Women’s private parts are abnormal bleeding, don’t take it seriously

When women in all stages are trapped by "abnormal bleeding in private parts", whether it is adolescence, before and after pregnancy, or after menopause:

As soon as the holiday is over, why bleed again?

After the same room, what should I do?

In the early stages of pregnancy, the lower body bleed, depending on the doctor?

There are basic diseases and cervical diseases, and the private parts are bleeding suddenly. Is it a disease?

After half a year of menopause, bleeding in private parts has gynecological cancer?

Everyone is nervous because of abnormal bleeding in private parts, which is actually normal.Because of abnormal vaginal bleeding, there are indeed more diseases:

Uterine fibroids, endometrium cancer and cervical cancer

Cervicitis, cervical polyps

Vaginal and ovarian disease

… …

If it is dragged or irregularly treated, it may cause more serious diseases in the vagina, cervix, uterus, ovarian, etc.

Some female friends always feel that it should not be a big deal after discovering abnormalities. Anyway, before it is difficult to sleep and eat, they selectively ignore it.

In fact, once abnormal bleeding in the private parts occurs, whether it is bleeding or a large amount of bleeding, you should seek medical treatment in time. Professional doctors are diagnosed as soon as possible, and the cause of bleeding should be found to give the most suitable treatment to avoid dragging minor illnesses.

Invoication of abnormal bleeding in private parts

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Doubt in the heart

Or what should I do if the treatment is not effective?


Friends who are suffering from abnormal bleeding in private parts have many questions:

The doctor who checked the last time did not make it clear. I want to find a more professional person to make it clear

Why is bleeding after treatment?Do you need to add a check?

What is the best way to take your own medicine and treatment?

What are the symptoms and manifestations, you need to seek medical treatment again?

Why do you get this disease yourself?Panic

… …

In fact, there are many diseases that cause abnormal bleeding in the private parts. Generally, doctors need to comprehensively diagnose the characteristics of symptoms, accompanied by symptoms, examination reports, and basic information of patients, so as to give patients better treatment plans and life guidance.

There are doubts about the previous diagnosis, or tortured by the illness of the diagnosis and treatment, and being tormented by repeated illnesses. It is recommended to seek the help of online professional doctors in a timely manner.

Not only is it eliminated for leave, long lines, and no pain of good doctors, but also the national three doctors in the country to help you answer questions online, more professional and more assured.Come and try Dr. Lilac to ask online!

When you are in the doctor, remember to inform the doctor how much the amount of bleeding, time, color, duration, etc. of the observation record, and upload the inspection report for the past, so that the doctor can make a comprehensive diagnosis!

Invoication of abnormal bleeding in private parts

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Abnormal bleeding in private parts

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Regarding the problem of abnormal bleeding in private parts, many female friends want to seek medical treatment and hesitate to tangled:

I usually go to work, go to the hospital for a small problem, and drift water for more than half a day.

I used to go to a nearby hospital to see that it was not cured, and the hospital was too lazy to go.

The hospital near the home is too small, do you want to find a big doctor?

Don’t want to go to the hospital, especially the cause of the epidemic.I always want to wait again, let’s cure it later

No need to worry about the above situations, Dr. Lilac asked everyone online to help everyone get it:

到 Online can receive a reply quickly

Ask doctors on the front line of abnormal bleeding in private parts, and then see if the follow -up needs to go to the hospital for further examination, it can save unnecessary running.Maybe you have to take leave to go to the hospital for a small problem, and you can solve it more secretly online to avoid embarrassment!Uploading and interpretation of inspection reports online are also more professional and convenient ~

With the fragmented time, you can also get professional assessment and suggestions.It is pretty convenient for the busy office workers, Bao Ma who has no time to bring baby every day, and friends who don’t like to run the hospital without moving.

You can contact the outstanding three doctors in the country at home, and there will be a chance to communicate fully

Through Dr. Lilac Platform, you can contact the excellent doctors from the three hospitals from all over the country (including Beihangguang).

Dr. Lilac will ask for consultation online, you can choose the national outstanding three doctors to consult anytime, anywhere to facilitate low cost.

Doctors will make diagnosis based on your symptoms, help you tell the disease completely, and provide personalized treatment plans.Farewell to the offline seeing a doctor "waiting for 2 hours, consulting for 2 minutes", I do n’t know the pain that I do n’t understand.

Invoication of abnormal bleeding in private parts

Newcomer only needs 1 yuan


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