pregnant because she found that Kobayashi had been running to the toilet in recent days.

4. Women’s sudden taste changes, like sour and spicy, and may also be pregnant.Xiao Xi is like this. She has always been light before, but suddenly she wants to eat spicy food for a while. She often eats spicy hot pot the night before. She still wants to eat hot and sour rice noodles the next morning.The husband said casually, how did you like a pregnant woman, Xiao Xi left a heart and tested it with a pregnancy test stick. He really won the prize.

The above one is a chapter to follow. The most bizarre is that the familiar aunts and aunts can change from the meat on your butt, and you can determine whether you are pregnant.I think about it.

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