Xiangrui’s secret

Han Fudong/Wen

"Gong Yan Han was pregnant with the emperor’s dragon species." In early 1063, this important news spread quickly in the court of Great Song Dynasty.The deputy prime minister Ouyang Xiu heard that Sima Guang, who was in charge of the courtyard, also heard.

For the eight years of Jiayou, Zhenlong Emperor is Song Renzong Zhao Yan.Song Renzong was 53 years old and had died of three sons. This caused the rumors of the dragon species to rise to the height of the height of the imperial and social continuity, which is related to the "national".

Song Renzong was the fourth emperor in the Song Dynasty. In 42 years, Yu Yu was the longest monarch during the two Song Dynasty.At that time, no one knew that Jiayou’s eight years would be the last year he was in power.

According to the practice of previous years, the day before the 15th of the first month of the first month, Song Renzong will come out early in the morning, stay in various palace temples, and give me a drink to drink.However, on the 14th day of the eight years of the eighth year, he went out until the evening, turned to Cixiao Temple and Xiangguo Temple, and then went to Duanmen to give Congchen wine two rounds less than in previous years.

His state was obviously not good, he was sick two weeks ago, and it has continued to this day.After the Shangyuan Festival, although he went up every day, his health was getting worse.At this time, the news of Han Cordy was full of news.

In Sima Guang and Ouyang Xiu’s aftermath, Han Cordy often went to the water well to fight the water because he was the bottom palace.A magical scene appeared: Song Renzong saw a small dragon climbing out of Gongyu’s bucket rope, but only Song Renzong could see this dragon. He asked the people around him and said he didn’t see it.Song Renzong felt that this was a vision. He specifically called the Korean Cordycene in front of him. He looked at her carefully and asked her identity. She was lucky to her the next day.

In the initial foreign announcement, Han Cordy especially emphasized the "little dragon" endorsement of Song Renzong on the bucket rope.The real impact here is: Dragon is not only a metaphor, a totem, it is a real legitimacy proof of the real existence.

It is not a thunder!Because Song Renzong, who was sick all year round, was adopted by the ministers repeatedly, only adopted the cousin Zhao Shu (also known as Zhao Zongshi) half a year ago as a prince.The prince is the literal meaning -the son of the emperor, not necessarily the prince (the prince is the heir heir selected among the princes).In other words, if Song Renzong suddenly had a biological prince, from his unwillingness to refuse to stand up to Zhao Shu as the performance of the prince, those who were almost sure of the next emperor -the humble and low palace palaceThe son of Han Cordy?If she was born, it was indeed a male.

Focusing on the humbled self -performed self -performed self -performed, Song Yingzong, who was successfully ordered by Song Renzong, suddenly became the person at the top of the power pyramid at the top of the power pyramid.Crazy.

However, in the publicity of the official history, Zhao Shu was born auspicious, which means that the moment he left his mother’s fetus, it was destined to be emperor.EssenceWhat is even more amazing is that in the auspicious culture of Tianzi, Song Renzong has become an exception. He has ruled China for 42 years, but there is no record of reducing the birth of Xiangrui.


When Han Zord claimed that he was pregnant with a dragon species in the palace, Song Renzong entered the end of his life.

His political life stayed in the eight years of Jiayou (1063).In the first month of this year, although he was sick in the dynasty, he could leave a stroke in "History of Song", only "Jianzigong Taming Nine".Nine nine tame.The hindrance was also considered to be auspicious things at the time.However, Nine Ruiwu was unable to change at this moment.

He is still eager to have a biological son who can continue his career and become the next true dragon emperor.In mid -to -late this month, Han Cordy began to spread Yuyin, who was "I was born in my child", and Queen Cao was busy taking care of this humbled palace.

Queen Cao gives Han Cordy 2,000 yuan a day, 60,000 yuan per month.This was not a small number. At that time, the ordinary people in the lower levels of the countryside in the Song Dynasty had a monthly income of less than 3,000 yuan, which was only one -twenty of the Korean Cordy.

A year ago, Sima Guang went to Shu Renzong and criticized the court’s floating costs too much.From the courtesy of Han Cordy, Queen Cao did not treat her at a loss.Song Renzong did not make any rumors.

In the whispering, Song Renzong’s pet, Jiayou, who was lucky enough to have a seven -year month, he promoted the two princess.Song Yingzong should be grandly appeared at this time. At that time, his identity was the prince Zhao Shu.

