Wulong, without pregnancy, she even married him in a mess?

The picture comes from the Internet

"Let’s get married!"

"Let’s get a marriage contract!"

The two were almost at the same time. The previous sentence was Li Chuyang, and the latter sentence was said by Huo Mingyu.

Huo Mingyu looked at Li Chuyang in shock.

"Miss Li, are you okay? Marry?"

The two did not call at all, and they had always been like their buddies. Huo Mingyu and female celebrities had a scandal, and Li Chuyang didn’t ask.

Li Chuyang was sitting upright, his back was straight, and he learned that someone looked like a serious negotiation.

"Yes, get married." Li Chuyang guessed that Huo Mingyu would be this reaction, and she also calmly explained, "We have also known each other for so many years, knowing the roots, the green plums, the door to the house …"

"You stop for a while." Huo Mingyu’s mind was a little chaotic. He knew that Li Chuyang was too much. Shouldn’t this girl dig a pit for him?

"I have been waiting for you to lift the marriage contract. Li Chuyang, I just said, did you hear it?"

Oh, Li Chuyang remembered, he just said that he would like to lift his marriage contract.

Her white face is still the proud expression: "Then why do you lift the wedding contract? You fluttering outside the color flag outside, the red flag at home is not just right?"

Huo Mingyu couldn’t cry and laugh: "I admit that the inferiority of many men is like this, but we are different. I just treat you as myself so that I don’t want to talk to you. Tell you honestly, my dad talked to me last night.He doesn’t agree with our marriage. "

Coincidentally, Li Chuyang and Huo Mingyu were born on the same day. They were born in the same hospital. The mother of the two was the same at first sight, so they verbally set their dolls.

Li Chuyang recognized Huo Mingyu’s mother Xue Ying as a godmother. The two did be able to bear the words "green plum bamboo horse".

"Why? Geyma likes me very much, and Grandpa Huo …"

Li Chuyang was a little surprised. Huo Mingyu’s father, also Hoski’s elder brother Huo Chengye, did not have much contact with Li Chuyang, so she didn’t know where Huo Chengye was dissatisfied with her.

"My family’s current situation is relatively complicated. My four uncle is back and decentralized … My dad wants me to marry a object that helps him."

It means that the Li family now can’t climb their Huo family.

Li Chuyang nodded and was able to understand Huo Mingyu’s hard work, so Huo Mingyu asked Huo Mingyu to raise a marriage contract.

"What about you? What do you think?" Li Chuyang asked him.

Huo Mingyu looked at the Dang Erlang, but in fact he was the grandson of Huo Congshan, and he was also given a heavy responsibility on him. He really couldn’t say anything about marriage.

"No, you suddenly, why can’t you think of getting married? Miss, you are only two years old …"

Li Chuyang, like him, is very fun, but she is playing with her own career. She likes to dance. Since the age of three, she has persisted for seventeen years.

"Hey, let me tell you the truth! Actually because I am pregnant …"

Huo Mingyu just lifted the glass on the table and gave it to his mouth. When he heard Li Chuyang’s words, a "嗤 …" sounded, the wine in his mouth was sprayed, and his shocked chin was about to fall.I asked it with certainty, "What kind of thing?"

Li Chuyang glanced at him with hatred and repeated again, "I said, because I was pregnant, I had to get married."

The wine was not in the stomach, Huo Mingyu would feel that he was even more dizzy.

"Lied! Li Chuyang, you are awesome! I treat you as a brother, do you let me take it?"

"Look at what you say, if you have an illegitimate child outside, I don’t mind!" Li Chuyang enlightened him very patiently, "You think, although the child is not yours, his wife is yours!"

Huo Mingyu: "…"

It makes sense, he can’t refute.

"Let me think about it for a few days. Just a few days later, I will come to power and wait for the performance, you will give me a reply, can you?"

Li Chuyang had already thought about it. This marriage Huo Mingyu had to end, and he had to end.

If he disagreed, she went to the godmother and said that she was pregnant with Huo Mingyu’s child, and he didn’t want to be responsible.

Huo Mingyu, who was wearing a green hat and was also like "Dad", was still covered in the drum. He looked at Li Chuyang with a tangled face and asked, "Can I know, who is this child?"

As soon as Li Chuyang thought of his child’s father, the whole person was not good, and his temper came.

"Don’t ask you, ask less."

After speaking, she was holding the bag and left her head.

She had to conceal Li Yebai and Wen Yuhan first. When she chopped first, she married Huo Mingyu. When she said the news, my brothers should accept it … right?

Li Chuyang resolved his heart, and the rehearsal was smooth.

Five days later, she performed on the stage as scheduled.

This performance location is at the largest opera theater in Beijing, presented by stage dramas.

The first half of the plot was conducted in an orderly manner. During the transfer, Li Chuyang quickly returned to the background to make up.

In the later period, Zhu Yingtai became a butterfly. Li Chuyang had a large solo performance. The makeup teacher used the fastest time to turn her a "war loss makeup".

"Very perfect!" Qin Fei also stood aside, watching Li Chuyang with satisfaction, and his face was proud. "Li Chuyang, you are the students I have brought, the most hope to surpass me.Born for the stage. "

Qin Fei gave Li Chuyang a high evaluation. If Li Chuyang heard these words before, he would be happy.

But now, she can’t tell the teacher that maybe she has been resting for a long time.

Time is too late to think of so much, Li Chuyang took time to come to power.

All the lights hit her. She was wearing a white waist skirt, barefoot, light, and light, like a butterfly dancing.

Li Chuyang was very devoted when she performed. The lights on the stage hit her. The black hair was black, and her delicate makeup made her delicate face.

