Xiao Nian is here!These 6 "auspicious fruits" must be eaten in the New Year!It means reunion recruiting good dealers, in the coming year, hot, safe and happy

time flies!Two days later, the 23rd lunar month, one finger, can be happy in the past 8 days!

If the Spring Festival is the carnival of the Chinese people, then the younger year is the busy beginning of this carnival.According to traditional customs, the younger year will start cleaning the house, affiliated, and preparing the new year’s goods …

I wonder if everyone started preparing for New Year’s goods?What are you prepared?

During the Chinese New Year, visiting relatives and friends, everyone visited each other, is an important part of contacting feelings.

When people come and go, it is inevitable to prepare some foods for the year. There are some common snacks, such as melon seeds, peanuts, candy, biscuits, happy fruit, etc.;

In addition to the deliciousness above, we must not forget this fruit!① There are some fruits at home, and relatives and friends come to entertain; ② During the dinner, the big fish and meat are eaten too much, and you can get tired of eating some fruits.

And there are tens of millions of fruits on the market. In addition to everyone likes to eat, what kind of fruit should we put some fruits in the New Year?

Today, I will give you an inventory. 6 kinds of "auspicious fruits" that are particularly suitable for the New Year. They are nutritious and delicious.Looking forward to the new year, everything goes smoothly, booming ~

You must eat these 6 "auspicious fruits" in the New Year!


Apple · Ping Ping An

Apple can be said to be the most common fruit in life. Almost everyone will say the phrase "a day a day, doctors stay away from me". It can be seen that Apple is a very nutritious fruit.

The word "Ping" is the same as "Ping", and we Chinese people take their sense of peace.

Apple’s nutritional value does not need to be warm, it is a "general doctor" in the fruit world.There are rich carbohydrates, vitamins, and trace elements, as well as various nutrients such as glite acid, alcohol, carotene, and other nutrients.

Although the apple eats apples in the New Year is nutritious and good. It should be noted that patients with spleen and stomach deficiency and coldness should avoid eating apples.


Orange · Thoughtful things come true

The dry winter is also a good time for oranges.This fruit is sour and sweet, both thirst and greasy, many children like to eat oranges, and my warm treasure is no exception ~

The word "orange" in this orange is the same as the word "Cheng".In addition, because the "orange" is just the same as the "weigh", the fruit of the orange is the same.

The vitamin C content contained in oranges is very rich. The vitamins contained in each 100 grams are about 33 mg, which is higher than the vitamin C content of lemon!

Many people like to eat oranges without picking oranges. Here, warmth also share with you the small way I usually choose oranges ~

How to choose oranges?

1. Pin the orange skin and pinch the orange skin with your hands. If the orange skin is elastic, it means that the orange water is relatively sufficient.

2. Elberry weight, choose two oranges of similar sizes, and take the weight with your hands.

3. Looking at the navel eyes, if the navel eye of the orange is relatively small, then its taste will be very good.


Guiyuan · reunion circle

Guiyuan is also a longan. Since ancient times, it is loved by people and is regarded as precious supplements. At the same time, Guiyuan also symbolizes the meaning of complete and reunion.

The folk is known as "Bai Lu eats longan before and after, and spends an old hen." The round eyes of round and crystalline, eating clear and delicious, and rich nutrition.

Longan began to be in the "Shennong Materia Medica", which is sweet, sweet, and has the function of nourishing the heart, spleen, nourishing blood and soothe, and is especially good for women.


Sugarcane · rising steadily

The older generation often said that "eating sugar cane ginseng in winter" is still the season when the sugar cane is listed in winter. The price is cheap. As the "C position" of winter fruits, the crispy and juicy sugarcane is loved by people.

Sugarcane is also a fruit at home in the Spring Festival!

Because sugarcane is very long, and it is still a seizure, sugarcane at home has a long -lasting, tall, high year of sweetness.

In the New Year, the family sat together to pursue the seeds and family. During the period, a sugar cane was taken, and the sweet juice immediately overflowed with the sweet juice.


Fire Dragon Fruit · Red Fire Fire

The dragon fruit represents auspiciousness, and the looks are also red. The appearance looks like a flame, and the name is also very festive.

Eating dragon fruit in the Chinese New Year implies the new year’s "red and red fire", especially those who do business at home. You must buy dragon fruit in the New Year.

In addition, the dragon fruit is also a "laxative king" among many fruits. It is rich in dietary fiber, which not only absorbs the water in the intestine, promotes the formation of the stool, but also is good for regulating the intestinal flora.

Eat too much fish and meat in the New Year. If you have constipation, you may wish to try the dragon fruit. You can eat it every time you keep the constipation.


Kumquat · Caiyuan Rolling Great Gay

Kumquat, a plant with ornamental and consumption. Kumquat fruit has a nickname called "fruit of life", which has high nutrition and medical value.

And don’t look at the little kumquat, eat it in the New Year, but there are 2 beautiful visions: wealth is rolling+good luck!

Because the fruits of kumquat trees are relatively rich and look at Jin Chancan, they have the meaning of recruiting wealth and accumulation of wealth; and the word "good" in the "orange", so it also implies auspiciousness and good luck.

Many people love to put pots at home in the New Year. It is so reason that it was the New Year before, and my family also moved the pot of kumquats to put it at home.

Moreover, according to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", this kumquat can be thirsty, healthy stomach, eliminating food, etc., and we can eat kumquats to eliminate food when we eat too much at home ~

However, when kumquats are consumed, they usually eat the peel, and the taste will be a little bit bitter, and some people can’t get used to it.If kumquats are used for dishes, and they are eaten, it will greatly reduce the bitterness of kumquats.

Swing the sweet kumquats, hawthorn, and fried ribs, and cook the flavor together, which is more sweet and sweet than the sweet and sour row.Sweet, the flavor is refreshing.

The pork ribs are full of thick sauce. The kumquat is cooked soft and smooth, the entrance is thick and appetizing.

Kumquat hawthorn pork ribs


Pork ribs / kumquat / hawthorn / green onion ginger section

South milk / rice wine / big ingredients / honey


– 1 –

Treatment of ingredients: Hawthorn is cut into half into a circle and removes seeds with a small spoon.

Chef trick: When cutting blades, 1 knife is not cut off, and the second knife is cut off; soaking tofu with salt water can remove the bean fishy smell, and it can also be more tough and flavored.

– 2 –

Treatment of pork ribs: Simp in water in the cold water in the ribs, remove the water and remove it to remove the blood and water impurities. Another pot is poured into the oil, and 70 % of the oil temperature is put into the ribs and fry until the surface of the small meringue is removed.

Chef tips: After the pork ribs are under the oil pan, immediately use the lid to block the lid to prevent the oil from splashing out (feel that the frying ribs are too much oil, you can also use less fried).


Burning: Leave a little base oil in the pot. Add the green onion ginger section, star anise, fragrant leaves, and cinnamon.


Completed with the seasoning: Pour the right amount of soy sauce, southern milk, nuclear hawthorn, kumquat, four or five rock sugar, turn it on low heat for half an hour, put some honey before leaving the pan, then put it in the pan.

Chef tips: There will be sweetness in the honey, and the whole vegetable is sweet and sweet.

Final finished product 😋😋😋

(Warm taste official)

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