World Allergic Disease Day: Eyes are allergic?Pay attention to this symptom

As one of the three major diseases in the 21st century by the World Health Organization, allergic diseases ushered in its 19th "birthday" on July 8 this year -World Allergic Disease Day.

At this time, some friends said, "Allergies, I know, some people eat seafood with small bumps, and some people will sneeze when they meet the sycamore trees in the spring." Yes, the above is the above is what, the above is what, the above is the above, it is just, the above is the above is the above.The scene of more common allergic diseases, do you know that our eyes will be allergic?

Eye allergies are known as "allergic conjunctivitis" in medicine. It is a series of diseases caused by the stimulation of conjunctival on the surface of the eyeball surface to allergen.Itching), foreign body sensation, increased secretions, etc. For children, if there are symptoms such as rubbing eyes, frequent blinking, etc.However, because many symptoms of eye diseases are similar, the medication is very different, so you must go to the hospital for medical treatment, and the medicine can only be used under the guidance of a doctor.

There are different types of sensitive conjunctivitis.Research on epidemiological diseases show that in my country, perennial allergic conjunctivitis and seasonal allergic conjunctivitis account for 74%of all patients with allergic conjunctivitis.For seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, pollen is the main allergen, so more than 60%of patients with allergic rhinitis are accompanied by allergic rhinitis.Dust mites are the main allergens of patients with perennial allergic conjunctivitis. Sometimes this type of patients do not have typical symptoms or signs. They often need to be supplemented with relevant examinations and combine the experience of doctors to finally be diagnosed.

Is allergic conjunctivitis called the "terminal illness" in the eye in a sense?In most cases, allergens cannot be completely eliminated, and the disease will recur again after the symptoms are relieved.In the clinic, in addition to the control of the eye or the whole body, it is also very important to avoid or reduce contact with allergens. For example, wearing a protective mask during the pollen season, regular family cleaning and mite removal, and haze days to reduce going out.

Finally, I will give you a little experience: It is also critical to maintain a good mentality in the face of the disease. Actively facing and obeying the doctor’s advice can often help us get half -effective in cure. I hope everyone can have a pair of pairsSee the world with healthy and bright eyes!

Author: Yang Fan, the attending physician of the Ophthalmology Department of Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and control

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