Yesterday, the pregnant female cat did not appear one day.

After I arrived in the unit in the morning, I saw that they had been eaten clean at night in the small bowl of cat food.

I poured them a bowl again, put it outside, and then picked up a pot of water. Yesterday’s small pot of water had bottomed out, is it too much to drink?

Thinking about the next time I got off work, I didn’t see the pregnant female cat appeared.I was a little worried about it. I took the time today and turned around. I did n’t find him now. I wonder if he had come to eat at night?

At more than 4 pm yesterday, I saw the male cat coming over and lay down under the car.

I called a few times, Dami, and then put it for cat food.After I retreat, I saw it in the past.

After a while, my probe saw that it was still eating, and after eating, I lay down for a while, and then I didn’t know which time it left. I didn’t see the female cat over when I got off work.

I do n’t know what it ’s because of it, this is still a little worried about it.No, it gave birth to a baby.

Today, a cat has not seen it. The weather just changed.

At noon break, the courtyard was very quiet, and no cat came over. It must have been related to Tian Tai’s heat.

I will rest tomorrow, and I want to give them a little more today.

You can only do your best to help them.

I don’t know why it is a video of these cats on Douyin.I dare not watch, look at it, my heart is powerless, and it is uncomfortable.

I am also suffering from menopause now. After a while, I sweat like a rain, and then I was cold again.

His body was overwhelmed, and he was still hanging in his heart.It is also a very unhappy thing to feed stray cats, often heartbroken and wounds.

But I ca n’t let go of this heart. I bought hundreds of dollars in cat food in January, and sometimes when I saw others’ eyes, I became a fool.

There is no way, love, follow your heart.


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