Yang recovers and eat it in winter, enhance immunity, and must have Huaishan films in the family!

Many people have turned the antigen, but their bodies still feel uncomfortable. Although they are already Yangkang, they still feel weak.

Physical weakness, exhaustion, and hair loss.Some people have no symptoms, but they are weak and weak, and they often feel tired.

In terms of dietary therapy, Huaishan can be used. In this environment, it is best to use Huaishan to improve basic immunity.The family, men, women, and children are suitable for pregnant women and mothers.It can be used every day, there are many nutrients, and it is very easy to digest.We are always loved by friends.

The mall is hot -selling Huaishan dry

Family food therapy, children’s supplementary food dedicated

√0 Add, no sulfur Mountain

√ Made in the latest season

√6 pounds of fresh products to make 1 pound of dry products

0 Add Sulfurless Mountain

Hunan is a subtropical humid climate with an average annual sunshine time of 1620 hours. The frost -free period is between 260 and 300 days. It is located in the hills. It is unique and soft and soft in Huai Mountain.

From the selection and seedling to the shallow buried planting, it takes several years to absorb the essence of the world for a long time.

From planting to processing without adding sulfur and other things, it retains the original taste of Huaishan and natural health.

The latest seasonal yam is made

The Huaishan, which is selected in the latest season, has a natural color and slightly fragrant fragrance, glutinous taste, and higher nutritional value. It has always been loved by friends.

Strict management systems and implementation standards, from selection, planting, harvesting, to the processing, warehousing and transportation of raw materials, each link has achieved strict and effective management and control.

6 catties of fresh products to make 1 catties of dry products

Our Huaishan uses raw sun -exposed methods to make 1 catties of dry goods. The overall color of the finished product is relatively uniform, the overall texture is delicate, and the meat is firm.

The latest quality, taste a piece, have a thin sweetness, chew, slightly elastic, smell it, unique fragrance!

The testing agency certification is healthier and safe.

Too much pesticides remain in the body, long -term accumulation in the body, accumulated over time, and the effect of no health may even become a factor in pathogenic, which may be more harmful for children.

Each agricultural product of Zhengdongji has done a corresponding test, and everyone can rest assured to eat.

Qianhuashan spleen effect is better

√ Fresh Huaishankou feels good, but it is easy to get wet

√ The daily spleen is the first choice to dry Huai Mountain, which is convenient

√ Be sure to cook cooked, Huaishan mucus sensitivity

Many friends know that Huaishan is a good ingredient for strengthening the spleen and qi, but the fresh Huaishan is prone to dampness, especially in the south. It is best to use Qianhuashan to eat in the south.

Recommended by Huaishan Edible Method:

Yam Chenpi Shui

15g+3g of Chenpi (30g of adult yam), add 1000 ml of water, and cook for 30 minutes after boiling.

Three times a week, the cough is good, and the old people and children are suitable.Drink for 3-4 days a week, supplement the righteousness in the body, and get a cold and cough.

Yam tablets are also very good to boil water directly. Because it is water, it is easy to digest and absorb the human body, and the spleen and stomach burden is lighter.Children and elderly people with poor digestive abilities can directly replace the water they usually drink.

Yam rice paste (one person)

Energy strength, long muscles

5g of dried yam, rice 15g

Wash the rice and dried yam, remove the warm water for 2 hours.Put rice slurry in the cooking machine and cook them in a pot.In

Yam Lily red dates porridge (one person)

Clear the mind and soothe, nutrition and nourishing

30g of dried yam, 10g of lilies, 2 nuclear red dates, 10g of stir -fried rice, 50g rice.

Put all the ingredients in the pot, add 600ml water, and take porridge.

Yam pork ribs soup (one person)

Qi qi, strengthen the spleen, and solidify the kidney

15g wolfberry, 15g yam, 150g ribs, an appropriate amount of salt

Cut the pork ribs, simmer the water, wash it too much, add an appropriate amount of water and the yam for 1 hour, add wolfberry, boil for 5 minutes, add salt and mix well.

We hope that this is a way that can reflect sustainable and beautiful life. Here we will seriously share, trust each other, respect each other, and explore together.

It is more meaningful than simple trading. It can build a sincere and friendly relationship through the sharing and consumption of ingredients between people. We also hope that you and your family can eat with confidence and health.

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