Wu Kangren, non -talented actor 丨 character

You will never guess, what will it look like the next actor Wu Kangren standing on the screen.Because he didn’t even know himself.As far as Wu Kuoren, this seems to be one of the most attractive charm of the performance.

He always looks forward to a new role and takes him to the unknown place.

In recent years, Wu Kangren can be seen in a variety of Taiwanese dramas. Every role he plays, or the protagonist or supporting role, can always bring some surprises to the audience.The picture comes from its Weibo

Not to relax

Actors cannot be relaxed.Any role will make a mistake, and it will be bad.

The TV series "Mimiments" produced by Naifei is adapted from Mei Xue’s same name in reasoning novels. His treacherous atmosphere and in -depth excavation of human nature have all made Wu Kangren extremely fascinated.And the producer of this drama is also one of his Bole, Zeng Hanxian, a producer of the two parts of the "Anesthesia Storm".Therefore, Wu Kangren immediately agreed, even actively fighting, "I and my brother Han Xian said, there are any suitable characters, you can let me play."

"Mimic Mins" is connected in series after another. There are too many supporting roles that show the complexity of human nature. Wu Kangren is full of desire for curiosity and performance for their lives.At first, Zeng Hanxian arranged supporting role A for Wu Kangren.However, after two months of preparation, Wu Kangren was suddenly notified to replace it with character B; not long after, his photos were posted under the character C again."I may be the most familiar with the entire script. Almost most characters I have thought about how to play, and even sorted out a lot of roles."

Until the filming, the crew finally determined that Wu Kangren played the male No. 1 Guo Xiaoqi.

Guo Xiaoqi, a bloody prosecutor, thought of justice, so that he did not understand human affection, and even a little paranoid.Earlier in the Taiwanese drama "The distance between us to evil", Wu Kuangren also played a bloody lawyer who insisted on idealism.But in terms of functionality, Guo Xiaoqi runs through the entire drama as the actor. From a small case to the main line case, he must be driven by him.If the actor’s interpretation is somewhat deviated, the audience cannot believe in all stories."If he does not do a certain reaction, the audience will not be nervous, and the audience will not feel it. This is very stressful for the actors."

Including the way of performance, Wu Kangren does not want to repeat the "We’s distance from evil" -Ah to him, even if the image and people of the two characters are exactly the same, different causes and effects of life determine their action.Logic motion cannot be exactly the same.And he asked his performance to dig into the flesh of the characters.

In the whole play of "Mimic Mid", Guo Xiaoqi, played by Wu Kangren, is always slightly humpy and does not love speaking.

For example, Wu Kangren pays great attention to Guo Xiaoqi’s eyes.Serious, but not always frowning."When the character has a difficult situation, it is not just frown to solve. If you start frowning from the second episode, the ninth episode is still wrinkled, I believe the audience will also be fatigue.The audience enters the whole drama. "

Including the word bite, Guo Xiaoqi was a little vague, as if he was covered with his mouth."Because he doesn’t love to speak. Not because he is a prosecutor, he must be a righteousness and look up." Guo Xiaoqi was slightly humpy in the drama; in the later period, he would also have a strong headache and insomnia., It depends on drug support …

Wu Kangren’s most discussed with the director on the set is how to help this character add a little meat and add a little blood, so that the audience can believe the support point of their behavior."Guo Xiaoqi has too many aspects, it is a very difficult role." In the few months of filming "Mimic Mins", Wu Kuangren cares about each scene and is careful.Can’t relax. Any role, it will make a mistake, and it will be bad. "

Pure actor

"After the acting reaches a stage, it is no longer what I use to make money and eat (means)." He hoped that he could be a simple actor like when he was young.

Touring back to 2015, when Wu Kuangren cooperated with Zeng Hanxian for the first time, he just entered the year, and began to work his own agency. He tried many works but it was difficult to satisfy his desire for character breakthroughs.When he saw the script of "Anesthesia Storm" and the introduction of Ye Jianzheng’s characters, he directly met with Zeng Hanxian and director Mao Sui who met the first meeting.

