You can know for 16 days for boys and girls

How do pregnant mothers know whether the baby in their belly is male or female during pregnancy?This is the field where many scientists have been exploring. For example, ancient Greek medical scientists Hippokrada once said that the pregnant woman who gave birth to a girl was pale, while the boy was healthy and rosy.Experts point out that this statement may not believe it, but it will think that this is the conclusion of ancient medical superstition.

However, the latest medical discovery seems to have a joke with people.

The epidemiologists at the Karomo Callein Skali Medical College of Sweden confirmed that women who had severe early pregnancy reactions in the first three months of pregnancy were more likely to have girls than boys.Scientists inspect the newborns of more than 1 million cases from Sweden from 1987 to 1995. Men and women account for 50%each, and the proportion is normal.When the 5,900 pregnant women were admitted to the hospital, they found that the proportion of men and women in their babies was 44%: 56%, which was significantly different from the control group.

Scientists cannot explain the reason, but it is speculated that this is related to the rise in the level of HCG in their bodies (the choricular gonadotropin caused by pregnancy).Higher.At the same time, scientists also advice from pregnant women not to preliminary discovery and "move", because according to the early pregnancy reaction, judging the gender of baby is not as high as the method of throwing coins.

New discovery: In fact, you can learn the gender of the fetus at 16 days of pregnancy

Recently, Israeli medical experts have found through a study that in fact, in less than 3 weeks of women’s pregnancy, the gender of the fetus can be learned.

Research experts conducted a follow -up survey of 347 pregnant women. After these pregnant women gave birth, they found that pregnant women with baby girls were about 16 days pregnant, and the maternal serum hormone in the body would be about 18%higher than the normal value.

You can know the gender of your child by testing.This discovery indicates that within ten days after pregnancy, you can know that the child who will be born is a boy or a girl.

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