Xie Na is pregnant?Zhang Jie’s private call: How about the baby today?

On December 20, Zhang Jie welcomed his 32nd birthday, and his wife Xie Na and his friends gathered to celebrate his birthday.The birthday scene was made into a small singing

Today, some media revealed that "Xie Na is really pregnant".It is reported that when Zhang Jie filmed a magazine cover a few days ago, he made a private call with Xie Na. At that time, because he used his hometown dialect in Sichuan dialect, the reporters of the call of the call could not be heard.But the words were quite care and care, and the love of a father was revealed.In the call, the most important phrase "How is the baby today?" It was even more affirmed that Xie Na was really pregnant.

Xie Na and his friends gathered to celebrate Zhang Jie’s 32nd birthday.(Picture source: Weibo)

The media revealed that Zhang Jie’s husband and wife bought the "school district house" in Beijing suspected that Xie Na was pregnant

Some time ago, some media photographed Zhang Jie, Xie Na, and He Yan formed a "three -person house group" to prepare to buy the school house.Subsequently, Zhang Jie was photographed at the Valental House Registration Office and handled the house registration procedures, and officially included the new house into the name.After buying real estate, Zhang Jie looked very good.Some netizens have revealed that Zhang Jie’s purpose of buying a house is because Xie Na is suspected to be pregnant.

Zhang Jieqing’s birthday.(Picture source: Weibo)

Zhang Jie: If Xie Na was pregnant, my class hosted "Happy Camp"

Recently, in the latest issue of "Happy Camp", Zhang Jie admit that he has been here 15 times, and has already become the sixth person in the happy family, and said that he had plans to have a baby with Xie Na.When asked about the problem of Xie Na’s pregnancy and how the host adjusted, Zhang Jiexiang said quickly: Of course, I came to the substitute to host.

Zhang Jie and Xie Na were introduced through He Yan. He said that Xie Na’s clear personality at that time left a deep impression on him. Zhang Jie said that Zanana was a very kind and brave girl.Xie Na and Zhang Jie held a wedding in Shangri -La on September 26, 2011, and the sister -in -law love finally fired.

Earlier Xie Na took a photo with fans, and there were signs of upset in the abdomen

Xie Na was ridiculed by Guo Degang and Fa Fu: You are pregnant

Recently, Hubei Satellite TV’s "I am a Comedy" finals opened. Xie Na, who had just rushed back from abroad, immediately went to the recording site, appeared with a sexy black skirt, and stepped on high heels."Poisonous Tongue" teased again, "You are about to give birth!" Xie Na "Fa Biao", grabbing the beverage bottle and smashed.

"Comedy" Guo Degang, Xie Na, and Yingda tutor soared to "hack". It was the norm for a long time.In order to win the championship again, Guo Degang wore red socks and red underwear for good luck. Finally, he also teased Guo Degang’s small belly. "You are pregnant!", Guo Degang, who "shame into anger," quickly counterattacked, "You are pregnant!"Xie Na replied" You are going to give birth! "Guo Degang immediately returned a sentence," You’re fast! "Xie Na was embarrassed, grabbing the drink for a moment.In order to rush the "Ninja God Turtle" because he was wearing a green vest, he was united by Xie Na and Guo Degang, he was also a red shirt on the same day.

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