Wu Kangren said that actors often have a connection point or effort with the character’s personality to be so attracted.Ye Jianzheng in "Anesthesi Storm" is a "retrograde". She would rather give up the dream of doctors and dormancy in the claim insurance industry for many years. She must also expose dirty transactions under the medical system at all costs.At that time, Wu Kangren rolled in and fought for many years, and he seemed to have a fire in his heart. He was dissatisfied with his work, and the dullness of comfort and monotonous life made his heart gathered in a "qi".

Just after watching the script and role of "Anesthesia Storm", Wu Kangren recommended himself to the producer and director Mao Sui who met for the first time because he wanted to play this role too much.

"You play this role, I can go to (the prize) next year, let this role be seen!" At that time, he had promised Zeng Hanxian so confidently."I was naive at that time (laughs)." Now Wu Kangren recalled.But he did not say a word. One year later, the show harvested the four major awards, including the "mini series/TV film actor award" won by Wu Kangren.

In the past eight years, Wu Kangren, who has been reputable in the industry and abroad, should no longer need to "self -recommendation". Whether it is script selection, creation, or even film pay, there should be more right to speak.But he hopes that he can always be a simple actor like when he was young.For many years, he has not signed a contract brokerage company and agent, and he has been responsible for all the work without any matter, including watching the script, selection notice, negotiating the shooting cycle, negotiating the film, and even being a driver for himself.His acting career became free.He can play a show, just to help old friends; sometimes when you encounter a favorite story or role, you can not consider the more or less.Money, just to learn some experience.

"Some actors may use acting as all as working, paying a lot of money and care for working hours. But after a stage of acting, it is no longer what I use to make money and eat (means). I now also have some business endorsements.That is something that makes me make money. In the acting, I can simply see a script very much. Even if it is not a large cost production and no actor’s fee, these have nothing to do with me. It can be more willful and keep it comfortable in the past.The state. "Wu Kangren said.

50 jobs

Those "experiences" are just a way to survive for him; in fact, every moment he is distressed by rent, three meals, electricity costs, water fees, telephone bills.

Before becoming an actor, Wu Kangren had engaged in many different occupations.

After his parents divorced, Wu Kangren lived with his mother, and his life was not rich.In order to subsidize the family, he began to work while studying at the junior high school (junior high school in Taiwan).Before the age of 20, Wu Kangren tried nearly 50 jobs, and sometimes two or three workers at the same time, from the water and electric tank welding workers, garbage cleaners, to work on the street stalls and construction sites …

The work of the construction site is boring and dangerous. Set up molds, bricks, grouting, removing pulp, and then upper bricks;The large and small steel nails are thrown on the ground at random, and the longest is 10 centimeters. Even if the workers wear steel shoes, they will be put on the back of the foot in an instant.Once, Wu Kangren saw the nails and tied into the shoes, and the blood sprayed like the special effects of the animation.He just pulled it out without any matter, and silently went to the hospital to get a shot.In the early years, there were no comprehensive safety measures. Workers rarely wore helmets and tie seat belts.The steel tank is paved to the 7th floor, and the high level of vertical height has actually reached 14 floors.He relies on the young and vigorous strength, and travels back and forth in the middle and bottom of the "steel forest" like a monkey every day.

At the age of 19, Wu Kangren came to Taipei from Kaohsiung, changed to a bar for wine insurance, was responsible for washing the cup and pouring water for guests.Every time he puts a job, he will first observe how his predecessors work.He found that the sound of really cleaned cups and the sound of rubbing the sponge were crisp and unique.And from cleaning, rinse, to drying, each process must be excellent on the table and under the table, and we cannot "differently".

After washing the cup for half a year, he wanted to be promoted to the bartender. "It’s anxious, but my basic skills are not enough." Wu Kangren’s English was not good. At first, he couldn’t understand what the bottle was written.At that time, it was inconvenient to surf the Internet on the Internet, so he copied the English on the bottle, and after returning home, he used a computer and dictionary to translate.

