Xiao San looked for the door with his stomach, and before I got my temper, her boyfriend slapped her angrily first.

Xiao San was pregnant and looked for his stomach.

Before I got my temper, my boyfriend slapped her angrily.

He was so angry: "You are a rural girl, even if I spend thousands of pieces to play; you are good, you still want to marry me?!"

"You really dare to think!"


You can play beautiful poor girls; however, you must find a strong woman to marry.

His abacus was deafening.I heard it next door.


How can there be such a good thing?


I have been in love with Zhang Zize for three years.

The day before the engagement, a female student came to the company to find me, saying that she was pregnant with Zhang Zize’s child.

Company lobby.

This girl is not very old, and she is very scared when she encounters such a thing.

She cried and said, "Sister, I don’t want to find you either, what can I do?"

I was stunned.

Seeing her like this, Zhang Zize’s smile disappeared without a trace.

Zhang Zize’s usual rational and elegant appearance disappeared. He almost pulled this girl and pulled her out of the company’s door.

He said impatiently, "How did you find this?"

"Didn’t I say it would give you money!"

The girl shrank and timid: "But, but I’m afraid …"

"What’s so scared? Just a small surgery!"

Zhang Zize is even more impatient: "Didn’t the advertisement say that ten minutes painless, you just hit it!"

This sudden green hat combines this scum men’s quotation.

It made me rush to me.

My face was ironing, walking over, and picked up the bag directly to Zhang Zize’s head.

Zhang Zize was forcing the girl to be beaten cold.

He covered his head and yelled, "Qin Yan, do you have something wrong!? What are you doing!"

I was all laughed at.

I pointed at this girl: "Who is sick?"

"You’re enough, you are still not a person to do such a thing!"

Under the public, I was scolded by me.

Zhang Zize couldn’t hang on his face.

Seeing the vision of the colleagues passing by the company’s door, the eyes of the colleagues passing by each other secretly.

He was also a little angry: "You don’t need to blame me! After all, the question is on you, you are the culprit."

I doubt my ears when I hear this.

What do you blame me?

Zhang Zize said straightforwardly: "A woman grows up like you, how can I not derail?"

I heard this, I stunned.

He is … Is this suspected of being ugly?


We are standing at the door of the company.

"You are a woman, the legs are so short, and the skin is not white. Lying on the bed like a dead fish, who can be interested in you!"

He is straightforward and his voice is loud: "You are so confident because you don’t look in the mirror?"

"You look so ugly, I said nothing, if other men dumped you!"

I was stunned and took two steps back.

Can’t say a word.

But my silence gave him the courage to chase after victory.

Zhang Zize was furious and roared at me: "But I am also a normal man! You look so ugly, I endure, then I have to go outside to find a balance!"

"The heart of beauty, everyone has!"

The impact of this remark was too strong, and I didn’t say anything for a while.

That’s right.

I am 1.6 meters, and people are not thin; the facial features can only be said to be plain and beautiful, and the beauty is still very far away.

Zhang Zize’s appearance is really good.

He is tall and handsome.

If the appearance alone, in this relationship, I really have to be a little bit worse.

But I did not expect that he actually looked at me like this.

And it has been three years since we have been in college. Zhang Zize has made a lot of business lists by the resources provided by my family and took it high.

When he collected money, he didn’t see him suspected of being ugly!Intersection

It may be that I didn’t say anything for a while and a half, and Zhang Zize felt that I was suppressed by him.

He was a little proud.

After all, the appearance is a flaw.

"Others say that technology is developed now, and no matter how ugly women are dressed up, they can watch."

Zhang Zize said straightforwardly: "Just your foundation, how can you toss!"

"If it weren’t for you to ask you, other men would not look at you more!"

This made me furious.

When I went up, I fuck him, fucking high -heeled shoes and smashed his head: "I can go you! What are you, also commented on me?!"

The scene was chaotic at once.

Seeing that I had a big deal with Zhang Zize.

The female student stood beside very frightened and didn’t know what to do.


A farce at the end of the company’s front desk warning.

This is an emotional dispute. Without any major problems, we will put people in a transcript.

When I hit someone, I was angry.

After the incident, I went home to take a bath and stood in front of the mirror, but unconsciously touched my face.

Looking at the bland face in the mirror, there was no bottom in my heart.

Zhang Zize’s words are vivid.

Before that, I had never been anxious because of her appearance.


But do I really have so ugly?

At this time, my phone rang.

At first glance, it was Zhang Zize.

This bastard!

This is the case, he dares to find me?Intersection

I didn’t hesitate to connect, and I was ready to yell.