Sitting in the audience, applauding, a stand -up figure sitting in the front VIP position in the front row, staring at the little swan on the stage like a torch.

There was a tear mole under the corner of the eyes, and a touch of red in the corner of her lips. She turned her head and looked back, jumping on her feet, and her body was soft like a snake.

So beautiful!

Each action is just right, and every look is so focused. She glows on the stage, and her applause has not stopped at all.

Finally rotated, rotated, and then rotated. Bai Sa slipped from Li Chuyang’s body. She exposed her back, and a black butterfly flew vividly.

She seemed to be integrated with the butterfly, and flew away with the misty immortal …

Li Caiwei also participated in the performance today, but she was just a background board. She watched Li Chuyang danced on the stage, and didn’t know how jealousy was it.

After the curtain, Li Chuyang returned to the background, and the flowers were full of the entire lounge.

Every time Li Chuyang performed, Li Yebai and Wen Yuhan may not be present, but spending must be present.

In a large sea of flowers, Li Chuyang saw the blue demon Ji that did not fall every time.

There is a card card, there is no text, only a simple letter -Y.

Is it her name?Or is it the name of the flower owner?

In a large red pink flower sea, the bouquet of blue demon Ji looked even more charming.

Li Yebai and Wen Yuhan were not so particular about it. Each time she sent her a red rose and a card.

The performance is smooth -brother stay.

That Y successfully attracted the attention of Li Chuyang.

The performance ended smoothly, Qin Fei also walked in from the outside, patted his palm, and said to everyone.

"Everyone has worked hard today, and the performance is very successful. The old rules, the banquet at night, no one can be less."

Li Chuyang was the heroine, of course, she couldn’t escape.

As soon as she performed, she sent a message to Huo Mingyu and asked him how he was thinking.

That guy is brave, ignoring her?

Li Chuyang changed his clothes and just prepared to call Huo Mingyu. A strange number of strange numbers came first.

Li Chuyang picked up: "Hey-"

"Give you a flower, do you like it?" There was the voice of a low man, or the sound that Li Chuyang didn’t want to hear.

"You sent it?" Li Chuyang was thrilled. Is this man perverted?She appeared silently by her side, causing her to be caught off guard.

"Baby, I have another gift to give you."

Hosy’s voice was very nice, and he was very hooked with a sense of grainy.

Li Chuyang didn’t forget how bad this person was. She returned in anger, "Who wants your gift, bother me less!"

Without waiting for him to speak, she hung up.

The blue demon Ji in Li Chuyang’s hand was not beautiful. She was thrown into the trash tube by her, and then followed the dance group’s car to set off to celebrate the place of celebration.

The place of celebration is set at the "Earl One". The people in the entire dance troupe tonight are here. I heard that there are still a few directors and big bosses above.

Li Chuyang has not joined Moon for a long time, and it is less than a year. She is a disciple who has chosen from the Dance Academy directly from the Dance Academy. The youth of the dancer has been in recent years.

"Have you heard of it? I heard that Le Zhong is going to acquire our troupe …"

"Ling Yan of Lezhong and President Ling of our theater are siblings, and President Ling didn’t care much about it, and now he simply merged."

"So, in the future, our boss is the Ling of Ling?"

"That’s really great! Ling Yan is a single man in the diamond. It is also a talented talent. We can be full of eyes in the future."

"You want to be beautiful. People are always entertaining. What kind of national color Tianxiang has never been seen. Can we dance and get his eyes?"

"Dreams still have to have it, what if it realizes it?"

When Li Chuyang was sitting, he heard the hotness of other girls on the table.

Li Chuyang has not joined the dance group for a long time. She has only seen Ling Manhua, the president of their theater. She is a very temperamental woman. She was also a dancer. After retreating, she took over Moon.

Li Chuyang didn’t care about those, she only focused on dancing and performance.

There seems to be two important guests tonight. The banquet is delayed, and there are two seats in the main seat.

"Chu Yang, come here."

Qin Fei, who was sitting in the other table, suddenly called Li Chuyang beside him.

Li Chuyang was absent -minded. Is Huo Mingyu’s rabbit who wants to rebel?Do not answer her information or answer her.

"Teacher Qin, what are you looking for?"

Li Chuyang sat next to Qin Fei, and Ling Manhua was also there, and several directors and directors of the troupe.

"That’s it. You should also hear that our theater, of course, also includes our dance troupes with music."

On the surface, it is cooperation, but it is actually merging. Li Chuyang feels no difference.

"Lezon is recently investing in a costume drama, and the starring actors have basically been picked up, but they lack a professional actor who can dance, so they want to choose one from our dance troupe."

For such a good opportunity, Qin Fei thought of Li Chuyang for the first time.

"The drama is not very heavy, but the proportion of dance is very heavy, so you have to pick a professional dancer. This opportunity is also rare. Do you want to try it?"

"Teacher Qin …" Li Chuyang said weakly, "I might have to reject your kindness."


"Because I want to solve a little private affairs, I want to ask for a period of time …"

Li Chuyang was panicked. Qin Fei gave her this role, and she was destined to live up to her expectations.

Sure enough, as soon as Qin Fei heard this, he suddenly changed his face.

"Li Chuyang, don’t feel that you have jumped a few protagonists and boarded the stage a few times, and you feel that you are very powerful. The film and television drama you will participate in this time is a big production, which can make you go further.It’s higher. "

Is there a lack of beauties in the entertainment industry?No shortage!

What is missing is actors who look beautiful, have aura, and dance well.

"What important do you have to give up this opportunity?" Qin Fei asked.