People with rich life experience will also have a sense of life and empathy -this seems to be the default law in the performance industry.But this "theory" is just a "theory" in Wu Kouren. "Because most of them see successful people (with such experience), it seems that this is right. But when I was young, I couldn’t think of it when I was young.So many. "On the contrary, others lamented" your work is dangerous, so hard "" You have a lot of experience ", but Wu Kangren feels boring.Because those "experiences" are just survival methods for him; in fact, every moment he is distressed by rent, three meals, electricity costs, water fees, telephone bills.

Until now, through the years of confusion, Wu Kangren’s perception of himself is more deeper, and he began to examine how the past 20 years of experience had had the impact on his life."Now, think about it, the work of the construction site is actually tired, but you will not feel tired. The boss also thinks you are easy to use, and then take you to learn (the lead). It is also a kind of patience for me."Most of the colleagues in the bar work are boys, and Wu Kangren will call them "seniors".Under the strong bumping of Ferlo Meng, everyone’s method of doing things is also very "men" -the is not doing well, without explanation, you will be pushed directly, and others will do it for you."But this is more" humiliated "than scolding. You will be more guilty, and you will be more serious next time." The bar rarely complained about the personality: instead of asking the sky, it is better to do it directly.

Before becoming an actor, Wu Kangren had done a lot of work, including advertising models, and it was precisely because of this part -time job that made him eventually become an actor.The picture comes from its Weibo

These experiences also include to make him an actor.

Wu Kuangren also worked part -time advertising models when working in a bar.At a certain time, the director let Wu Kangren show "a bright smile", but he only opened his mouth.At the scene, the director yelled without mercy.He could only try again and again, scolded again and again, and left a sense of weakness for six days to be scolded for five days."I (the acting) is like a fool’s smile, there is no content behind it." He was very unwilling: It’s so difficult to perform?What else can be different?

Many years later, he recalled that moment, maybe it was a young rebellion, or maybe he didn’t want to be scolded anymore. He began to be curious about "performance".He never thought that he would step into life for the longest and the most loved job.

Wu Kangren once admitted in an interview that if he became an actor successfully from the beginning, maybe he would feel lost now, maybe he would "go crooked" halfway, at least, he could not face the dilemma of life as mature as he is now."I only joined the industry when I was 27 years old. Basically (in society) I should see everything. I learned to be responsible for life and career. This is important." This is very important. "


Wu Kangren rarely promises the expectations of the so -called "actor’s repetition", but breaks themselves and reorganize and grow in a variety of characters, human nature, and life.

At the age of 27, Wu Kangren had a "old newcomer" in the entertainment industry.The agent believes that actors need to read more books and choose the script carefully, and they should not pick up.In three years, Wu Kangren participated in the classic Taiwanese drama "Next Stop, Happiness", starring in the love movie "Puffers" and the newcomer award, which also proves the correctness of the experience.But at that time, Taiwanese dramas were from the turning period of prosperity and decline.In the next few years, many works starring Wu Kangren were either homogeneous idol dramas at the eight o’clock, or it was difficult to be remembered by the audience.After seeing the thirty years old, he was born in a non -science class, and he gradually fell into a slow anxiety with experience accumulation.

Wu Kangren was shortlisted for the best newcomer and best supporting actor award for the Taipei Film Festival with the movie "Puffers".

The economy has also become stretched.For a while, Wu Kangren’s film paid was only NT $ 10,000 (about 2300 yuan).Part of the agency was drawn for the brokerage company, and some were sent to his mother.When the deposit is the least, he only has less than 2,000 yuan (about 465 yuan) on his bank card, and can only borrow money from his predecessors.Fortunately, "doing fun in suffering" is also an important way to survive after he experienced a variety of life grinding.For example, he always grabbed a small change when he was eating, grabbing more and less, and determined what he had to eat.Even when he was mostly dried bread or boiled noodles.

This seems to be too late.So Wu Kangren made a bold decision: leave the brokerage company and go out for a break.At that time, Taiwan ’s workplace shows and types of films were not yet enriched. Wu Kuangren could only see a large number of groups. It was actively recommended by the characters who had not tried and interested.

In the high -end drama "The distance between us to evil", Wu Kangren plays the lawyer Wang Xuan.