Song Renzong brought the adopted prince Zhao Shu, and the classes and courts.Tianzhang Pavilion, watch the ancestral royal book and Ruibu.Song Renzong has a banquet every time in Qunyu Temple.

According to the "Song of the Song Dynasty", there are 30 kinds of Rui things in the top three emperors Song Taizu, Song Taizong, and Song Zhenzong of the top three emperors in the Northern Song Dynasty.On January 29, they watched 13 species.One of them is identified as "dragon egg", which is a small egg with purple spots on it.

The metaphor of "Dragon Egg" is not meaningful for Song Renzong and the prince Zhao Shu.

On January 29th, this day was Lichun. Song Renzong seemed to be particularly happy. He said, "The world has been fine for a long time, and the joy of today, sharing with Qing and others, you should be drunk."The clothes are full of wine.

This time, the banquet of the Qunyu Temple was also the auxiliary ministers, the servant, the deputy envoys of the three divisions, the three deputy envoys, the Taiwanese clan, the Ma Du, the main soldier, etc.

This is almost Song Yingzong Zhao Shu, and the last time he appeared in the history book before ascending the throne.This is an emperor who was named in the Song Dynasty.He lived only 35 years old, less than four years of reign, and was in a state of crazy crazy for 13 months.

After no one records the group of the royal palace banquets, when the court is talking about the news of the Korean Cordylike dragon, Zhao Shu feels.

Zhao Shu, a thousand resignation, a few months ago (Jiayou’s July 2nd Day, October 2, 1062), finally still reluctantly entered the palace to enter the palace.In the process of the messenger of his enters the palace, he left a very shocking words: "Do not dare to invite blessings to avoid trouble."

Is the prince a disaster in him?

If there is no prince’s competition, he has always had a deep fear of the court deep in his heart.It’s right.In particular, in the legendary story of being favored, not only the expectations of Song Renzong’s "Er is the birth of a child" -that seems to mean a kind of abandonment of Zhao Shu, but also the only vivid "Xiaolong "Xiangrui.


Nothing auspiciously can be linked to the emperor like "dragon".Fu Rui, for the loved one like Han Cordy, "Little Dragon" is the limits of her may pass.

"History of Song" records the scene of the three emperors before the Song Dynasty.

The founding emperor Song Taizu, "Born in Luoyang Jia Ming, the red light around the room, the scent is not dispersed. The body is golden and the three days will not change."Golden flesh.

The second emperor Song Taizong: "At the beginning, the gods of the dream gods held the day to teach, and they were pregnant.Tianfu’s four years of October 7th. "Hongguang’s intensity is stronger, and the top is like a fire; the incense is also stronger, and it has spread from the room to the alley.There is also the blessing of the fairy.

The upgrade of Fu Rui has special significance to Taizong.Taizu Zhao Kuangyin died suddenly. The successor was not the prince but his brother Zhao Guangyi. There have been rumors of "ax and candle".Regardless of the truth, Song Taizong Zhao Guangyi needs the blessing of "God and Man" to increase its own rule of rule.

Next is Song Zhenzong, that is, Song Renzong’s father: "At the beginning, five years of Gande, five stars from Zhenxing Ji Kui. Next year, the dreamer will be in the day, and there is a pregnancy., Chiguang Shi Shi, the left foot refers to the word "Tian". "Zhenzong adheres to the fine tradition of Taizong Mengri concerted, and also has its own special features, including five -star beads in the year before birth, and there are still toes on the toes and there are still toes.The word "Tian".

Among the emperor of the Song Dynasty, Song Zhenzong may be the most enthusiastic about Fu Rui.Although Rui Yi during pregnancy has iterated upgrades, it is basically an old system, which is not innovative.His greatest creativity was to personally lead the "Tianshu incident" in person: For the first time, he claimed that there was a god visited in the middle of the night, and the following month dropped a Huang Yan Tianshu on Zuo Chengmen; the second time, the heavenly book dropTaishan, he also went to seal the meditation specifically for this.It is generally believed that Song Zhenzong always said that he had a fairy friend, which was related to the legitimacy crisis that he signed the Liao Dynasty.

Song Renzong talked first.The point is to look at the Song Yingzong Zhao Shu, who regards the "prince" as a disaster.

"Song History · Yingzong Benji" is said: "At first, Wang Meng’s two dragons and the Japanese fell, and inherited it with clothes. And Emperor’s, red light full room, or seeing Huanglong in the light." "Song Dynasty Facts" even moreFurther details: After Song Yingzong’s father caught two dragons and a sun with his clothes, the two dragons continued to play in the sky. One of the one -dragon looked at Song Yingzong’s father and said, "My non -king can have it."