"I don’t want to say." Li Chuyang was difficult to open up. She couldn’t imagine that if Qin Fei knew that she was "pregnant" and she would be disappointed to get married.

"Early Li, you are really …"

Before Qin Fei said, he heard the people in the box being opened, and then two outstanding figures came in.

The coming person is Ling Yan of Lezon, and the younger brother of their president–

However, there was a slender figure around him. Two men with extraordinary temperament walked in from the outside together, excellent and strong.

With a glance at Li Chuyang, she stayed.

The man around Ling Yan, why is Holshisa?

"President Ling!"

I knew Ling Yan, but I was more interested in Hoski around him, and his eyes fell on him.

"Introduce it to you, Huo Sishao of Huantian Group is also our future father’s father."

Ling Yan briefly introduced Hoisy’s identity. As soon as the name Hoski appeared, the audience was uproar.


"Mr. Huo."


The people present were all human beings, but Hoski was the man standing at the top of the pyramid. He could be able to come to the meal, and he was completely facing Ling Yan’s face.

"Everyone sitting! Just order it."

Ling Yan looked at no shelf, and was very affinity. He looked at Li Chuyang with a smile and praised her deliberately. "I watched your performance today and jumped very well."

"Thank you." Li Chuyang’s customer settled alienated.

The two of them were sitting. Unfortunately, Hoski sat opposite Li Chuyang.

Later, the entire mealing process, Li Chuyang could feel the direct and hot sight on the opposite side, and it fell on her.

Li Chuyang had no appetite. She only ate some vegetable salad, and then put down the chopsticks and sat while playing with her mobile phone.

Click on WeChat, she sees the information from Qiao Yan: Yang, do you really stabbish with Huo Mingyu?This rabbit is now interesting!

When Li Chuyang was unknown, I click on Weibo and found that an hour ago, Huo Mingyu issued a statement with his personal account.

Li Chuyang, who saw this statement, almost fainted.

No wonder Qiao Yan said that he was out of interest. He actually made his own, and took the initiative to declare the marriage contract with the Li family and marry Wen Jia Qianjin.

Li Chuyang, who was playing this operation, was caught off guard, and he didn’t expect that he would have this trick.

Li Chuyang stood up from the seat "Teng", and regardless of the eyes of others, he took the phone and went out.

She asked the waiter, found a quiet lounge, and kept calling Huo Mingyu.

The phone was hit for the sixth, and it was finally answered over there.

"Huo Mingyu, do you want to die?" Li Chuyang was about to die. Why didn’t this person be a card according to common sense?Even if she wants to reject her last proposal, at least I have to tell her?

"What do you mean? Even if you dismiss my marriage contract, find your home so soon?"

"You can! Huo Mingyu, now the wings are hard, right? Don’t put our Li family in your eyes?"

Li Chuyang was like a small gun, and he was at all. Huo Mingyu over there quickly appeased her. "I know that this is not authentic, but if you discuss with you, you must not agree with you, and I can only cut it first.Yang Yang, I am also forced, you have to understand me! "

"I understand a hammer!"

Now that she knows that Li Chuyang is withdrawn from the entire network, she doesn’t want to face it?

"Huo Mingyu, I told you, if you don’t give me a satisfactory explanation, I will go to Grandpa Huo tomorrow and tell him that I am pregnant, the child is yours."

"Is that mine? Li Chuyang, don’t pit me! You find your child and his father to be responsible! We are originally a plastic marriage.Let me go, I will never fight back! "

Li Chuyang was laughed at his brain circuit. If he was now in front of her, she would definitely be madly slammed him.

"I will make a crime to you day after another.

Huo Mingyu hung up the phone after talking, and Li Chuyang almost wanted to throw his phone.

She took a deep breath and told herself not to be angry.

This matter should not be determined by Huo Mingyu alone, but the meaning of Huo Chengye and the entire Huo family behind him.

But does Grandpa Huo like her very much?What do they mean?

Li Chuyang couldn’t figure it out, and simply didn’t want to.

I stayed in the lounge for a while. When she was in a good mood, when she was about to go out, she found that there was a tall figure standing at the door, which just blocked Li Chuyang’s way.

"What are you doing?" As soon as Li Chuyang saw Hossy, a pair of eyebrows frowned tightly.

"Give you a gift, do you still like it?" Hossy was unhappy, no matter how he was unhappy, he was very happy anyway.

The joyful mood was written on the face. I don’t know if it was because I drank some wine just now. The handsome smile appeared on the handsome face, and his eyes looked at the girl in front of him.

"The gift you said is a paper termination marriage book?"

Li Chuyang understood. It seems that Huo Mingyu’s guy simply announced so simply to dismiss her marriage contract with her, and also his credit.

Thinking of this, Li Chuyang’s little storm came up again.

"Why do you want to do it? Haven’t you heard an old saying? Relieve ten temples, don’t destroy one destroy!

"Well, I just dismantled, you are the person I see, you can only be my Mrs. Huo."

Hossi did not hide his desire at all. He wanted her, then got her first, and then step by step to make her a wife.

Li Chuyang bites lips: "What did you look at me? Can’t I change it?"

Haven’t they seen a few times in total?

Sure enough, men’s mouth, deceiving ghost!

"Oh …" Hossy smiled suddenly, and the two people standing were very warm. As soon as Li Chuyang looked up, he could see his thin chin, the protruding throat in the throat, and the healthy Shuo Shuo.She has used her chest …

Thinking of this, her face suddenly blushed inexplicably.

"I like your advantages as many as the stars, are there any disadvantages? I haven’t found it yet."