From the romantic and overbearing president, the otaku who does not repair the border, the patient who suffers from the polio, the funeral instrument, to the pilot in "A Blue"; the blood lawyer in "The distance between us and the evil";The owner of the bar when men are dressed as women … In 14 years of employment, Wu Kuangren rarely promised the so -called "actor’s not repeated" expectations.A variety of characters, human nature, reorganization and growth in life, eventually transformed into energy that belongs to the actor Wu Kangren.

A while ago, a friend suddenly came from a list of his past works, but he found out that he had "random" so many plays."But I think it’s good (laughs)." Wu Kuangren said with a smile, "A lot of dramas, the first can earn my rent, and the second I also want to break through.In the work) I feel what you need and what is suitable for you. Then you will find that your original ductility is so great. "

Clumsy method

"When you know, you can solve this scene or this role steadily, I don’t have it."

"Mimic Mins" showed Guo Xiaoqi’s personality with such a case.

"Mother" was killed, and "son" became a suspect.In order to verify whether the "son" had a crime time, Guo Xiaoqi’s ears did not hear the windows outside the window. Four days of the office in the office, he tried the game that the "son" had a clearance for hundreds of times and recorded each customs clearance time.Many colleagues said behind him that he was stupid and did not know how to change, but this did not affect his perseverance at all.

At this level, Wu Kuangren and Guo Xiaoqi seem to be the same type of person -Wu Kangren thought that it was not a "talented actor", but a "bitter actor", always using some "stupid methods".

Since his debut, every play, or large or small, Wu Kangren will pay far more than "100 %".In 2014, he starred in the niche Hakka drama "Outbound Office", almost all lines were Hakka.At that time, he filmed during the day and heard the Hakka lines recorded by the teacher at night.Many morning he was awakened by headphones and forgot when he fell asleep.From the fact that I do n’t understand Hakka at all, to put the lines backwards.

In the Taiwanese drama "The Lights on the Light" broadcast in 2021, Wu Kangren boldly tried the role of a bar "Boss".

In "The Lantern", there are not many "babies" played by Wu Kangren, but each play interprets the "Boss" of the "Men’s Women" bar "Boss" and flows."Even if it is a supporting role, I will not prepare time than the protagonist." Wu Kuangren said that before shooting "The Lantern Lantern", he kept practicing the "head" in front of the mirror;Dance.Every time he took a dance class, his calf was more sore than 20 kilometers.He also found a friend similar to a friend to chat, eat, and drink.The baby’s line "Beard grows out!" In the play, Wu Kuangren joked from a friend.

The script often only shapes life for the protagonist, and the supporting role is only "drama."But before playing each role, Wu Kangren will set up a complete life outside the script."Why did he develop a certain habit? Why did he become such a person? It was causal. When the actors grasped the role, they all wondered if they could give birth to a new aspect. I always hope that everyone can let everyone see it.Before ‘they’. You can’t let a character be black paper, no soul. "

Of course, in the current performing arts circle, "seriousness" is sometimes considered "stupid".There is a play in the Taiwanese drama "Lies Game", and the role played by Wu Kangren will be pushed into the sea.The underwater camera needs to record the process of slowly sinking into the water.Wu Kangren did not use a stand -in, and tied heavy lead blocks to jump directly into the water of five or six meters deep.Seeing that the eyes are getting darker and darker, the nose and nose cannot be inhaled, but they need to spit out the air with the plot, and the current is naturally poured into the nose.After filming this scene, he had a brain in water for three days, and his nose kept bleeding.

At the beginning of the industry, Wu Kangren was very envious of actors who performed 80 points or even 100 points with the power of "less".Since you can’t reach "less", use "more" to make up for it.Now that he debuted for 14 years and starred in nearly 70 works, Wu Kuangren finally became an actor with "textbook acting skills".Each or small character can bring surprises inside and outside the industry with only the power of "less", but he is still constantly exploring the boundaries of the actor.

"What I have been doing in the past few years has made me not in the comfort zone. When I know, acting steadily, I can solve this play or this role. It is because there is thisWith the idea, I can constantly know what extent I have done and what can I get. These will become my experience. "

Weight loss, weight increase, weight loss

"I even deliberately thought about it, do I have any unexpected results in the performance?"

