Wu Mengyao was exposed to five months pregnant?It’s a big belly to walk with a full taste, and people need to support it if walking slowly

Recently, the pregnant belly photo of Xi Mengyao was exposed. From the photos and videos, Xi Mengyao was pregnant.In such more than thirty degrees of weather, Xi Mengyao went out to wear a loose long -sleeved zipper jacket. It was no wonder that it was not greasy.

I saw that Mengyao was going out of dinner with friends that night, from the car to the destination of the dinner, the performance on these details took the fact that she was pregnant.I couldn’t help but let Xiao 8 think of the previous rumors of Ji Mengyao and He Yanjun from falling in love to proposal.

In the video, Meng Yaoyao has a black loose sweater jacket, a red hat with wine, and a disappearance of the lower jacket.But when the car came down, the pregnant belly looked very obvious, and the action was very slow.

On the same day, Meng Yao was wearing a flat sports shoes, but she got out of the car carefully.In the past, it was a lively personality, and Meng Mengyao may jump and get out of the car when he came down.

And when Meng Mengyao went down the stairs, a woman walking in front of her took the lead in going down the stairs. It seemed that she was led to her and was reminding her to take the steps slowly.The sight has always been called on Mengyao, for fear of accidents.

Xun Mengyao approached the handrail obedient, and slowly walked down the stairs with the help of the armrest.Probably the terrain of the dinner destination is relatively complicated, and she went downstairs and went upstairs, but she was cautiously supporting the handrail and slowly moving forward.

After many twists and turns, Xi Mengyao arrived at her destination, but as long as she had a step -level place, her hand never left the handrail. Such a careful you said to Xiao 8 that he was not pregnant?There is also the pregnancy of Xi Mengyao when she walks, and her walking posture has begun to walk out like a pregnant woman.

But I have to say that when the stars are pregnant, they can’t see the edema of the body. Looking at the pictures of the pictures, they really can’t see the signs of pregnancy, but the stomach cannot deceive people.As the stomach becomes larger and one day, I believe that soon, Meng Mengyao will announce that she will be pregnant or "secretly Chencang" like Zhao Liying until it is born?

However, many netizens used Xun Mengyao’s skinny legs to cover up, indicating that the pregnancy’s legs are definitely not the case. It also said that it was because of the angle of the capture and the loose clothes, so it seemed to want to be pregnant.But Xiao 8 felt that the details and micro -movements of walking could not lie to Xiao 8, let’s wait and see.

Regardless of what, the couple of Xi Mengyao and He Yanjun have now made a lot of popularity in love to propose.For the exposure of Xi Mengyao’s pregnancy photos, many netizens teased their comments and other comments such as "Bao Monthly Search Card", "Hot Search Booking" and so on.Presumably, Mengyao’s two or three months of disappearing the hot search business was relieved at home.

Some netizens visually inspected Mengyao for five months. If they calculated this, Meng Mengyao was proposed in May in May. In March, she was pregnant?

In fact, Xiao 8 thinks that Xi Mengyao and He Yanjun have already proposed to receive a certificate, so it is normal to get pregnant.However, the two have been denying rumors of pregnancy from proposal to the present. There is indeed more disgusted people. Instead of covering up the blessings of everyone, it is better to accept everyone.

Since last year, the Gambling King’s family is as concentrated in pregnancy. The news of many consecutive exposure, and the news of many gamblers’ bodies is even full.Seeing Xi Mengyao’s pregnant belly, many netizens are more determined, thinking that the members of the Gambling King family are enough to fight for the gambler’s life, which is enough!Is it really like the rumor that the gambling king family separates?

In the end, Xiao 8 still waited for the official announcement of Xi Mengyao and He Yijun. I don’t know what kind of "earthy" text officer they would use to be pregnant.For this breaking news, do you think that Xi Mengyao is really pregnant or shooting angle.

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