Song Yingzong, a birth birth, has far exceeded his ancestors.The mother of Taizong and Shizong just dreamed of a sun, and Yingzong’s father dreamed that a sun was born with two dragons.Not only dreaming, after the birth of Yingzong, some people see Huang Long in the middle of the light -seeing more than dreaming.Seeing that the dragon is already the pinnacle of Fu Rui, he must also emphasize that it is the emperor -yellow.

This is the extreme Versailles.Not only surpassed the ancestors, but in the Song Dynasty, Song Yingzong was the emperor with the strongest sense of birth.

The embarrassment of the problem is that all Fu Rui of Song Yingzong could only declare to the outside world after he ascended the throne.If time is advanced, Song Renzong will definitely be considered to cursed him to have no children -if it is not usurped the throne.

Song Yingzong’s father, Wu Wang, died before Zhao Shu’s successor was passed by the prince.This means that during his lifetime, he told his family that Song Yingzong was going to be emperor.

Since there is such a clearly unveiled Fu Rui, it must be the material of the emperor, and it can’t escape.I don’t know why Zhao Shu’s fear of "inviting blessings" came.Unless he knows his heart, the so -called dream of the king is simply fabricated.

The more the emperor with a sense of crisis, the more he needs to be born in the body.Song Yingzong, who has a strong consciousness of "avoiding disaster", is shrouded by the myths of "two dragons and Japan fell" and "see the yellow dragon in the light of the yellow dragon", which are not available.

But in the seven -year month of Jiayou, everything is still unreasonable.Zhao Shu was succeeded as a prince, but he was not the prince, and Renzong did not give up extensive broadcasting in an attempt to harvest the dragon species.

On the day of Lichun, Song Renzong was full of energy, and he was complacent with the prosperous world of "the world has nothing to do with things."Renzong was 12 years old. He remembered his father’s obsession with Xiangrui, and he also knew what Ruifu meant.In particular, the dragon, the king of all the auspiciousness.

More than half a month later, when the rumors of the "little dragon" attached to the Korean bugs were filled, it seemed to indicate the stupid and vitality of the palace’s uterus. For Song Renzong of the sonThe image; for the adopted prince Zhao Shu, it is the sign of the strongest competitors, which is even more unavoidable.

No one knows why Song Renzong saw the dragon on the Korean bucket bucket rope.Does it really exist?Or does the emperor have an illusion?Or is it just a strategy that he wants to fight for public opinion after he is obsessed with cheap?Or is it purely a fiction of Korean insects?

In any case, this is a story about the foundation on the faith.

Back to Song Renzong, the core of the problem was that there was no record of Song Renzong himself in the history of the history.This is extremely unusual.

In the "Song History of Song", the emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty had only Song Huizong and Song Qinzong without auspiciousness when they were born, because they were "monarchs of the dead".Song Renzong’s nickname "The body of the heavenly method is the Emperor of the Emperor Filial Piety in the Emperor of the Emperor Wu Rui Zheming", and the historical evaluation is extremely high. If he takes into account his father Song Zhenzong’s obsessed with the degree of madness, it is even more incredible.

What is the secret behind this?


When Han Cordy encountered Song Renzong at the palace water well, the well water did not freeze.In the seven -year winter of Jiayou, the temperature is above zero degrees, which is a warm winter.

In the Northern Song Dynasty in the 11th century, at the end of the so -called "third warm period", the warm climate starting from the Sui and Tang dynasties will turn to the "third cold period" in the 12th century -that will be what Song Renzong died 40 years laterIt’s right.

The climate deeply affects the predecessor’s rulers.American scholar Brett Simzaki’s research concludes: "In the warmth period, China’s economy is prosperous, the nation is unified, and the country is prosperous.Move south and wait. "

The prosperity of Song Renzong is benefiting from the climate to a certain extent, but it is impossible for him and everyone in the same time to understand this historical process from the long length of the thousand years.They would rather believe that there was a Swiss something in the underworld that heralded.

In the seven years of Jiayou, the dynasty scroll displayed in front of Song Renzong may be too perfect.He did not expect that as soon as Tianzhang Pavilion’s schedule of watching Ruiwu ended, his body was obviously worse.

After that, Renzong obviously couldn’t carry it.February Guiwei (March 13, 1063) is an important node. The record of "Song History" for Renzong’s disease was from this day- "Emperor is not hesitant." The next day, Song Renzong was amnesty in the world., "Sin prisoner in the sky, below below."

