Yang Liping responded to "no son" evil review: jumping peacock dance, like pregnancy, the work is my child

Yang Liping’s peacock dance can be said to impress many people. On the stage, her smart dance and graceful figure make many people feel that the peacock is really the most beautiful creature on the earth.

As an artist and a dancer, Yang Liping is also a public figure. As a work figure, her life is noticed by many people.

Some time ago, Yang Liping was involved in "the biggest failure of a woman to have children is the biggest failure". At that time, there were also many female celebrities who supported Yang Liping, saying that women were not the only way to have children.

Recently, Yang Liping attended the "Youth Travels". Some reporters also mentioned in the interview that netizens commented on Teacher Yang, because some netizens commented on Yang Liping said: There is no child in a woman’s biggest failure.They are all masked. No matter how beautiful, no matter how good, they can’t escape the destruction of the years. At the age of 90, the children and grandchildren are the joy of God.

In an interview, Yang Liping said: You can’t generalize in having a child. Everyone must choose their own perspective. His life is his own. He is born for dance. When you dance, you feel like you are pregnant.It feels like I have given birth to a lot of children.

It seems that Mr. Yang is also very satisfied with the status quo of his life.Birth and childcare may be the most important thing for some women in their lifetime, but it does not mean that all women are the most important things in their lifetime. Some women will not even have children for a lifetime. The uterus is an organ on a woman. Do you want to use a woman?His rights, others have no right to question, and have no right to intervene.

In fact, many stars have not had children in our entertainment industry. They decided to be the Dink tribe, that is, they did not have children in this life.

For example, star Carina Lau and Liang Chaowei are still the famous brothers and hair, Zhou Runfa, Zhang Weijian, or Zhou Xun also said that they do not intend to have children. Musician Li Jian and his wife are both high IQ talents, but they say that they do not need to suffer after birth, soDo not plan to have children for the time being.Liu Qingyun was afraid that his wife would hurt his wife, so he decided to.

Many people think that Chuanzong is very important, so there is a child.

But some people feel that life is too bitter, just suffer, and do not want to bring these sufferings to children.For example, Li Jian said that society is too complicated, life is not so beautiful, you can suffer, you don’t need to let the children suffer together.

Choose to be the couple of the Dink family, each with its own reasons

1. The mistake brought by the native family is still in the heart

For example, some families focus on men and women who do not want to get married when they grow up, or do not want to have children after marriage. They just worry that children will be like themselves.Okay, I don’t think I can raise a child.

2. Get too late to get married, miss the best fertility age

Nowadays, everyone’s work is very busy. People who are 35 years old in big cities who are not married at the age of 35. When they find that the right person is married, it is already an elderly mother.It is increased, so some people simply never give birth.

3. The family has genetic diseases and doesn’t want to harm children

In the past, Zhu Xiaotian in F4 in the F4 in the meteor garden of the red half of the sky said that he had genetic genetic diseases, that is, it was very difficult to repair after being injured. This genetic disease is likely to be inherited to the child, so he does not want to have children.

There are also genetic diseases such as gradually frozen people, and the chances of inheritance are very high. This disease is inherited from generation to generation, torturing people in the family, and now young people will be more open, scientific progress, and the progress of scientific progress will be more open.It also gives people a deeper understanding of these genetic diseases, so young people who know that they have these painful genetic disease genes, many of them have decided to do Dink.

4. Love work, work is your own child

For example, like Yang Liping, jumping peacock dance is all her. When jumping peacock dance, she can make herself feel pregnant, and even give birth to many, many children.

It is the choice for others to be Dink, please respect others.

The idea of raising children to prevent the elder

There are many empty nest elderly people now. They do not say that they do n’t have children, and even their children are special, some have worked abroad.What is the difference between the old people staying in China?

Many young people are more willing to run to big cities. In the big city, parents are generally in their hometown, and young people generally go home once or twice. They stay at home for three or five days.In just a few days in 365 days.

Even some old people, who do n’t work well, think about eating parents and drinking parents one day, and even have children to help.

Mother Jing’s message: It is indeed as Yang Liping said, everyone’s choice is not the same, we have to choose to respect others’s choices

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