You can know that you are pregnant without going to the hospital. How long can you test the test strip?

After the same room, women who prepare for pregnancy often can’t wait to test the results, and want to know if they are successful as soon as possible.How long can I test it when I am pregnant?Generally speaking, after 7 days of intercourse, you can use products such as early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks to get results.But this is still a certain error in detection. The longer pregnancy, the more accurate the detection.In addition, female friends can judge whether they are conceived according to their own changes in their own body, that is, "harm joy" that everyone often says.

Generally speaking, early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks can be tested 7-10 days after the intercourse.However, the accuracy at this time is not high enough. Normally, it is necessary to ensure accuracy after 9 days of fertilization.Because pregnancy test is generally judged by detecting the HCG concentration in blood or urine, that is, the concentration of the human chorionic gonad hormone, but the changes in the HCG concentration in the blood and urine after pregnancy must go through a process.The more accurate the long test.In addition, there are certain deviations to use early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks for pregnancy self -test. To be diagnosed, you need to go to the hospital for testing.

After conception, a series of special symptoms will have a series of special symptoms. Based on these typical symptoms, you can also assist whether you are pregnant to a certain extent.

1. Menstruation stop

Under normal circumstances, menstruation is normal for about seven days, but if it is postponed for more than ten days, check whether you are pregnant.Of course, sometimes mental stress and some gynecological inflammation may cause delay of menstruation.Therefore, when menstruation is delayed for more than 10 days, you can go to the hospital for further confirmation.

2. Vomiting

Breast tightness is a typical symptom of pregnancy, and the symptoms also appear early. Generally speaking, after six months of pregnancy, as the body gradually adapts to pregnancy, the symptoms will slowly relieve.In addition, different people’s pregnancy vomiting performance is also different. Some pregnant women will want to vomit all day, and some pregnant women may want to vomit at some time, such as getting up early and at night.

3. frequent urination

Frequent urination is another typical symptom of pregnancy, and it is also a natural phenomenon of pregnancy. Moms do not need to worry too much. Generally, after 12 weeks of pregnancy, as the uterus gradually expands beyond the pelvic cavity, this symptom will naturally be relieved.

4. Basic body temperature changes

After pregnancy, the body temperature will fluctuate, and the basic body temperature of normal women shows a two -way curve, that is, the body temperature will change before and after ovulation, and the women’s body temperature will be relatively high during ovulation.The basal body temperature has not declined after rising, and it lasted for more than half a month, then it is likely to be pregnant.

In addition to the above 4 symptoms, it will also experience performance such as fatigue, greed or anorexia, emotionalization, sensitivity to odor, and weight gain.

The best time for early pregnancy tests is different due to the different choices.

1. Early pregnancy test strip test time

If you use early pregnancy test strips to detect whether you are pregnant, you can choose to test after menstruation delayed 3 to 5 days.After the test, if the test strip is displayed as two red bars, it means pregnancy, and the instead indicates that there is no pregnancy.

2.B super check time

If you want to check whether you are pregnant through B -ultrasound, you can go to the hospital for B -ultrasound after seven days of menstruation.Generally speaking, the accuracy of the B -ultrasound results is still very high.

3. Basic body temperature test time

The basic body temperature test method is to test your basic body temperature daily after menstruation delayed. At least seven days should be tested. If the basic body temperature has been at a high level for many days, it is likely to be pregnant.

4. Blood HCG detection time

The husband and wife can go to the hospital for this test in about 10 days to determine whether they are pregnant.

Generally speaking, it is normal for women to delay menstruation for about seven days, but if it is postponed for more than seven days, it is likely to be pregnant. At this time, you can use the early pregnancy test strip to test it to determine whether you are pregnant.However, it should be noted that sometimes the delay of menstruation is more than seven days, it must be pregnant, because factors such as excessive diet, excessive mental stress, and some gynecological inflammation may also cause long -term delay in menstruation. It is recommended to go to the hospital for verification.

In the case of women’s menstruation, generally 40 days of menopause, you can detect whether you are pregnant.In other words, early pregnancy tests can be performed around 14 days after ovulation. It is recommended to go to the hospital for a regular scientific examination to determine.