Song Renzong wants to pray for blessings and disaster disaster by reducing the policy of reducing punishment.At that time, there was a special term called "Promoting Morality". It was a moral politics adopted by the "unity of heaven and man" and for the purpose of the universe.Pursuing the harmony of the universe and using modern physics is called "confrontation", but traditional society has its own special attribution and methodology.

Song Renzong is a famous Ming monarch in the Song Dynasty. He is indeed very diligent. On March 17, his condition improved slightly.This is the palace of the emperor. The plain ministers are not allowed to enter. This time, they saw Song Renzong’s bed accounts and bedding very old and were surprised.Song Renzong looked at the prime minister Han Qi and said: I am so frugal in the palace. After all, the blood of the people cannot be wasted.

When saying these words, Song Renzong might feel that he is acting as an example.Both Xiangrui and Mellar represent the revelation of God; frugality and luxury will also call for blessing.How much do Song Renzong believe this?The following story can explain the problem:

One day, "Tian Da Lei Zhen", Song Renzong believes that this represents the anger of God, which is a fierce sign, so the crown is incense to the sky in succession.After all, I didn’t want to understand.Later, the craftsman who was caught up with the court of the court entered a seven treasure pillow screen, and Song Renzong broke it.

Why break this Qibao pillow screen?A completely inexplicable behavior in the eyes of a modern rational person, Yu Renzong had a very clear truth.Shao Bowen, the son of Shao Yong, the Great Confucian Confucianism in the Northern Song Dynasty, commented that it was because Song Renzong was "the prestige of the sky, and it was a long time when he was a peaceful life."

Shao Bowen, born in 1055, is also a character in the "Biography of the History of Song". He has no understanding of Song Renzong at all.In their opinion, every vision of God, whether it is auspicious or fierce, can go back to the words and deeds of the emperor, and its rhythm is reflected in the blessing of the world.Song Renzong quickly found the answer to "Tian Da Lei Zhen". The extravagant life represented by Qibao’s pillow screen was the reason why heaven was angry.As a result, the seven treasure pillow screen of the back pan was suffered.

This case can be used to see the big, reflecting Song Renzong’s adoption of the appearance and characteristics of governance as the core.

After that, another thing is worth mentioning.Song Renzong had a dream. There were three immortals who claimed to be Taoist, Huzheng Zhenjun, and Dingzhi Zhenjun, as if he was left and right.After waking up, Renzong felt a little bit of illness, and he could not ask for the three gods’ temples, but later he found something in the Taoist rune he was accepted by the throne.

Renzong, then the lower number "Shangxian Yingying, General Tang, said Daohua Zhenjun, Shang Ling Fei Xing Ge Jun Jun Jun Jun, and General Fei Zhen Zhou said that Dingzhi Zhenjun was still built in the Guan Temple in Beijing Palace.Yu. "This day is April 16.

One week later, Song Renzong’s disease seemed to improve, and he had been in the East Gate Temple and Yanhe Temple in two days.On April 24, the ministers thought that the Emperor’s Eucharist had recovered, and he also worshiped.

The Temple of the Three Gods is being built step by step. For Song Renzong, the fairy should be a clear signal than the "Da Lei Zhen" in the dream. It represents a good health omen.

During this period, the adopted prince Zhao Shu went to Song Renzong as usual as usual; the Korean insects who claimed to be pregnant with the dragon species were taken care of by the Emperor Cao.

Unexpectedly, on the night of April 30, Song Renzong suddenly collapsed in the Funing Hall.


Song Renzong took over the throne and was originally full of twists and turns.

Song Renzong’s biological mother Li is the maid of the court. When Song Renzong was born, she was just 13 years old.After Zhenzong collapsed, Queen Liu’s decision -making was unwilling to let Song Renzong pro -political until he died.Song Renzong was at the age of 12, but only the age of 23 became a veritable emperor.

Song Renzong always thought that Liu E was his own biological mother. After he was ascended, the real biological mother Li Shi was silent in the first Dynasty, and never showed differences.Other people in the harem were afraid of Queen Mother Liu, and no one dared to say the truth.Until the death of Empress Liu, Song Renzong did not know that he was born of Li.

Li’s died one year earlier than Empress Liu.It was the first year of Ming Dao (1032) in February of the lunar calendar. Li’s illness was critical and was named the concubine on the day of death.