Hossy’s hand was a little cool, and suddenly covered Li Chuyang’s cheek, and it was a bit on her cheek, which was the position of her pear vortex.

She seemed to be burned, and suddenly he fell off his hand very hard, and said fiercely, "Slide your mouth! I don’t understand, let you open!"

She was going to leave, but Hos was blocked there. She bent over and drilled from his arm, and was stopped by him.

"You have already lifted the marriage contract with Huo Mingyu, when will you give me a name?"

Hoss stuck her arms with one hand, raised her head, and "nailed" her on the wall.

His attitude is very strong, and he does not give Li Chuyang the opportunity to escape again. He moves down and fell on her belly. "After all, I can wait, it can’t wait, do you say is it?"

In a few words, Li Chuyang’s dead acupoint was completely grasped.

Li Chuyang is still struggling: "I can kill it."

"You won’t, Yang Yang." Hoss called her name, intimate, and vomited in her neck. "Marry me, you don’t lose.More glory. And if you like dancing, you can go down all the time. "

Li Chuyang admitted that he was persuaded by him. Isn’t she married to Huo Mingyu because of the Huo family’s backer?

But Hoski is obviously more powerful and can be a protective umbrella for Li family and her.

"Do you want to marry me? Huh?"

The man of Hoski really understands psychological tactics. He can see that Li Chuyang shakes, pursue the victory, and does not give her room for remorse.

"In Beijing, can you find someone who is more powerful than me? Miss Li, after this village, there is no such shop …"

Li Chuyang was completely convinced!

She closed her eyes and said as a look of death, "Marriage, it’s not impossible … then you have to promise me a few conditions."

"Yes." Two rough and rude words.

Li Chuyang’s eyes widened, and his eyes were full of incredible eyes: "I haven’t said what conditions are it yet? You promised?"

"Well, you can promise everything."

"What if I want to divide your property?"

"You can. Let you give you all …"

Li Chuyang: "…"

What’s going on with this person?How can it be completely different from the legendary fierce and cold -blooded big guy?

Qiao Yan always said that Li Chu’s mind was simple and easy to be deceived.

Especially the mature and dangerous old men, there are 800 hearts, Li Chuyang can’t play them at all.

Hossi even promised her any conditions unconditionally?

Li Chuyang’s shocking chin was about to fall, and she said to him for the sake of insurance.

"Speaking, I want to do a contract with you."

"Okay! You come to the contract, I’ll sign it." Hoski looked very well, "But we first received the certificate."

There is a lot of dreams at night.With legal protection, Hoski has a sense of security.

"We receive a certificate, and if we are pregnant, we have to hide my house first."

Li Chuyang knew two brothers too much. They didn’t agree with her and Huo Mingyu. Now she just received a marriage contract with Huo Mingyu and received a certificate with his uncle. How could they accept it?

She quietly gave birth to a child, and then amazing everyone?

"What do you mean, hidden marriage?" Hoss narrowed his eyes and asked her.

Li Chuyang nodded: "It doesn’t matter if you are a man, but I am a girl! I just married you with Huo Mingyu to lift the marriage contract and marry you.

She is a beautiful and refined little fairy seamlessly connected, and the uncle of the fiance before the wedding before marriage?

Hoss looked down and fell deeply on her porcelain white face. As long as a person was with him, everything else could not care about it.


After the two reached a consensus, they returned to the box.

As soon as Li Chuyang sat down, someone sat next to her with a glass of wine, full of alcohol, smoked Li Chuyang’s head stunned.

"Chu Yang Great Beauty! Little Ballet Princess -Come, take one with my brother."

The man who spoke was the director responsible for the scene. Li Chuyang had seen several times, and he didn’t even remember his name. This person was quite set.

"Sorry, I won’t drink." Li Chuyang refused.

"Look down on my brother? You are now the big celebrity of our troupe, and you will be a big star in the future! This drinking is unavoidable, we are all ourselves, you can just mean it."

The man said something, and his hands had been put on Li Chuyang’s shoulder. After the performance, she replaced her clothes. There was a long skirt in the small blue cardigan.The radian of the arc seems to be able to drink wine, her body is very strong, her waist is thin, her legs are long, and what kind of clothes wear on her have a bright feeling.

Li Chuyang pushed his hand without trace. She was ready to play a tool person tonight. Why is someone still looking for faults?

She was not used to it, and before she had a small temper, she heard a sound of "咚" opposite.

Hoski took off his jacket and wore only a shirt with the cuffs up, revealing the small arm of the blue tendons, flourishing and powerful.

"Mr. Huo, what’s wrong?" The man asked unknown.

Hossy’s anger emitted on her body, even with his voice.

He raised his small arm lightly, knocked on the desktop with a clear bone knuckle, and said to the person from the opposite side, "Do you want to drink? Come on! I will accompany you to drink-"

The man had a good expectation, and the cold sweat on his forehead flowed down, and he walked over slowly. "Mr. Huo, I just joked."

Hosyi poured the glass of wine in his hand to his head and asked coldly, "Are you funny?"

The man wiped the wine stain, and suddenly woke up, knowing that he was a person who should not mess with, and his scared voice changed.

"No, it’s not funny, I punish three cups and give you a crime to you and Miss Li."

Hossy is so bright that Li Chuyang is so bright. This move will undoubtedly announce to everyone:

Li Chuyang was the man he covered.

When Li Caiwei at the next table saw this scene, his teeth were bite. Hoski was the person she saw. Why did he protect Li Chuyang’s smelly girl?

At the end of the dinner, before Li Chuyang had time to get on the troupe, he was taken to the Curon.

The driver raised his block, and the co -pilot was sitting with a black bodyguard.