Wu Kangren’s bar owner who worked in the past described him in an interview.In order to do whatever you do.This paragraph has been cited by countless media for many years to summarize Wu Kangren in their eyes.But in addition to desperately, "life" may also be the focus of the expression of this word -Wu Kangren’s "desperate spirit" will not stop because of a certain stage or a certain goal.

In 2016, Wu Kangren has won the Taiwan TV Golden Bell Award TV Movie Actor Award and Drama Program Actor Award for "Anesthesia Storm" and "A Qing", which has been recognized by the industry and abroad.However, he fell into a new "level", "because it has always been fatigue. Any actor will ‘card pass’ at a stage. At this time, you must change your way to prepare the role."

In the Taiwanese drama "A Blue" aired in 2015, Wu Kangren played Guo Yan and was well known to more mainland audiences because of the role.

Wu Kangren chose the way to "find trouble for yourself".

He took over the movie "Termite: Desire to Lost Network". The role of the role of Bai Yide was a bookstore clerk with ordinary appearance, but in private, he was a rushing thief.After the handsome air force of "A Blue", he chose such a paradoxic character, which seems to be very reasonable.For this role, he only ate guava, protein, and vitamins in one and a half months, and lost to 112 catties.This is not the director’s request, but Wu Kangren believes that thin can better show Bai Yide’s "pathological".Afterwards, he recalled that during that time, because of excessive hunger, the whole person’s emotions were close to collapse, and he felt angry and tired every day.

In order to better interpret Bai Yide’s morbidity in the movie "termites", Wu Kangren deliberately lost weight before shooting.

To a certain extent, this method of "torture the body" is also a form of "method performance", that is, the actors have maintained the same as the external limbs, expressions, and even body shape and appearance."I am not an actor who is really‘ method performance ’, but it is just an attempt. I was more optimistic at that time, thinking that if the body changes first, what will happen to observe the psychology."

Regardless of any "logic" or "experience", Wu Kangren believes more conclusions after the practice.For example, many people think that the performance must be changed from the inside out, making a subtle change in the heart, but the outside is acting, just like no performance at all.However, in those years, Wu Kangren went counter to the end and chose to from the outside and the inside.From "termites" to 14 kilograms, to "The Love I Didn’t Talk", 20 kilograms, and then lost 11 kilograms in another half a month.Wandering back to Wu Kangren and becoming a completely others; all the body and spirit are handed over to these extreme roles again and again."I even deliberately thought about it at that time, do I have any unexpected results in the performance?"

After the release of "termites", some people have commented on the performance of each frame of Wu Kuangren showing a strong attempt to continue to surpass themselves.This is the honesty of the big screen, and it is also the externalization of actors walking in front of the role.Now 40 -year -old Wu Kuangren will look back at "termites" and will reflect. At that time, was he really too hard?Is this extreme just a certain state of the character? Is it not good?

"But I am quite fortunate to have done so, and it has a lot of help to my next job. Because you haven’t tried this, you don’t know its power. You will know yourself better. And the experience continues until it goes toIn the second half, I have begun to understand what kind of actor I am, how to go down to progress. This is the way I need to go. "

Slow down

After 40 years of age, he has to face his body and has a cycle, and he needs the reality of regular maintenance.

In November 2022, Wu Kangren’s vocal cords appeared in some situations and suddenly lost their sounds.After being diagnosed with a doctor, he suffered from slight vocal cord atrophy.At that time, he was filming the TV series "Life" and dubbing "Mimiments".Excessive fatigue let the body start to clamor.

When he was young, he always thought that some small injuries could be cured soon, but now he is 40 years old, but he has to face his body and has a cycle, and he needs the reality of regular maintenance.

During the interview, the reporter asked whether he thought that good actors could challenge all types of roles; he thought for a moment and replied, "I hope … but I think the driving force of the actor may really be endless before the age of 40.. Indeed, looking back at my own performance, I really won’t be tired before the age of 40. But I am 40 years old, and my physical changes are obvious. I feel that (now) can not be so hard. "

Today, Wu Kangren is no longer an actor who is "chaotic" at that time, but knows how to leave himself white.After filming a movie in the first half of this year, he put a small vacation for himself.In the past, Wu Kangren’s life was very simple. Most of them were quietly at home. They rarely went out for social entertainment and did not often drink and entertain."But now there are comparison. In the past, work is too full, you really don’t have much personal time, but actors need to live."

