Worried that children are shorter than children of their peers.

"Sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently"

Spring is coming

It’s the season when all things grow and develop

Some widely circulated statements are also called:

This season is the time when children are the most long -term height

So this time

Many parents take their children to evaluate growth and development

Find a fast and tall way

So what department to go to the hospital is a question of many parents?

Many doctors in our hospital have received relevant consultations


The question comes

Is the child really growing fast in spring?

How to correctly judge the child’s growth trends?

Which subject should I hang on the growth and development of children?

Should not be late

Let’s watch it right away

Is the child really growing faster in spring?

Indeed, some studies have shown that children’s growth is uniform and seasonal. Some research results show that children grow faster in spring, and some results show that in the summer month, children’s height increases faster.The reason is not clear, and it may be related to the periodic secretion of the human body.

Whether it is long in spring or fast in summer. In short, the short -term growth of the child’s height is irregular. It may be slower in these months, and it will be caught up after a while.Looking at the short -term height growth, we need to monitor continuously.

Is it high or short, how do you judge?

There are two types of indicators for children’s growth and development, one is the height of the age and the other, and the other is the height growth rate (growth rate) of the height of the unit time.

Evaluating children’s growth and development on the one hand should be compared according to the height tables of Chinese children to understand the level of children’s height and weight; on the other hand, we must also understand the growth rate for a period of time and judge the child’s growth status and trend.

Let’s take a look at the following two tables:

Chart explanation: The SD of the table above is the meaning of the standard deviation. -1SD indicates that the average height of the same gender, the same age, and the same race children

With a form

Xiaobian told you again

How to judge the level of children’s height:

According to the above scale, the average height deviation (–2SDS) of the same height of the same age, the same gender, and the same age of the same age is the passing line. The height above the grid line is the normal scope of medicine.

The two standard deviations of the same gender, the same age, and the average height of the same ethnic children are short.

Usually, we can give our children a height every 3 months.If your child is normal, don’t toss, let it go naturally.

However, if the baby height has always been below the line, he will take it to a regular hospital to see.

If the child has the following situations for a long time

See the doctor early:

It is half a head (5 ~ 10cm short) than his peers for a long time (5 ~ 10cm)

Always sit in the first row of the class

Line up the top three in the class

I don’t see the clothes for a year or two

This may be a slow growth and development, or even a dwarf, and take the child to the hospital for examination in time.

Of course, children have been "grown chicken groups" early, and it is not necessarily a good thing.Children who have always been 6 to 7 cm higher than their children are often too old, often developing early age, the growth cycle is short, and the bone bone is closed in advance and stopped.

In the same way, if the child suddenly "grows", pay more attention.After some children grow up, they start to grow slowly: Some children are not older, faster than children of the same age, but they are slowly slow.

Then look at children’s growth and development

What subject to hang?

1. The growth and development clinic of pediatrics

Pediatrics currently have children’s growth and development clinics, mainly providing children with physical growth and development consultation and guidance; physical measurement and evaluation; promotion of height; precocious puberty, infant development, short body symptoms, slow growth, obesity and other diseases.

Opening doctor: Director Wang Xiaoning, attending physician Chen Lizhu


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Introduction to pediatric characteristics traditional Chinese medicine treatment

Battle therapy

It is the maximum area of the silicone tank to contact the human body. Through the meridian conduction, it stimulates the human body’s righteousness, regulates the imbalance of yin and yang in the human body, enhances disease resistance, improves immune function, and plays a role in righteousness and eliminating diseases.


One of the traditional Chinese medicine governance law is to apply acupuncture points with traditional Chinese medicine. By stimulating the acupoints, the drugs of drugs permeate through acupuncture points, meridians, and reaches the visceral viscera. The dual effects of drug effects and acupoints can achieve the treatment of pathogenic prevention and prevention.

Spine therapy

By pinching the veins of the back, the bladder meridians of the foot of the feet to clear the meridians, inspire yang, promote the operation of qi and blood, regulate the function of the viscera, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and enhance the body’s disease resistance.

Pediatric massage

Use various methods to stimulate acupuncture points to make meridian unobstructed, qi and blood circulation to achieve a way to adjust the function of viscera and cure diseases.

Chinese medicine smoked washing therapy

Using the principle of internal disease and external treatment, the drug transparent absorption therapy, through the contact with the feet with the proper temperature, cooperate with the soles of the foot massage to stimulate the acupuncture point, has to promote the operation of qi and blood, strengthen the blood circulation of the whole body, and discharge toxins in the body.Adjust the balance of yin and yang and the function of the viscera, dredge the meridians, nourish the heart and the gods, and play a role in the treatment of sleep disorders.

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation of the Pediatric Massage Department

TCM Chinese Medicine Consultation Outpatient Clinic (three outpatients) has opened a pediatric massage treatment project for more than 5 years. It has used the thinking of the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine to discuss the situation of different children, combines the advantages of different children’s massage techniques, and cooperate with Chinese medicine external treatmentOther treatment methods, the treatment of thousands of children of thousands of people, summarized a lot of treatment experience for children’s common diseases, some rare diseases and physical conditioning of children, and was loved and recognized by the majority of their families and children.


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3. Pediatrics for acupuncture and massage physiotherapy center

Our hospital Acupuncture and Massage Therapy Center is a clinical department that covers the functions of medical treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, health, health care.Recently, children’s massage clinics have been launched, providing children with common diseases, multiple diseases, scraping, acupoints and other traditional Chinese medicine treatment for children in the clinic.Promote growth and improve immunity.

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