Women’s private parts are dark, because of frequent sexual life?Don’t believe it, these 3 points are the culprit

Regarding the full -scale imagination and speculation of the color, taste, hair such as the private parts of the girls, there are really rumors in the world, and there are divergent opinions.

"Women’s private parts are dark or dark, and there are too many sexual life."

"The relaxation of the private part of the woman is caused by‘ Affairs ’is too frequent, and at first glance, you are‘ experienced ’.”

"Women who have a lush hair in private parts represent strong sexual desire and are very ‘desire’."

"The private parts of a clean woman have no taste, or various fragrances such as grass fragrance, strawberry flavor."


Regarding the secrets of women’s private parts, today I will come and say so that they will save everyone to search for unreliable answers online.

Some people think that the color of the woman’s private parts is deep because of "buttocks and elbows."

Let’s look at the principle of the color of the common parts of the body: under normal circumstances, the color of the butt, elbows, knees, and other parts deepen because it has been physical friction for a long time.So deepen.

However, the skin of women’s private parts is not the same. The degree of keratinization is low, the skin is thin, and the physical friction of living alone is basically impossible to "grind" the skin’s skin to the horny accumulation and color.

Therefore, the depth of the color of women’s private parts has nothing to do with sexual life.

Since the color of women’s private parts has nothing to do with sexual life, why are some women’s private parts darker and some women’s private parts are lighter?The main factors are the following three points:

1. Change sex hormone changes

With the arrival of adolescence, the level of estrogen in women’s body will gradually rise, and estrogen will stimulate melanocytes to secrete more melanin, and the private parts with more melanocytes will have a local black due to melanin precipitation.

In other words, even if women have no sexual experience, as they grow their private parts, they will have deep or shallow black. This is a normal development phenomenon, which is as normal as boys’ adolescence.

2. Genetic factors

Genetic factors are also one of the reasons that affect the color of the private parts. Some people in private parts are densely distributed, which also makes the color of their private parts deeper than other parts.

3. Excessive cleaning

Although the "washing healthier" on TV advertisements is very brainwashing, the private parts cannot be over -cleaned, especially for long -term use of too much alkaline washing agent over cleaning.The acid -base balance causes health problems in private parts.

Usually clean the private parts with warm water. If you need to use a washing agent, you must also use a less irritating baby washing agent or soap to reduce the stimulus to the private part.

In addition to color, there are still many rumors around women’s private parts, but what is the truth?Let’s take a look together!

Rumor 1: "Acting" is too frequent, will the private parts become loose due to excessive use?Truth: vaginal relaxation is mainly affected by age and childbirth

The vaginal muscle tissue has good elasticity and telescopic force. Under normal circumstances, the diameter of the expansion is 9-10cm long, and the average diameter of the male penis is generally 2-4cm. The elasticity of the vagina is far greater than the penis. ThereforeDiagrams will not make the vagina relax.

As for the relaxation during the intercourse, because of female sex, the blood flow of the vagina will become richer and the muscles will be temporarily relaxed. When sex is over, the vaginal muscles will shrink again and become firm.

Rumors 2: The more "lush" the hair of a woman’s private part, will the more "eager"?Truth: The lushness of the hair in the private parts is related to the male hormone, but it has nothing to do with the performance

The hair in the private parts is mainly growing in the action of therogen. The hair of the male with a strong androgen may be dense.

Although the higher therogen, the stronger the sexual desire will indeed be, but in general, the male hormone in women’s body is only trace. Unless the male hormone that has reached the concentration of masculine characteristics has appeared, it is just that the male hormone with thick hair will not let them sexual desire sexual desire.Become stronger.

Rumor 3: Is there no taste of clean women’s private parts, or grass aroma or strawberry?Truth: The private parts in a healthy state smell a faint "yogurt flavor"

There is a lot of lactobacillus in the vagina, and the overall environment is acidic. Mixing with other secretions forms a unique "yogurt flavor" instead of no taste, and no grasshopper or strawberry aroma will appear.

Sometimes the phenomenon of flavor of the taste of the taste is normal due to factors such as menstruation, large amount of sweating, and large urination, which is normal.However, if the fishy smell, odor or taste is very large, it may be a disease signal. It is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Women’s vagina is a must -have for reproductive organs. One of them is prone to infection, and develop these three good habits to take care of their private parts and avoid gynecological diseases.

First, keep the private parts dry.Try to wear tight or personal pants as much as possible, keep the private parts dry and breathable, and avoid the local temperature of the private parts from being too high and breeding bacteria.You can choose all cotton underwear, which can help absorb sweat. When you are at home, you may wish to wear just pants and panties, which is convenient for private parts.

Second, pay attention to the cleanliness of the lower body.The underwear needs to be cleaned frequently. When the toilet is cleaned after the toilet is finished, the lower body should be wiped from the front to the back to avoid bringing the bacteria of the anus to the vagina and causing inflammation.

In addition, it is recommended to use no stimulating ingredients and fragrant sanitary products to avoid stimulating private parts.

Finally, use condoms during sex.Wearing a condom can not only reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and accidental pregnancy, but also regulate the pH value of the vagina, which is conducive to the survival of beneficial bacteria, preventing vaginal yeast infection, urinary tract infection, and bacterial vaginitis.

Finally, regardless of the color, hair, or smell of women’s private parts, it is just physical characteristics, not all so -called labels.

I hope women can not be defined by the outside, while being loved while being able to protect their bodies while being loved.

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