Hos and Li Chuyang were sitting in the back seat. Hossy had a faint taste on her body. There was no strangeness on her face, but the shirt buttons under the neck were unlocked by him, and the sternum inside was vaguely visible.

There was a piece of jade in the neck, and a light green light was glowing under the dim light, which made his heroic face pale.

"Why do you want to do that just now, I can solve it myself."

Li Chuyang felt that Hosy was too high -profile.

"Huh?" Hossy rubbed her eyebrows. When she heard her speak, her eyes fell on her, with the domineering that was not allowed to beak. "I want to bully you in front of me? I have restrained it."

How can someone else that he is reluctant to bully himself?

"Anyway, you are not allowed to tell our relationship, you don’t know how chewing the tongue roots in our group …"

Li Chuyang did not want to spend her thoughts on those rumors, she has always adopted an attitude of not listening, not looking at, not looking at it.

"Whoever bullies you in the future, you tell me that my husband will help you get angry."

The words "husband" said so naturally from his mouth. Li Chuyang was still unaccustomed for a while.

Hossi was playing with her fingers, raised her eyelids, and said seriously, "Soon."

The car drove to the Hanlin villa. Li Chuyang hurried to get off the door, but the door was locked first.

She turned her head and looked at the man around her.

"At 8 o’clock in the morning, I will pick you up."

Li Chuyang didn’t drink at night, but she felt dizzy and nodded a little.

Oh, she remembered, she agreed to get a certificate with him tomorrow.

"Can I get out of the car?" Li Chuyang asked well.

The sound of "㗳" sounded, and the man around him moved. He clasped Li Chuyang’s wrist with one hand. When she was not prepared, the other hand had been holding her chin and her lips were posted.

Li Chuyang had no experience, I just felt that it would turn my head, and the face in front of her eyes was deep and charming. Seeing her eyes was also very affectionate, Li Chuyang couldn’t hold it.

No one had chased before, but no one was so strong and direct.

"Early advance as a benefit of her husband, Mrs. Huo."

When Hossy let go of her, there was a fine light in her eyes, and Li Chuyang saw the pet from his eyes.

She covered some hot face, hurriedly opened the door, the skirt raised the beautiful arc, and she didn’t hear the man behind her say another word.

"Good night, Mrs. Huo."

Ah ah ah!

This man is too sneer, right?

Back to the room, Li Chuyang’s face was still red, and his chest was "bang".

She opened the door of the balcony and looked outside the yard from the second floor. The car was still there. The people in the car showed a somewhat vague face, but she knew that he must be looking at her again.

"Ding Dong"

Suddenly, the mobile phone had information jumped into the screen. Li Chuyang opened it. The black swan was sent out recently.

[I’m gone, see you tomorrow..

Li Chuyang: …

When she looked at the car downstairs again, Hoss stretched out the window with one hand and waved at her, and the car slowly drove away from Li Chuyang’s sight.

Li Chuyang reappeared into the avatar of the black swan and looked at the information.

She always thought that this person was the tattoo artist introduced to her, but she did not expect that she was wrong.

This person is Hoski.

His avatar is the same swan like her, which is obviously a couple avatar, and his WeChat nickname Y.

He gave her a signature with her.

Li Chuyang patted her head a little annoyed. Why didn’t she think of it before?

No wonder she asked him how his technology was before, and this person also played with her.

snort!Stinking rogue!

After each performance, Li Chuyang’s body and mood were very relaxed. After taking a shower, she lay on the bed, and she touched her belly unnaturally.

Obviously it feels!Why is there a small baby here?

Li Chuyang never thought that he would get married so early, and never thought about having a child so early.

Her dream was to stand on the stage of international competitions before the age of 25, winning her own championship trophy.

Now the plan has been disrupted, the hate in Li Chuyang’s heart-

Staggering, she didn’t know when she fell asleep. When she woke up, the sky was bright.

At first glance, it was only seven o’clock.

Yesterday, the impulse slowly faded away, and Li Chuyang regretted it.

She agreed to marry Hosmo like this, isn’t it a bit too hasty?

When Li Chuyang went downstairs, there was a moment of movement in the kitchen, and she ran over.

Wen Yuhan was wearing a home service, and his waist was also tied with apron, making breakfast.

"Second brother, are you at home today?" Li Chuyang walked over, his nose sniffed gently, Wen Yuhan did what she liked to eat.

Wen Yuhan Hospital is sometimes busy and can’t see others for a month.

"Rest today."

Wen Yuhan waved his shovel and was fried eggs, while directing Li Chuyang took a plate from the cabinet.

Li Chuyang obediently did it. Wen Yuhan’s cooking skills were very good.

Li Chuyang’s mouth, she likes to eat seven -point cooked poached eggs, she does not like to drink milk, usually drinks juice in the morning, eat porridge, like sugar, and some picky eaters.

When Wen Yuhan is not busy, he will cook himself and make a caring meal for his sister.

"Thank you second, the second brother has worked hard."

Li Chuyang’s mouth was very sweet today, and Wen Yuhan glanced at her seriously.

Because I was going to get a certificate today, Li Chuyang was wearing a white shirt, and there was a bow at the neckline. A black pleated skirt below looked particularly youthful vitality.

I do n’t know that the sister’s Wen Yuhan couldn’t help but glance at it, and said, "What are you wearing this? Isn’t such a cold sky be cold?"

"I have wearing socks." Li Chuyang couldn’t say with the straight man, and she walked into the living room with a plate.

When she went out, she found a person sitting in front of the dining table, and it was their elder brother Li Yebai.

