Women’s right neck is inexplicably swollen!Be careful "acute thyroiditis"

A 36 -year -old female patient went to the clinic to complain about the right neck swelling and pain for several weeks, and the pain extended to the head but did not have a fever.After examination by the doctor, it was found that the woman’s blood pressure pulse was normal, there was no pregnancy production within a year, and it was not sure that there was a supreme respiratory tract infection within a month.Through a chestnut, the position of the right neck is lump and tender, and it is suspected to have subacute thyroiditis.

"Acute thyroiditis" is often misdiagnosed in middle -aged women

Dr. Li Junda, the Surgery of Zhudong Branch of the National Taiwan University Hospital, said that "sub -acute thyroiditis" generally believes that it is related to the infection of the upper respiratory virus in the past few months. It is common to be diagnosed with throat or unclear heat.The incidence of women is 3 to 5 times that of men, and it occurs in middle -aged women.

The symptoms of "sub -acute thyroiditis" are enlarged or tender, and may have symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections such as fever but no cough, flow nose water.There may be symptoms such as hyperthyroidism, normal and low thyroid function as the disease.The course of the disease often lasts for several months and then gradually recover.

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Anti -inflammatory drug treatment is the main neck lump to seek medical treatment early

Dr. Li Junda said that the treatment is mainly for symptoms, and usually uses non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs or steroids.At the same time, it is necessary to identify the diagnosis of acute purulent thyroiditis, chronic thyroiditis (thyroiditis of Hashimoto), lymphoma and Gravzz.Among them, "chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis" (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) is the most common and is an autoimmune disease.The incidence of women is far greater than men and is good at middle -aged women.Symptoms are slow and swollen gland, no symptoms in the early stage, and then the thyroid dysentery can be low.

Treatment uses thyroxine replacement therapy to control thyroid hypertrophy and low function, and there is a chance to have potential thyroid cancer.Doctors remind that if the neck is found to be unknown or tumors, no matter if there is any symptoms of discomfort, you should seek medical treatment early to avoid delaying the timing of gold.

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