In the same performance, for Wu Kangren at the present stage, he does not need to swallow his acting skills as he is like a young when he is young, trying to try the so -called fancy tricks."Whether it is ‘more’ or ‘less’, now they are just small things, because I have learned and accumulated experience before. Now I want (in the performance) to think relatively simple."

Although the footsteps of "desperately" have slowed down, as long as they enter a new life, Wu Kuangren seems to forget everything, including the so -called physical cycle. The so -called simpler way of thinking is like forming inertia. Once againOpen, devote himself to the character.In 2022, Wu Kangren played a deaf man who survived at the bottom of the Malaysian society in the movie "Fudu Youth".He lost 8 kilograms again, dried his skin dark, and went to the local street to find the character.But even so, at the shooting scene he still thought that the difference between himself and the role was too much.His goal is to stand in that place and no longer get a different look given by the locals to "see it at a glance", which is preliminary.

Wu Kangren and Chen Zeyao partnered in the movie "Fudu Youth".

As the old saying, people can no longer be confused about life at the age of forty, but Wu Kangren’s "not confused". His feelings, reviewing and reflection on himself seem to be a few years earlier than others.These are all brought to him by the performance."But I don’t know what I will look like as an actor. I will become a good start for me. There are still many plays.of."


Beijing News: If you come to the mainland in the future, will you want to cooperate with which actor or director?

Wu Kangren: There are many powerful actors and directors on the mainland, but in fact, I have never thought about this problem because you can play what character and what character you will find you.

For me, a great working model is that I can leave a lot of time to play a work, such as I live a month in advance to feel the status of the locals.If you have the opportunity to go to the mainland to perform, I also hope to have time to do such experience.If I am going to play a Hunan, I will talk about Hunan dialect; if I play a Beijinger, I will talk about the Beijing film.The language and breath of grounding are the most difficult to copy and need to be pondered.It is my most annoying thing for everyone to play. Acting is never a joke.So if I go to the mainland to shoot, it must be three times more effort to make everyone see what an actor should do, but even if this may not be able to add points.Then I think it would be a pity, this does not seem to be a good cast.

From the perspective of the agent and even the producer, I will think that they are looking for this person to perform. What help will it help this play?In fact, no one in the mainland knew Wu Kangren. In this situation, the box office did not help much (laughs).Unless the role I play, it is a Taiwanese in that film.But in fact, I don’t think there will be many works in the mainland now, and I must find Taiwanese actors to perform.Because the technical level of the mainland is very mature, and there are too many outstanding actors to choose.It is no longer the era of idol dramas, and many stars in the mainland are constantly glowing and fever, attractive and talented.So I must decide whether to take over from another aspect, or this script really attracts me.

Beijing News: Have you ever come to Beijing to participate in the event before?

Wu Kangren: Yes, I like to walk in Beijing.The other party said that the car was called to pick me up, because Beijing was so big, and it was so far away.But I just use it.I think people walking on the road actually feel very much.I don’t like from one point to another, in the middle is isolated from the world.You can’t immerse themselves in this city.

In 2018, Wu Kangren came to Beijing to participate in the exchange meeting.

When I went to work in Hong Kong, I also walked every day because I was going to play a Hong Konger.I don’t know if I walked a few times, it hurts to walk to my legs every day.I just sat when I was tired, I ate when I was hungry, and looked at their lives.This is the most important.So when I returned to the question just now (whether to perform in the mainland), if it really goes, it will be an important thing for me, then I must come up with more efforts to meet the basic requirements.

Beijing News: Many audiences hope that good works in the mainland and Taiwan can have more exchanges in the future.

Wu Kangren: I also want to have a chance.In fact, everyone is making very different things. I hope that I can release excellent mainland movies in Taiwan, and I will go to the cinema to support it.

Beijing News reporter Zhang He

Chief Editor Wu Dongni

School pair Zhao Lin

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