Xie Na is pregnant, the blessing of the stars: Jie, I like you for 13 years, the next 13 years is still the same

Brother Jie:

Congratulations to you, there is another baby that can make you love in your palms ~

13 years, occupying one -half of my life.

In 2004, I was young and I didn’t understand what was chasing stars.

In 2007, the first day of the first day, I was obsessed with the happy male voice of Mango Terrace, liked you, supported you, and never changed.

In 2009, the high school entrance examination, the repeated song in MP3 was "The Most Beautiful Sun".

In the same year, I was admitted to the No. 1 Middle School of our city. After the class, the teacher asked the performance show. I sang "The World". I really want to let the world know that I like you!

On September 26, 2011, you got married and I cried.

It’s really not sensational, so I don’t know what to cry, just like I heard you announce Nana’s pregnancy today, and goosebumps are getting up.

2012, the college entrance examination.The pressure mountain is big. Every time you want to relax, listen to your "Gao Fei", surging in your heart, dreaming that you sing this song for me alone. After I told my classmates, they all said that I was demon.Essence

The alarm clock in high school is "The closest place to heaven", and the alarm clock sounds at 5:30 in the morning, Stand Up!

Later, I went to college, and my alarm clock became "Don’t forget to worry". I am more impetuous. I hope that this song can always remind me and keep awake.

In August 2014, I was internship in Beijing. You released the new album "Strange, I love you", and my ringtone changed.

In October 2014, you have a concert in Shijiazhuang. I am in the inside. The front row is the closest time I am away from you.

In June 2016, I graduated.I came to work in Beijing. On July 16, 2016, I heard your voice again in the work. I really want to cry, really.

I am a little star, there are so many people who love you, you may not see me, but I will always support you!The next 13 years, the next 13 years, is still the same.

You and Nana are walking along the way, we all know how difficult it is. Now that you have changed from Zhang Jie’s brother to Zhang Jie’s father, I sincerely bless you.

With the blessings of the stars and friends in the circle, Jie Ge will definitely get better and better.

Brother Jie, Sister Na, baby, I hope you will always be happy.

Baby Scale-(24inch)