Li Chuyang’s eyes brightened, and quickly ran over, and asked with joy, "Brother, when did you come back?"

"In the early morning." Li Yebai looked at Li Chuyang and laughed with a pet face. "I haven’t eaten with you for a long time.

When Wen Yuhan was also seated, the brothers were very tacit, and Li Chuyang was surrounded by Li Chuyang left and right.

"What was the statement issued by Huo Mingyu yesterday?"

Li Yebai used to drink coffee in the morning, so he put a cup of coffee in front of him. While eating breakfast, he seemed to ask Li Chuyang at will.

"Why did you suddenly decide to lift the marriage contract? I didn’t tell us in advance -Yang Yang, did you mean or what he meant?"

Li Yebai’s meaning is also very simple. If it was proposed by Li Chuyang, he accepted it.

But if it was proposed by the Huo family, it was clearly bullied to their Li family’s head, then he could not let his sister suffer.

"I mentioned it! Brother, don’t you let me lift his marriage contract with him before? It was a doll kiss who had agreed verbally."

Li Chuyang didn’t want to cause trouble and right and wrong. What she wanted was the result. This incident was already a foregone conclusion. She didn’t want to let Li Yebai offens of the Huo family because of her head.

"This marriage is lifted. I think Huo Mingyu’s second goods are unable to do business all day long, and the scandal is full. He is not worthy of Yang Yang." Wen Yuhan was also very dissatisfied with Huo Mingyu.Brother -in -law, that’s really not enough.

Li Yebai sipped his coffee, and there was no special expression on his face, but just said to Li Chuyang.

"You want to fall in love, it’s okay to try a few more paragraphs, but you can’t get married-"

"Cough …" Li Chuyang, who was drinking juice, heard this, and she was frightened.

"You are slower, and no one can grab it with you." Wen Yuhan, who was sitting aside, patted her back, and attached Li Yebai’s words to Li Chuyang’s noodles.

"Did you hear what the elder brother said? You can find anyone as a boyfriend, but finding my husband must agree with me. Yang Yang, but you and my brother and I have worked hard to pull. You must not be deceived by the wild manAh … "

This is a paragraph that Wen Yuhan often said to Li Chuyang, and Li Chuyang all formed conditions to reflect.

"Second brother, the play has passed!"

"Oh …" Wen Yuhan said that he accepted it.

Li Chuyang couldn’t eat it anymore. She glanced at Li Yebai with Yu Guang. Li Yebai was also a business suit at home with a cold complexion, giving a feeling of breeze.

Their Li family’s genes are good. All the three brothers and sisters are all beautiful, and their face value is against the sky.

Li Chuyang leaned to Li Yebai and spoke to explore. "Big brother, do you cooperate with Huo Mingyu’s four uncle? What do you think of others?"

A move in Li Yebai’s hand, his eyes fell over, and hit Li Chuyang.

"I have been in contact with him before. This man is very deep. I have rejected him."

Li Yebai rarely admires people. Hoski is one. He has heard of the famous e God.

Knowing that he has done it, the four young masters of the Huo family are the youngest, but now his business map is the biggest. Can he be a simple person?

Chapter 14

Li Yebai had a deal with him once, and he knew that the person in the city was extremely deep.

"Why do you suddenly ask this person? You and Huo Mingyu lift the marriage contract. In the future, the Huo family has nothing to do with our Li family."

Li Chuyang quickly blinked, hanging down, and said absently, "I just ask."

The mobile phone on the desktop suddenly had a message jumped in.

【come out!], She knew who sent it.

"Big Brother, Brother! I have eaten it. I made an appointment with Qiao Yan today, and I am leaving first!"

Li Chuyangwan didn’t eat anymore. When he picked up his mobile phone and bag, he ran out, for fear that he would not run away for a minute.

"What bad about this girl is mysterious?"

Wen Yuhan gave Li Chuyang’s back, narrowing his eyes, and gently, "She is not right."

Li Yebai stood up calmly and looked at Wen Yuhan and said, "busy, don’t always keep home, throw Yang Yang alone at home."

Wen Yuhan protested a little dissatisfied, "You still say me, you are busy than me."

The brothers glanced at each other in unaware, and then squeezed tacitly.

When Li Chuyang ran out of the yard, she saw the familiar car stopped outside. She climbed into the back seat like a thief, and urged him.

"Hurry up! I will come out for a while!"

Hossy, who was sitting aside, ordered the driver to drive slowly and glanced at Li Chuyang.

"What are you afraid of, you can see it when you see it."

"No! My elder brother seems to have a good opinion on you!" Li Chuyang glanced backwards, and said to Hossi, "Don’t stop my door after you car, it’s too dangerous!"

"How do you offend my elder brother?" Li Chuyang turned his head and asked him.

Hosy’s deep eyes passed a trace of coolness and asked, "Huh? He said bad things?"

"Yeah! Anyway, he doesn’t like you now, not even mentioning your name."

Hoski didn’t care about the other people’s opinion on him. He just needed to firmly buckle Li Chuyang beside him.

"I told him, I can give him a project financing and let him mortgage my sister to me."

He said this was true and false. Li Chuyang raised his fist and hit him on his shoulders.

"Don’t worry, you marry me! I will cover you in the future, and your elder brother."

It sounded a little bit of ears. Li Chuyang raised his chin and hummed, which was answered.

The car quickly reached the Civil Affairs Bureau. They were not the earliest registered, but they walked the green channel.

The whole process is smooth, taking pictures, oaths, stamps, and red books.

Including Li Chuyang’s very casual contract, Hosyi didn’t look at it, and signed his name at hand.