As a result, the other party quickly showed weakness: "I’m sorry, this is all my fault."

He whispered and lowered, and he was small, without the arrogance of the day at all: "You forgive me, I’m confused for a while, we are almost married."

I don’t eat him, sneer: "Pull, I look ugly, not worthy of you! Let’s finish it!"

"No, I still have you in my heart."

He argued that his tone eased again, "I just play with those women, I really want to marry you."

"Some women are only suitable for playing scenes, and some women are suitable for being a wife." He said, "Being a wife, you don’t need to look much better. You only need to be virtuous. You can do laundry and cook when you marry home."

"Fortunately, your home is still a little bit of family,"

He lamented, "Otherwise, no one really looks at you."

I didn’t say a word.

Because I was dark in front of my eyes.

What kind of fool is this?

When looking for stimuli, choose a female student who has no money;

If you want to get married, find a solid female colleague.

According to Zhang Zize.

The reason why he looked at me was because my family was wealthy and could help his career -still the only daughter of the city. After a century of his father -in -law and mother -in -law, he could get all the family property.

But people are not perfect, my appearance is not beautiful.

So in order to make up for this visual regret, he was desperately enjoying outside.

And specialize in female students with poor economic situations.

While playing with those women, he was waiting for me to enjoy all the resources of my family after marrying me; it is estimated that he is still sorry: Why can’t you find a rich and beautiful woman?


If he had this luck, he would throw me up in 800 years!


Why do he think I had to marry him?IntersectionIntersection

I was mad, and I just exploded his family.

Zhang Zize quickly hung up the phone when he saw the situation.

I was so angry that I walked around in the room angrily.

But after getting angry.

I unconsciously stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom and touched my face anxiously.

Am I so ugly?

I didn’t have much confidence in my heart.But my three views told me that only Zhang Zize alone in this incident.


Zhang Zize and I was completely collapsed.

In fact, he was unwilling. In his eyes, I was a particularly good marriage object.

But I was disgusted by him.

Even my parents heard something and asked me what happened.

I just sent them a short message saying that I broke up with Zhang Zize.

My dad only gave me a "good".

It was thought to end this way.

But I didn’t expect that one day I got off work and met that female student again.

Her belly looks a lot older than the last time.

Zhang Zize was emotionally excited, and the girl was crying with her face covering her face.

"My fucking tells you to let you take medicine!"

Zhang Zize yelled: "I also sent you a red envelope. Now you put out such a posture, what do you want to do?"

He scolded excitedly, and his mouth was flying.

The girl shouted with a cry: "But, but … I have it now, what should I do?"

"What can I do?"

Zhang Zize laughed and said, "You just go to the hospital to hit it!"

"You, you!" The girl was also out, she cried and said, "You said that he would not bring that, and if you have it, you will marry me …"

"Okay, your fuck wants to use pregnancy to force me to marry me !!!"

Zhang Zize heard that he was furious.

He pointed at the girl’s nose and yelled: "You don’t look at what you are! Your parents are villagers! Usually playing is okay, you still dare to expect me to marry you!"

The girl was dumbfounded.

Zhang Zize really doubted that the other party really had to rely on pregnancy.

So he sneered: "I saw a lot of women like you, I went to bed with me as soon as I coaxed me, and now I come to me when I am pregnant! Then I don’t know if your child is me?!"

He scolded was really ugly.

The girl stood there, her face was pale, and she couldn’t believe he would be so affectionate.

At this time, I was about to get off work, and colleagues came one after another.

Zhang Zize was reluctant to let others continue to watch his jokes. At that time, he drove away and threw her down.

I originally wanted to drive.

When I saw her standing there and standing there, I really couldn’t care about her.

I struggled in my heart for a long time, still gritting my teeth.

"Go on the car."

I said to her, "I should be a grievance -I will take you to the hospital."


This girl does not trust me.

She recognized me and knew that I was Zhang Zize’s genuine girlfriend.

At that time, I looked at me with tears, hesitated to get in the car.

"Let’s go,"

I called her, "Don’t destroy your life for a man. The smaller the month, the better."

She gritted her teeth and walked with me.

The situation is weird now.

I broke up with Zhang Zize. This girl is still a third party in my relationship.

But I am very sympathetic to her experience and even willing to take her to the hospital.

I don’t blame her.

I just hope that Zhang Zize is the dregs.

My friend happened to be an obstetrician and gynecologist at the municipal public hospital.

She heard about me, her eyes were almost falling to the ground.

