Written on the day of contraception: contraception is still pregnant, the problem is here!

Today is September 26th, World Contradicance Day. This is an international anniversary. It aims to improve the awareness of contraception of young people, improve the rate of safety contraception, improve the level of reproductive health education, thereby promoting the reproductive health and sexual health of young peopleEssence

Since it is a contraceptive day, I will talk to you about contraception. For the common clinical situation, today we mainly talk about the cause of contraception but failure.

In the family planning clinic, some women who come to abortion have contraception, and some have no contraception.Once a woman in her early forties came to abortion, and asked her why she was inaccurate, she said that she was well controlled. Although she was inaccurate, she had done a flow of abortion for about a year. So far, there have been 10 times so far 10 times.History of flow of people.If the abortion is calculated as a good control one year, what I want to say is that as the number of abortion has increased, the risk of secondary infection, irregular menstruation, uterine adhesion, and secondary infertility will increaseThe risk of uterine perforation will also increase again during abortion.

Friends who often read my popular science articles may already know that in the general population, if the husband and wife are in sexual life and infertility, a 20%probability of conceiving each month.Couples without pregnancy can conceive in the next year, with a cumulative probability of 92%.Therefore, the first thing that should be affirmed is that the chance of pregnancy is still very high, and a practical contraceptive method should be adopted.

Safe contraception -not reliable!

Safe contraception is a physiological contraceptive method. Sexual life is performed in normal state, which can get satisfactory sexy.However, if you cannot strictly grasp or use it properly, it will easily lead to failure.Because sometimes the environmental changes and emotional changes are not accurate enough; women will have unexpected ovulation, the calendar table method is not accurate, and the relationship between the curve of the basic body temperature and the ovulation time is not constant, and the measurement is more troublesome.It is easy to be affected by many factors such as illness, medication, etc. to interfere with the measurement results. Therefore, the safe -term contraceptive method (natural contraceptive method) is not very reliable and should not be promoted.

Compound oral contraceptive pill -the effective rate of using contraceptives correctly is close to 100%!

Complex short -acting contraceptives are compound oxygen deodorne tablets (Mom Fon), compound gestational dihynne tablets (sensor), alcohol ketone seeds (You Siming), and cypressyl glycopymidone tablets(Da Ying-35), you need to take 21 days per month, and take the second cycle after 7 days of stopping the medicine.The main role is to inhibit ovulation, and the effective rate of using contraceptives is close to 100%.In addition to contraception, compound oral contraceptives also have many additional benefits to women’s bodies, such as preventing ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer.

Suitable for people: women without contraindications and health can take them.

The disadvantage of oral contraceptives is that they need to take medicine every day, which is prone to leakage.

Oral contraceptives cause contraceptive failure. The cause of contraceptives is mostly omissions. If there is a leakage, please take the contraceptive pills in time according to the requirements of the instructions, or take the contraceptive method such as tool contraceptives in time. Do not be lucky.

Avoiding the inner ring -still the mainstream contraceptive method of women in my country!

I encountered a lot of menopausal aunts in the family planning surgery to come to take the ring often saying: I knew that it was so troublesome to take the ring, and I didn’t bring the ring.The upper ring of contraception naturally needs to be taken in the ring. This is also something that many female friends feel troublesome.However, you should understand the inner ring. Although the current period of the inner ring in the palace is about 5-10 years, you need to come to take the ring when it expires, but at least you should not consider other methods during the ring.

In the contraceptive ring family, the most expensive left amproofer ketone IUD (Man Yuele) is suppressed by some women’s ovulation because it contains progesterone, and some women’s ovulation is more than 99%.The placement time is 5 years and contains tail wire.The efficiency of other contraceptive rings is lower than this ratio.

The advantages of contraceptive rings are long -term, safe, reversible, convenient, and economical, and are suitable for long -term contraception.Those with no taboos for childbearing age can place contraceptive rings, especially suitable for women who cannot or want to take contraceptives oral contraceptives; those who are over 35 years old and smoke, and are breastfeeding women.

When the contraceptive ring is not in normal position, if it is moved and falling off, the failure rate of contraceptives will increase or disappear.Therefore, it is necessary to regularly review the contraceptive ring.

Capsules -use the whole process, increase the contraceptive rate!

How to use the condom: Start using the penis after erection. Before the room, pinch the edge of the small sac, put it on the root of the penis. After ejaculation, the penis is not soft before the penis is softened.

Advantages: simple and effective, no side effects.Safety and hygiene can prevent diseases.Suitable for short -term contraception.The correct use of contraception is as high as 93%~ 95%

Disadvantages: Men need to cooperate.

Every time you have sex, you need to use the whole process and cannot be used repeatedly.

Emergency contraception -no protection of sexual remedial measures can not be used for long -term contraception!

Emergency contraception is only effective for one non -protective sex life, and contraception is significantly lower than conventional contraceptive methods, such as Mi Nifitone’s efficiency of 85%.And emergency contraceptives have large dosage dosage and large side effects, which cannot replace conventional contraception.If you take more than 1 week after taking the medicine, you need to exclude pregnancy.

Finally, summarize, you choose a time to choose a contraceptive method that you are suitable for you to be accepted in time. If you use standardized, you can minimize the surrogacy rate.

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