"Don’t you look at it?" Li Chuyang asked him.

"Nothing to look good." Hossy’s eyes are now full of red small books, obviously light, but holding in his hands is heavy.

"You get married with me, everything about mine is yours. And I have only one requirement for you, don’t leave me. This is my bottom line!"

At this moment, Hoski was extremely serious and serious.

She feels unlikely, they are obviously married to Fengzi!

The contract and the marriage certificate were taken away by Hoski. When she went out, Hoski held her hand and escorted her into the car.

Li Chuyang still felt a little unreal, she just married herself?

"Where to go next?"

When the car drove out, Li Chuyang remembered to ask.

"Go to choose a ring."

Hossi also held her left hand. Her fingers were clean and slender. Because of the performance, nail polish could not be applied at will, so she usually didn’t even wear her hand.

When the car drove all the way to the most luxurious urban area, when he walked into the jewelry shop, Hoski did not let go of Li Chuyang’s hand.

She is actually not used to holding hands with the opposite sex. She wants to pull out her hand several times, but Hoski holds it tightly.

"Mr. Huo, Mrs. Huo. The ring is ready."

When they arrived there, the clerk had placed the pretense in front of them in advance.

The diamond in the middle of the ring was very large, and the heart shape was cut into a pair of blue diamonds, almost blinding Li Chuyang’s eyes.

"I usually dance and wear this inconvenience." Li Chuyang refused subconsciously.

Hossy didn’t give her a chance to refuse, and picked up the unknown finger of her left hand in her left hand.

"You can not wear it, but you must have it."

Being his Mrs. Huo, he couldn’t be wronged.He will give her the best!

Li Chuyang no longer struggled. With him, he would send it, anyway, he was not bad!

The two chose the ring and went to Mingyue Bay again.

The geographical location is excellent here. The sea view room is quiet in trouble. You can see the sea without going out. The decoration is also a simple style that Li Chuyang likes.

"Is this your home?" For the first time Li Chuyang came, I felt on the soft cloud from entering the door. On the first floor, there were three floor -to -ceiling windows, the sea and the sky were connected to a small garden, and there was a small outdoor garden.Extracting all kinds of flowers is simply heaven.

"Not my house, it’s our house."

Hoski walked behind her and held her from behind.

"I can’t live here."

Although Li Chuyang liked here, she was quite sober.

They are now hidden, and no one knows that she is single in the outside world.

"You promised me! And I wrote in my contract, I can’t disclose our relationship."

The wind on the seaside was very strong. They stood in the small garden, and the wind blew Li Chuyang’s long hair.

"Seven days a week, you took four days to live in." Hoski took a step back.

"My brother is very tight to me, and I can’t always lie with them …" Li Chuyang said embarrassedly.

"Three days. Can’t be less." Hoski took a step back.

Li Chuyang turned his body in his arms, his eyes were clear, his eyes looked at him brightly, and his voice begged him with a delicate voice, "Two days, can you do it? I really can’t have too much.The legs are interrupted. "

She really knew coquettish, a pair of big eyes was cute, and the small expression on her face was so vivid, so that he couldn’t say a word of rejection.

"You have to accompany me today, but today is our wedding night." Hossy looked at her eyes and couldn’t wait to eat her.

Li Chuyang knew that she refused to be counterproductive. She could only think of a reason and send a message to tell Wen Yuhan that she lived with Qiao Yan today.

On the wedding night, of course, the newlywed couple should do.

Li Chuyang now fully believes that Hoski turned her here to do bad things logically.

The master bedroom on the second floor is excellent. It surrounds the sea, blue water and blue sky, and flowers.

There is also a suspension on the balcony, which is like Li Chuyang’s favorite everywhere.

The bathtub in the bathroom has a massage function and a constant temperature system. Li Chuyang was soaked in a comfortable petal bath. When he went out with a bathrobe, he found that the lights in the room were turned off.

Li Chuyang was a little afraid of darkness, especially the sound of the waves in her ears, silent and empty, she was not insecure for a while, her hands grasped in the air randomly, "Hoski …"

Suddenly, a hand was across the waist, picked her up directly, and scared Li Chuyang with his hands on his neck, and he was hugged to the bed.

"What is called me?" Hos was attached to her ear and asked.

Li Chuyang was frightened by a small emotion, and called reluctantly, "Husband."

"Good." The man heard these two words and couldn’t wait for a minute. He peeled Li Chuyang directly from the bathrobe.

Li Chuyang usually pays attention to body management and maintenance. Her skin is fair and delicate, just like mature peaches, sweet and sweet.

"Be careful, kid …" Li Chuyang reminded him when he saw him rude.

Where is there any child?

Hossi didn’t plan to tell her that he just wanted to eat her now.

At this time, Li Chuyang was a little lamb to be slaughtered. Can she still escape in the mouth of the big gray wolf?

Druspy, she was held on the suspension of the balcony again.

The man’s low voice came from the ear, "Don’t you like this? Try it?"

Li Chuyang was awake instantly. Is this person crazy?I ran outside to go crazy …

Li Chuyang was very insecure. Although it was dark outside, she could not see anything around, but she was scared.

"No!" Li Chuyang refused firmly."Don’t be here …"

Men don’t listen to her at all, and can listen to her elsewhere, but this is not good.

He couldn’t control it.

"Husband …" Li Chuyang didn’t feel right, and suddenly called him loudly, "Hoski, my stomach hurts."

Hossi didn’t continue. Li Chuyang didn’t look like pretending now. She saw him stopped and pushed him away in a hurry to run into the house.

After a while, her exclamation came from the bathroom.