"Nong Nong’s brain is broken!"

She is incredible, "You, you all broke up, do you bring this woman for surgery?"

Girls stood there in a urgent manner.

I laughed and squeezed my shoulders for my friends, and said sweetly: "Please, help, I invite you to have a big meal."

My friend was stunned, but in the end he was compromised.

The operation is fast.

But it is definitely not the "five minutes without pain" in the advertisement.

After I helped this pale sister out of the hospital, she sat on the bench at the door of the hospital, and tears couldn’t stop falling.

"… sister," she said timidly, "I’m sorry, I don’t know he has a girlfriend."

"He told me he is single."

This female student cried: "I, I really don’t know you are going to get married."

"do not Cry,"

I comforted her and said, "I still want to thank you, let me know the real face of this person."

"He also said I was ugly."

After I was angry, I felt a little funny when I said this: "He wants to attack you, where do the other party have substantial evidence?"

Girls were crying.

I handed the tissue to the little sister and asked her to tears.

The little sister’s lips are pale, and there is no blood on her face.

Her eyes were covered with blood, and she looked at me tiredly and and haggard: "Sister, will the bad guys retribute?"

When I heard this, I took a long breath.


I also saw Zhang Zize’s means.

He is a man who wants to take all the benefits -I am not beautiful enough, but the family is rich, so he is very willing to marry me.

On the other hand, he deliberately played with female students who were not good at economy but beautiful, just relying on the other side without any background to be bullied.

Such a girl.

Even if you are pregnant now, you can’t resist, and there is no way to make him.

Negative Han must swallow 1000 stitches.

Men who played with others casually like Zhang Zize, he was cheap and I was cheap this sister.

Will there be no retribution?Intersection


Listening to this sister said that Zhang Zize met her through a school’s activity.

He is the sponsor, and he is unreacal and old.

The little sister was not deeply involved in the world, and soon fell into his deliberate design.

She once thought that Zhang Zize was Prince Baima.

But from beginning to end, she was just Zhang Zize’s hunting goal.

Zhang Zize quickly cheated her into bed, and then discarded it.

Zhang Zize is a savvy person.

He looked for the real marriage target, and he always focused on the background of his family; as he said, although he had no physiological desire for me, he was willing to endure for my family.

The little sister is just a prey under his deformity, who is a victim.

I sat there and slowly pinched my fist.

"Yes, there must be a retribution."

I said softly, "But I think God is too slow, I can’t wait for that day."

The little sister couldn’t understand, she looked at me blankly.

I smiled.

Yeah, what is better than waiting for the so -called virgin retribution than to retaliate?


The younger sister is Song Qing, who is studying at the University of Agriculture.

When she was undergoing abortion surgery, Zhang Zize directly disappeared, for fear of a little relationship.

But she was under the operation.

I don’t know if I was guilty or I didn’t want to cause trouble. Zhang Zize gave her some economic compensation.

According to Song Qing’s character.

She will definitely throw the money on Zhang Zize’s face.

But I advised her for a long time, letting her endure nausea and accepted the money.


Zhang Zize saw her collecting money, and thought she had a good relationship with herself.

Song Qing really looks beautiful.

Although after the operation, her blood loss was always pale, but she was also a beauty -like beauty, making men feel pity at a glance.

Zhang Zize also knew that she had done too much about this little girl in the early stage.

However, he felt that Song Qing was more beautiful and moving after illness, so he frequently ran to Song Qing’s school frequently.

He wanted to turn Song Qing into bed again, and even wanted Song Qingxin to be willing to be the mistress he kept in secret.

According to my plan, Song Qing did not clearly refuse Zhang Zize’s invitation.

But she dragged Zhang Zize.

Fan photos eat tea and drink, and the gifts are collected, but they do not go to bed.

Considering her physical condition, Zhang Zize was not in a hurry.

He can afford it.

On the other hand, Zhang Zize constantly eased the relationship with me.

Because of work, we have a lot of interaction.

This man can be said to have the shameful spirit to the extreme.

He was afraid that I would fight against him.

But I was faint about Zhang Zize and couldn’t say well, but I didn’t tear my face completely.

Zhang Zize has always been confident in himself.

If I do n’t take it out, he feels that I have n’t had an old relationship with him.

Some of my friends really thought that my mind was broken, and even in private to persuade me.

Only I know.

not like this.

Only Song Qing and I knew that the retribution was coming soon.


Zhang Zize’s mood was weird during this time.

His job is the nature of sales, and the most important thing is emotional intelligence and social ability.

But he didn’t know what happened recently, emotional.

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