Yinger chase the drama and ask if you are sick or take medicine during pregnancy.what would you do

In "The Wake -up" asked, the pregnant woman should bear the illness or take medicine during pregnancy. When she was chasing the drama, she was angry with this mother -in -law. The pregnant mother is as important as the child.

Pregnant women are very hard to get pregnant, and the sick itself is even more uncomfortable. The doctor has instructed that if the western medicine is stopped, the family will not prescribe Chinese medicine, because the elderly always feel that the side effects of western medicine are large.Times are progressing, medicine is developing, and specific situations are faced with specific circumstances.Do not grievance pregnant women for the child, the mother can be nutritious and the child can grow well, and the doctor’s advice can be healthier ~

I do n’t understand that many mother -in -law always die for an embryo that has never seen.What is even more angry is that sometimes the pregnant mother is still moved by herself, in order to have a child, don’t.Without a mother, it is not so important that the child is in his father and grandma for a long time. In the end, he married and regenerated. It is also a child who is bitter. There are too many examples.Destiny is the most important of your own, and everything else is blew.

Seeing” 看到 看到” There is a pregnant woman’s family who is worried about the plot fragment of "the medicine is three -point poison". Suddenly I think of my dilemma after I get sick during pregnancy.Should I endure or take medicine?

In fact, to be honest, pregnant women do not have to "talk about changes in medicine", and they should not resist hardly after getting sick. Do you want to take medicine and what medicine to take to effectively relieve the symptoms?Take medicine can not only maintain your health, but also protect your baby. Why not?

Pregnant mothers are really hard!You must follow the doctor’s advice to be healthier!Mom is happy ~ The baby will grow well. The facts prove that knowledge is the most important. Knowledge is the real power. Ignorance is forever sorrow.

Let’s listen to the doctor. After all, the doctor has rich clinical experience. No matter what, the life of a living person is still more important than embryo. I hope that they can weigh them clearly.Regardless of the safety of others.

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