Hoski put on his clothes in a panic and hurried in and asked her, "What’s wrong?"

"I, I bleed …" At this moment, Li Chuyang was really scared. What would happen to the child?

Seeing this, Hos was not as nervous as just now. He seemed to know what was going on, but he couldn’t tell her clearly.

"What are you still doing there?"

Hossy’s calm response made Li Chuyang unhappy, "You quickly take me to the hospital!"

Li Chuyang was a little panicked. Although she didn’t like this child, she would not deliberately hope that it was gone.


Hossy listened to her, walked over, hugged her again, wrapped it with clothes, and walked slowly out.

Li Chuyang was going to be angry. This stinky man really didn’t care about his children at all, and he did not cherish it when he got it.

She twisted her head over, and she was in a bad mood.

I tossed to the hospital in the middle of the night, and Li Chuyang’s mood was complicated.

Look at the man around him, where there is still an eagerness before, with a blankness, the appearance of eight winds, and not worried about her and the child.

Li Chuyang’s little face was wrinkled and ignored him.

Hoski was also inexplicable. They had a good wedding night and tossed into the hospital. His wife ignored him …

After a detailed examination, the doctor looked at Li Chuyang in a good expression.

"It’s okay, it’s auntie."

It seems that Li Chuyang is an alternative.

Li Chuyang thought he had heard it wrong, and she asked uncertainly, "What? Isn’t it abortion?"

The female doctor is even more speechless: "Girl, you are not pregnant! What kind of giving birth is to come to menstruation."

Li Chuyang: "…"

She is really emo, God!What exactly is going on?Can anyone tell her, is she dreaming?

"Hoski!" Li Chuyang collapsed a little bit, "I’m not pregnant! Then why did I test two lines before, and I went to the hospital for examination …"

Li Chuyang still remembers the male doctor named Shan Mixi who checked for her last time, wouldn’t it always be a lie to her?

There was no expression on Hoschen’s face, and said lightly, "Maybe … wrong?"

Li Chuyang was even more crazy. If this aunt came one day early, she would not fall into a married woman?

"Are you doing it?" Li Chuyang couldn’t turn his mind now. What step was wrong in the middle, why couldn’t she remember it?

Hos stretched his hands with his hands, posing a innocent expression.

"You just wrong me … Do you think, did you test it yourself? The hospital also went by yourself?"

Li Chuyang thought about it, it was the case.

She nodded, and heard Hossy’s rod and said, "So, what does this have to do with me? Little girl, this is obviously you touch the porcelain … how can you still rely on me?"

Li Chuyang: "…"

It really makes sense, she can’t refute.

Her brain capacity was really insufficient. His expression was taken by Hoski on the car, and he was brought back home.

When she reacted, she had returned to the bedroom and was placed on the bed.

"Is the stomach uncomfortable? Do you want to drink water?" Hosy’s after -sales service was still thoughtful.

Li Chuyang shook his head blankly, then nodded again.

She is a bit empty now, and she was not pregnant at all. She should have been happy, but she felt wrong.

Without a child, she even got married?

Hossi went downstairs, and when he came back, he held a cup of brown sugar water in his hand and handed it to Li Chuyang.

Li Chuyang took over and didn’t drink. He put it aside, then jumped off the ground from the bed, and walked to the sofa aside.

Hossi saw her slippers and didn’t wear it. She took the slippers behind her, "put on the shoes up."

Li Chuyang stood very imposing, and pointed at the opposite side, let Hisy sit down and say.

"What?" Hoski sat down, two long legs, one arm supported on it, watching Li Chuyang’s extremely serious face with interest, "Do you tell me something?"

"Oh …" Li Chuyang cleared his throat and said to him, "Since the child’s affairs are a misunderstanding, is it also a mistake to get married?"

Li Chuyang now doesn’t want to investigate which step is wrong. She just wants to stop the loss in time.

Unfortunately, how could someone carefully set out the trap?

Hossy’s narrow eyes dangled, and he seemed to be indifferent, but revealed a firmness that was not tolerated.

"We get married, not wrong."

Li Chuyang’s fingers on his knees curled up, and the eyelashes -like eyelashes blinked gently.

She said uneasily, "But we didn’t know it before … I haven’t seen it a few times in total. Isn’t it because of the oolong?"

"That’s you, not me." Hosy’s pupils were dark and dark, and Li Chuyang didn’t understand. What did he mean?

"I don’t care anyway." Li Chuyang said with boldness and said angrily, "I want to divorce."

While no one knows now, they should let everything go back to the origin.

Li Chuyang felt that when she finished the four words, there was an instant solidification in the air, and the cold air from the man from the opposite side also followed.

"Li Chuyang, do you play such a child about marriage? The marriage is less than 24 hours, you want to divorce?"

Hossy’s voice could not help but get a bit cold, "Then I advise you to die! Divorce is impossible."

"No, you marry me, what are you pictures?" Li Chuyang asked puzzledly.

"Of course it is you, what else can you draw?"

Li Chuyang heard the meaning of this, just looking at her face, but I didn’t expect a man like Hoski to be so superficial!

She draws his power, he draws her, isn’t this just right?

Fine!There was no harm to her marriage. Li Chuyang thought very mentally. Maybe he felt fresh after a while, and wanted to divorce than she.

Thinking about it this way, Li Chuyang also lost the momentum just now, like the ball that leaked the gas, and it went down.

"I’m sleepy, go to bed first."

Li Chuyang stepped on his slippers, returned to the bed, and wrapped himself with a quilt.

After a while, Hoski also came over, holding her into her arms in a very strong and domineering posture, and said gently, "Sleep."

Such as an invasion delete

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