Women’s taking online purchase of fetal drug insurance Drugs to be validly supervised

Guangming.com (Reporter Li Ran) With the popularity of the Internet, buying things online has become a part of modern people’s lives.Move the mouse, you can buy what you want without leaving home.The online things are full of things. If you don’t pay attention, you will make your online shopping a painful experience.Recently, there were media reports that a 23 -year -old female patient in Shanghai was sent to the hospital for rescue for severe abdominal pain due to taking the fetal medicine for online shopping.The patient said that the drug she purchased from the online shop was introduced by a younger sister, saying that it had been used, and it was no problem, and he heard that the customer service said that there was no danger, and he could be guided by phone.Unexpectedly, I had been bleeding a few days after eating, and my stomach was so painful for a while. The family was taken to the hospital to know that almost bleeding.

In this regard, Professor Yu Liqun, director of the Gynecology of the General Hospital of China Medical University, said in an interview with Guangming.com that healthy women who are younger than 40 years old can use drugs for abortion for drugs within 49 days of pregnancy.Before the abortion of the drug, you need to go to the hospital’s related test and examination, such as ultrasonic diagnosis of intrauterine pregnancy to eliminate taboos.The entire medication process is 3 days, and the doctor can use the medication method, the efficacy of the drug, and the possible side effects of the medication.On the third day, after taking maco anterior glycol, you must be hospitalized, and it is checked and recorded by a special person to check and record whether the fetal sac and excretion time, the size of the fetal sac, and the amount of bleeding.After the drug flow, the doctor observed that the more complete gestational sac was discharged from the body, and the vaginal bleeding was clean within half a month. If necessary, the pelvic ultrasound reminded that the uterine cavity was clean to determine that the drug flow was basically completed.

People on the Internet are sold under the banner of "hospital professional medicine"

The reporter from Guangming.com searched for "fetal medicine" in search engines found that some businesses were sold under the banner of "professional medicines in hospitals", and even claimed that "professional guidance and successful beaten."On a certain Bao.com, the reporter found that most of the shops that sellers of drugs were "hanging sheep heads selling dog meat", and most of the products were bought and sold in vague names such as "rice" and "accidental pregnancy".See the words "For details, please communicate with the owner".And the words "fetal medicine" and "abortion medicine" indicate that shops selling medicines mostly appear in the "second -hand baby" section with low supervision of shopping sites.Guidance for medication.

Professor Yu Liqun emphasized that the blood production and blood production of drugs and China had a long period of bleeding, a lot of bleeding, and a poor treatment effect.Although the success rate of drug abortion is more than 90%, about 1%to 3%of cases can bleed a large amount of bleeding and need to terminate the pregnancy to stop the bleeding, otherwise it will be life -threatening due to great bleeding.It will also be accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.Therefore, the drug and centers must be carried out in medical institutions with regular rescue conditions. They cannot be done at home or can take aborted drugs by themselves.

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