Xiao San lived in the original match home, and was taken care of during pregnancy!Only after the child was born, he was deceived!

The wife and lover should never wear the sky. However, a woman in Yangzhou not only lived in the original family, but also took care of the other party.When you know the truth behind you, it’s too late

It is understood that Xia met a man Mu Mou in a WeChat group last year. The two talked very speculative. In addition, both were Huai’an.Meeting in the middle, and slowly developed into a couple, and soon lived together.

After a while, Mu Mou suggested to Xiamou that he wanted a child, because in Mu’s view, he loved Xiamou too much, and he was afraid of Xia Mou to leave, so he hoped to have a child so that Xia can make XiaThere is a stumbling stumbling.After hearing Mu’s voice, Xia Mou thought that the other party really loved himself, so he agreed.

However, when Xia Mou was pregnant, she found out that she was a single Mou, and she had long been married. Under her questioning, Mu also admitted that he was married, but he then proposed to let Xia Mou and his wifeSee the previous meal together.

Since Xia Mou’s belly has become bigger, and he has no better place to go, he was unable to agree. Later, at the dining table, she found that Mu’s wife was very "reasonable", and the imagination of the scolding and beating did not happen at all.The other party is still meticulous.

In Xia’s heart, since the other party’s wife did not have the trouble of looking for himself, then he was not good at his temper, so the three got along with each other. In September this year, Xiamou gave birth to a girl.Mu also received her confinement with her house, but during this period, Xia Mou and Mu’s wife began to conflict.

When Xia Mou started to work in the confinement, Mu Mou and his wife secretly took the child away, and replaced the phone number, and Xia Mou was black.

Until then, Xia Mou realized that he must have been affected by a liar couple. Mu’s current wife is his second appointment, but because of physical reasons, Mu Mou will let Xia Mou give himThere was a child.

At present, Xia Mou has prepared to safeguard his rights through legal channels. He hopes to retrieve the children who have been taken away. Some lawyers said that Mu’s behavior has been suspected of being crime.right.

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