Xu Weien’s birth check in September "fetal position is still incorrect"!Unload the countdown for less than 2 days … vomit inside and torment

Reporter Pan Huizhong / Comprehensive Report

Xu Weien and Wang Jialiang registered and married in November 2021. After the difficult process of asking for a child, they finally ushered in the daughter "忒" at the end of the year.Now on the eve of unloading, she admits that the fetal position is not right for a while. The fetus’s feet have been kicking her bladder, and she can’t eat too much. Even so, she still feels that this is a sweet burden.

▼ Xu Weien admits that the fetal position is not right.(Photo / Royal life from YouTube / Vien Family Liang)

Xu Weien also wrote a pregnancy diary. In addition to being filled with ultrasound, she also recorded the changes in the fetus every week and month. After the confinement, she will continue to write down her mood, hoping to leave her daughter in the future.As a memorial.

Xu Weien wrote a pregnancy diary.(Photo / Royal life from YouTube / Vien Family Liang)

For nearly 9 and a half months, Wang Jialiang admits that he has been learning to play the role of his father and strive to become a more mature person.Xu Weien also reminded her husband to remember to modify before speaking in the future. After all, children have a strong learning ability.

▼ Xu Weien and Wang Jialiang are looking forward to the arrival of their daughters.(Photo / Royal life from YouTube / Vien Family Liang)

Xu Weien, who had to unload the goods in less than 2 days, told his daughter that as long as he grew up and healthy, "we will give you a lot of love, but you will encounter any difficulties when you go to the society independence. Relatively you have to be strong …We will always be your shelter. "

▼ Xu Weien entered the countdown to unload.(Photo / Refined from the royal life of Instagram / SHARON701111, YouTube / Vennjialiang)

Wang Jialiang said that when her daughter could understand this movie, she probably had already been in elementary school. It may be facing the test of integrating into the group. "You are brave to be yourself, a brave and kind person, you don’t have to be afraid of injury.There will be people at home waiting for you here. "

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