Xiaoxin’s mother is gone. Seeing this, we should go to see what happened!

Introduction: Today’s weather is particularly good, and then Crayon Shinhin, who came back from that outside, because he went out of school, so he said that his mother came back as soon as he opened the door. After you returned.I was very happy, and returned to the house, but the little new mother of Crayon Shinhin was very uncomfortable, because he felt uncomfortable and wanted to sleep. Then the tone was not a very gentle feeling. He felt that his mother was a bit wrong.

In the end, the mother told him that if she was hungry, and then at that time, because she heard the ringtone sounded.So he knew that the TV series he liked to watch should be turned on. After he turned on that TV series and opened the TV, he saw that scene was a couple holding together, and then the two of them were readyThe hostess spit out a blood.In the end, he said that he had only three months left for the last three months, and then the crayon Xiaoxin saw this very sad, so he didn’t want to see it.

Next time I watched it, and then he just woke up the crayon Xiaoxin’s mother. After waking up, he felt pitiful, and then he took out the tomato juice from the refrigerator to drink that tomato juice.New also feels more important.When I went to the refrigerator to get the drink, the crayon Xiaoxin’s mother turned her head.Because the crayon Xiaoxin scared her mother, and then the crayon Xiaoxin’s mother over there spilled the tomato juice on her body.Then the crayon Xiaoxin felt that his mother had only three months left, and she felt that her mother was pitiful.

After that, the crayon Xiaoxin’s mother asked the crayon Xiaoxin to say that you would feed the little white, and then the crayon Xiaoxin was very obedient and took out those things.Go and ask that Xiaobai, and then Crayon Shin -new’s mother thinks he is strange, because he usually does not do this, and then the crayon Xiaoxin said to the Xiaobai, if the mother died, then meWhat should I do? I should find a beautiful mother for me, but that dad’s virtue, who would like him.The rest of the meal I made with my dad was so unpalatable, what should I do.

Then when I thought of it, I was sad to return to school when I thought about it here, and told his companions that her mother had only three months left for three months. What would he do?And after I started doing housework, he would take her back to her back to take care of Xiaobai. In the end, the crayon Xiaoxin was more inch.Do you want to do something?

Then his companion left quickly when he heard this sentence, and he was particularly sad in the end.Then he returned home and returned home because he was almost back. After returning, he met his mother who had been waiting for her mother, and then her mother took it back.After returning, Crayon Xiaoxin hugged her mother and felt that her mother would die.

So he was very sad and then said to his mother that you should not die, and then don’t worry about his mother.This is not the case. Then the crayon Xiaoxin’s mother will hold the crayon Xiaoxin, and after holding it up, they will hold them together. Then because the crayon Xiaoxin is very sad, then her mother comforts her, and then holds it together.It’s not like this, what you think is wrong.

At this time, because this time is relatively late, the crayon Xiaoxin’s father is also off work, and the crayon Xiaoxin’s mother is not going to go, isn’t it to that hospital.So he knew what happened to her, and always felt tired. Then, Crayon Shin -new’s mother, Crayon Shin -new’s father said she was pregnant.I was pregnant again, how touched this sentence, and then the crayon Xiaoxin’s father was happy.

The end of the end: It’s particularly happy. Hearing this sentence, because he wants to be a father again, Crayon Shin is still embarrassed, but the little new father’s father said that you want to be a brother, you want to be a brother,After that, the crayon Xiaoxin didn’t know what his brother was.Then I was particularly doubtful that he kept talking about his brother, and then he was more strange. Well, then they will have one more member in their homes. This should be very happy and happy.

The above article is (my original work). I hope the readers like it and pay attention to the editor.

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