Xie Na and Zhang Jie finally had a child to expose Xie Na for many years of sadness to ask for a son.

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Yesterday, Xie Na successfully gave birth to a twin daughter in Shanghai. The Xie Na Zhang Jie and his wife successfully upgraded their parents. The two ushered in a new life.

On September 26, 2017, Zhang Jie posted on Weibo that Xie Na was pregnant.

Xie Na and Zhang Jie have been married for six years, and rumors of pregnancy have continued.

It was news that Xie Na had been born with Liu Ye many times, and she could no longer be pregnant.

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And Zhang Jie said that I like children very much, but Nana has a bad body and a bad stomach.

In fact, the news about Xie Na Liu’s infertility is a rumor. The reason why Xie Na did not have children was all because of her own host.

At the beginning, Xie Na was not a good time to give birth to a child.Many newcomers, Shen Mengchen, Li Shazi, and Xie Na’s mango have introduced many newcomers.

In fact, Xie Na has never had a child for 6 years and has another element. As early as 2014, Zhang Jie had supported his wife and pointed out that he had always prepared for pregnancy. HoweverOkay, I hope she can raise her body first, and then obey her beautiful land.

Shortly after the news of pregnancy was revealed, there was news that Xie Na was pregnant with twins. At that time, Xie Na came out to clarify that the news was fake.Now really getting twins, it is still a bit "face".

So the question is, why did Xie Na unwilling to announce that she was pregnant with twins? According to insiders, the twins suspected that IVF came.Many people think that Xie Na is older, and she can still give birth to twins because she is a test tube baby! So is this the fact?

Xie Na and Zhang Jie did not have this explanation in this regard. In fact, they were just everyone’s speculation.In fact, the most difficult for Xie Na and Zhang Jie should be the six -year rumors on the Internet, and the pressure brought by all aspects.

But today I want to talk about the problem of IVF.

What is a test tube baby?

Starting from the birth of IVF, IVF has brought hope to countless infertility patients.IVF, like naturally produced babies, is a fertilized egg combined with sperm and eggs.IVF methods are also called in vitro fertilization-embryo transplantation.Take out the sperm and eggs of infertility couples out of the body. After scientific optimization, it is perfected, developed, and forms embryos in the in vitro culture system, and then implanted in the female uterine cavity to achieve pregnancy.

The real traumatic operation during the test tube process is egg retrieval, but egg retrieval is performed under the general anesthesia. The operation process is only a few minutes, so it is not a problem.Instead, long -term injections may be more painful and unbearable for some people.Therefore, we must make a long-term psychological preparation. If you use a conventional long-term plan, start from the decrease to keep the fetus after pregnancy, the injection time is nearly 2-3 months.The success rate of test tubes is only about 30%. It is recommended that men with a healthy speed during pregnancy can greatly increase the success rate of test tubes.

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