Women’s pregnancy vomiting seriously rely on smelling stink shoes, and some people have to give up their baby when they are in danger.

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In October, the baby will bring a lot of discomfort …

Pregnancy vomiting is the most common.

Many mothers have experienced pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy. Some people are mild, some are serious, and there are many strange strange pregnancy.

On May 30, a pregnant experience shared by a mother has aroused many people’s attention.

Since 5 weeks of pregnancy, she has appeared very serious pregnancy, and she has gone power every day.

In order to prevent her from smell bad, her husband is sanitary and mopped every day to clean.

But there is still no way to relieve.

Occasionally, she found that the smell of smelling the shoe cabinet could make herself more comfortable, so she was dependent on smelling shoes.

The husband looked at his wife uncomfortable and was very distressed, so what should I do online to ask netizens online?The shoe cabinet has not heard for a long time.

This question, the pregnancy experience of netizens left a message is even more strange:

"I have to go to the gas station every afternoon to smell the taste. It is best to have a tractor with black smoke."

"I can’t see the holes, sewers, pools, floor drains, and my husband’s nostrils."

"I can’t even smell the aroma, such as perfume and cosmetics are nauseous."

"My wife vomited to be in crisis, and the oxygen cylinders were hung up. Transfer to the hospital, the doctor said to drink some cola …"

"I vomit everything, and I vomit water. I spent five months by taking a nutrition needle. I couldn’t walk independently five months ago.","

"I’m worse than this woman. I can’t smell any taste. Every day, mineral water is renewed. It must be the one -dollar ice dew mineral water., The whole pregnancy until the body weight does not exceed 100 pounds. "

Such a pregnancy experience is really uncomfortable than one.

"Because the pregnancy is serious, I have to give up my baby!"

Who knows who vomited during pregnancy -really uncomfortable!

Open your eyes in the morning and vomit!

When you go to the toilet, smell the incense and vomit!

Eat a meal and smell the greasy smell, vomit!

Smell the meat, vomit!

Well, it is a god -level motion sickness.

For mothers with severe pregnancy, as long as they have a little taste, they can trigger nausea.

Zhu Dan experienced severe pregnancy vomiting when he was pregnant and second.

When Wu Minxia was pregnant with a second child, she also decreased due to severe pregnancy. It was not until the early stages of pregnancy.

During the second child, Xun Mengyao was also tortured by pregnancy to death. She would vomit three times when she made up.

A while ago, the mother was also brushed a video, which was an experience encountered by a mother during the checkup.

One mother, because of severe pregnancy tortured, had to decide to abandon the baby in her belly. She said:

"It’s really hard to imagine how severe pregnancy is that it will let a mother give up her baby. It turns out that there is really a strong pregnancy that can’t bear it!"

In the Check Inspection Division, everyone went to check the baby’s development and health, but she gave up her baby, and her physical and mental was very uncomfortable.

Severe pregnancy vomiting, the mother who experienced it said that it was really a disaster. It could empty life and make life incompetent.

10 mothers 8 vomiting

Most mothers are mild moderate pregnancy vomiting

Why do you come from pregnancy?

Pregnancy -because when the baby starts to develop in the uterus, the brain will send a relaxation signal to the muscles of the whole body, and the peristalsis of the digestive tract will slow down, which will make gastric acid overflow the esophagus and throat.

At the same time, because of changes in hormones during pregnancy, some mothers’ taste will become extremely sensitive, which will also cause nausea.

Nausea and vomiting are a very common phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy. It usually starts at the sixth week of pregnancy and can occur at any time of the day.

For most mothers, pregnant vomiting stops after the 12th week of pregnancy.

Some mothers are worried that pregnancy will affect their babies, because pregnancy vomiting can really make people eat and not sleep well.

What mothers can rest assured that minor pregnancy will not affect the baby, because early fetal development does not require many nutrients. As long as the pregnant mother maintains a good mentality, it is the best maintenance of the baby.

Don’t worry too much about weight loss in the early stages of pregnancy. At first, your appetite is not good, nausea nausea, and weight loss is normal.

But if pregnancy is very, very serious and affect daily life and eating, it will cause attention.

About 2%of all pregnant women will suffer from pregnancy.

The degree of difficulty in pregnancy drama is thousands of times higher than the morning vomiting, and the consequences are more serious, which may cause body fluid imbalance and metabolic disorders.It will even endanger the life of pregnant women, or, or the baby’s life.

The symptoms of pregnancy drama vomiting start from the sixth week of pregnancy. Nausea often does not disappear. Pregnancy drama vomiting may make people extremely weak and cause fatigue for several weeks or months.Normal daily activities.