• Early pregnancy test strip

1. Work principle

The working principle of the early pregnancy test strip is to detect the HCG value. It has a single or multiple HCG antibodies in its interior. When this antibody is combined with the HCG antigen in the urine, the corresponding reaction will be presented. You can judge whether you are pregnant in order.

2. How to use

(1) Drop the urine in the test pores of the early pregnancy test strip;

(2) After waiting for a moment, check the test paper display results.

3. Results judgment

If it is displayed as a negative, that is, a red line is displayed in the control area of the test strip (some test strips show the blue line, and the specific situation refers to the test strip description) to indicate that it is pregnant;

If it is positive, that is, there is no color line, indicating that there is no pregnancy.

•Pregnancy tests

1. Work principle

The working principle of the pregnancy test stick is similar to the early pregnancy test strip, and it is also a detection of the HCG value.

2. How to use

(1) When used, you can open the packaging and remove the pregnancy test stick. It is best to bring the disposable thin -film gloves attached to the box to ensure hygiene;

(2) Pin the end of the handle of the pregnancy test stick with the thumb, tilt one end of the urine pores at the bottom, and urinate the urine pores on the side of the gestational stick, and maintain 1 to 2 seconds;

(3) View the test results in about five minutes.

3. Results judgment

If two purple -red money appears at the same time, and the test area T is obviously clear, the result is positive, indicating that it is pregnant;

If a purple -red strip appears only at the C, there is no purple -red belt at the T T area T, which is negative, indicating that it is not pregnant:

If there is one deeper and shallow, that is to say, the shallow in the test area T is lighter, and the color of the control line C is darker. It is a weak positive phenomenon, indicating that there is a possibility of pregnancy.

Special reminder: If the test is found to be displayed in the test area and there is no display in the control area, then the test is invalid.

Through some early physiological reactions, such as menopause, vomiting, fatigue, etc., can make an initial judgment on whether you are pregnant, but if you want to confirm whether you are pregnant, you still need to use some other scientific methods, such as B -ultrasound, urine test, blood HCG testingWait, these methods are the most scientific and accurate, and you can test it when you go to the hospital.

The method of detecting the gender of fetus mainly includes traditional B -ultrasound, amniotic puncture detection, and villi sampling detection. The best time for detection is also different due to different selection methods.

1.B Super Test -after four months of pregnancy

As far as the current level of medical development is concerned, the most intuitive and clear identification of the sex of the fetus is the B -ultrasound.However, identifying the sex of the fetus has time limit. Generally, around April of pregnancy, the B -ultrasound can know the gender of the fetus.Because from the perspective of the growth and development of the fetus, before 12 weeks of pregnancy, the child’s external genitalia has not yet fully developed, and it is difficult to determine the gender from the B -ultrasound. By the weekend of the 12 weekend, the fetal external genitals have developed.Genital determines gender.Whether the B -ultrasound can be accurate depends on the experience of the doctor and the impact of fetal position.

2. Pine membrane puncture-17-21 weeks of pregnancy

The main function of amniocestinal puncture is not to detect fetal gender. It is mainly used for the auxiliary examination of Tang’s screening and the judgment of certain genetic diseases.Compared to traditional B -ultrasound, the biggest advantage of amniotic perception detection is that it can detect whether the fetus has abnormalities in chromosomes.The best examination time for amniocemic puncture is 17-21 weeks of pregnancy, but expectant mothers need to remember that amniotic stabbing is a creative examination, and 1%of the risk of abortion.Use this method to check the sex of the fetus.

3. Sample sampling-10-14 weeks of pregnancy

Similar to the detection of amniotic wake, the method of sampling of fluff is also mainly to diagnose whether the fetus’s chromosomes are normal. In time, the sampling of fluff is usually performed at 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy.This method is very risky and it is easy to hurt the fetus. In severe cases, it may cause disability or even abortion in hands and feet, so you must choose carefully.

In addition, it is necessary to remind everyone that in our country’s use of various methods for fetal gender testing, and choosing fetal gender is illegal.You should put the health of the fetus first, establish the concept of equality between men and women, and make scientific fertility.

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