Song Renzong’s biological mother was not Empress Liu. This incident not only knew the harem, but also a minister like Lu Yijian also knew.Song Renzong was still in the drum when he was 23 years old. It can be seen that everyone’s fear of Empress Liu.

All signs show that before the Queen Mother Liu, Song Renzong did not know that he was born of Li Yanfei.After Li Yanfei’s death, the epitaph was made by Yan Shu, the deputy prime minister, and said that Li Yanfei gave birth to a daughter and died.Still continuing to conceal.

Song Renzong was very dissatisfied with this after his political politics. He once took out Yan Shu’s epitaphs and said to the prime minister Lu Yijian: "Yan Shu as a servant, how could you not know who was born?"He wrote that "referring to Li Lifei) was infertile after giving birth to the princess. What do you want to do?

Lu Yijian replied: Of course, Yan Shu was guilty, but the secret of the palace, as the prime minister, only knew one or two, but could not be detailed.Yan Shu may really lose, but Queen Mother Liu is in office. If Her Majesty is born of Li Yanfei, can he guarantee personal safety?

Song Renzong was silent for a long time, and later he degraded Yan Shu out of the Beijing Division.How did Li Yanfei die?This is a historical mystery.

Empress Liu died 15 months later than Li Lifei.At this point, King Yan said to Renzong: "Your Majesty is born of Li Yanfei, and the concubine is dead." Who is Yan Wang?He is the eighth son of Song Taizong, Song Zhenzong’s brother, and Song Renzong’s uncle Zhao Yuanzheng.

Not to mention the cause of Li Yanfei, the biological mother of Song Renzong alone. When Queen Mother Liu was alive, even the eight king Zhao Yuanzheng did not dare to reveal to Song Renzong that the internal operation of the court behind this, can you perceive?Behind this without revealing calmness is the history of severe courts.

As the fourth emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty, the continuation of France is still facing challenges in Song Renzong.

Song Renzong has three sons: Yang Wang Zhao Yan, Yu Wang Zhao Xin and Jing Wang Zhao Xi died early.In the twilight years of life, the fierce battle with the ministers to adopt the prince made him physically and mentally exhausted.At the water well, the auspicious hallucinations of the "Little Dragon" on the Korean bug barrel may inspire his majesty.

On the occasion of the Northern Song Dynasty, all kinds of Ruixi were full, and Song Renzong was the first emperor to have no Fu Rui.This is his embarrassment, because all Fu Rui is involved in the biological mother of the emperor, and Song Renzong’s biological mother is a hidden secret, which makes Queen Mother Liu be good.

On the contrary, Queen Liu became the first concubine in the Song Dynasty to have a birth Fu Rui."At the beginning, Mother Pang Mengyue entered her arms, and she was pregnant, and she was born." After all, it was a woman. In the ultimate Swiss statue of a patriarchal society, it can only be a feminine moon.During the while listening to the curtain, the Empress Dowager Liu wore the emperor’s sacrifice.She obviously had the desire to be the emperor, and she stopped for all kinds of unknown reasons.From Song Renzong for a long time, he was not announced to be born in auspicious, and he could also see Queen Mother Liu’s mind.

Song Renzong rely on his age to go to Queen Mother Liu.He sought the help of his courtiers and did not allow the Queen Mother Yang in the queen of Liu Tai to interfere with political affairs, but after all, he did not have the courage to pursue the cause of the death of his mother, Yang Yifei.Before dying, Song Renzong, who was convinced of the induction of heaven and man, did not know if he would be expensive to be the emotional son of the emperor, but there was no goodness to live?Or did he finally be relieved and confessed to comfort his ancestors in order to find a successor prince?

In the end of the Song Renzong, the imperial prince became the core issue that runs through the whole life.This major event called "national book", even before Song Renzong was born, repeatedly tortured his father, Song Zhenzong.It became a brain -burning suspense film buried in Song Renzong’s life, and finally set off a shocking palace fighting drama behind Song Renzong.

This is the ultimate decisive battle about the throne successor.

After Song Renzong collapsed, Han Cordy was eventually judged by Queen Cao as "fraud", and Zhao Shu won without risk.At this time, when he could declare that he was born, his father "Dream Lianglong and the Japanese fell to the day, and inherited it with clothes." At birth, there was even more "red light, or see the yellow dragon in the light."

When the Queen Mother Liu died, Song Renzong, 23, had missed the opportunity to remedy Xiangrui.But after all, he was lucky. Not only did he survive in the court’s pour, but also harvested the reputation of "Renzhi" in later generations.

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