Pregnancy drama vomiting may lead to dehydration and poor weight loss during pregnancy. There is currently no way to prevent pregnancy vomiting.

One picture takes you to understand the difference between ordinary pregnancy vomiting and pregnancy drama:

Different degrees of pregnancy vomiting are different. Pregnant mothers need to know how to protect themselves.

Treatment of ordinary pregnancy

10 methods help mom to relieve discomfort

Compared to pregnancy drama, ordinary pregnancy vomiting is the most common.

Ordinary pregnancy will also make pregnant mothers very uncomfortable. These methods can help you better cope with this discomfort:

● Drink plenty of water.Vomiting is the easiest to make people lose too much water, and be sure to drink plenty of water.If you don’t want to drink water, you can use milk, fruit milkshake, soup, juice to replace, and also supplement vitamins and minerals by the way.You can also supplement fruit with many juice, such as watermelon, melon, citrus, and so on.

● Dry foods (such as bread, biscuits), low -fat foods, foods rich in carbohydrates (such as rice, noodles, potato), and sour beverages (such as lemonade, sour plum juice).Avoid eating fat and fried foods, coffee, garlic and other spices.

● Get up slowly in the morning.Avoid brushing your teeth and brushing your tongue immediately after eating.Open the window to ensure air circulation.There must be enough rest to avoid physical overdraft.

● Eat less meals.Eat every two to three hours, don’t be hungry.Try to drink the liquid between meals and meals (that is, when not in meals) to avoid bloating.

● Avoid smoking, and family members should avoid smoking.Try to minimize places where there are more people and air turbidity.

● Ginger.Many mothers have tried that ginger can relieve pregnancy.There are different ways to eat ginger.Ginger can be placed in the vegetables, such as ginger, ginger carrot soup, seed ginger roast duck, etc., can also be made into tea, and can also be made into ginger snacks, biscuits, ginger sugar, etc.Making ginger into ginger soup can also make your stomach better.

● Smell a fresh taste.Pregnancy vomiting is often related to the sense of smell. The smell of crowded elevators and perfumes may increase your pregnancy. When you can’t leave from an environment that makes you disgusting, try to carry a bottle of lemon extract or fresh lemonade.When you can’t stand it, you can relieve your nausea.

● Eat snacks after vomiting.If you do n’t eat in time, there is nothing to digest in the stomach, and the accumulation of stomach acid will make people disgusting (the same is true of motion sickness).Put some small snacks such as crispy biscuits, rice cakes, assorted fruit, and put some in the bed.After vomiting, eating small snacks can digest excess gastric acid.

● Lie down and rest.Sometimes lying down and rest is the best solution. Try to lie down, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let yourself take a good rest. Many doctors and mothers say that sleep is a good way to avoid pregnancy.

● There is no way to prevent pregnancy.Avoid strong pungent odor, excessive fatigue, spicy food and high -sugar food can relieve pregnancy!

Treatment of pregnancy drama

Don’t carry hard, seek medical treatment in time

Pregnancy drama vomiting is a disease characterized by nausea, vomiting, weight loss and electrolyte disorders.Those with mild symptoms can be treated with dietary changes, rest and anti -acid agents.

More serious mothers usually need to be hospitalized so that they can obtain body fluids and nutrients through intravenous infusion (IV).

Severe vomiting can cause dehydration and imbalance of electrolytes, and may also cause liver injury, lack of vitamin B vitamin, and inadequate growth weight in children, which are dangerous for pregnant women and babies.

What causes pregnancy and pregnancy drama?

Pregnancy vomiting and pregnancy drama seem to be related to human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

This is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy.In early pregnancy, your body will quickly produce a lot of hormones.These levels continue to rise during pregnancy.

Let’s talk about the specific symptoms of pregnancy drama vomiting:

● Severe nausea and vomiting and dislike food

● The weight loss during pregnancy is alleviated by 5 %, or even more

● Reduce urination, dehydration, headache

● Disted and dizzy, extreme fatigue

● Hypotension and heart rate are too fast

● Skin loss elasticity

● Secondary anxiety or depression

Which pregnant mothers are more likely to suffer from pregnancy drama?

● History of pregnancy drama vomiting in the family

● Polyphism, super heavy

● Nourishing cell disease can also cause pregnancy drama.When the cells have abnormal growth in the uterus, nourishing cell diseases occur.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother has the following situations, they must seek medical treatment in a timely manner:

● Can’t eat within 24 hours.

● Decreased weight.

● There is no urination in urine or more than 8 hours.

● Feeling weakness, serious discomfort, dizziness, unclear, cramps.

● Abdominal pain, fever, vomiting blood.

The specific treatment method of pregnancy depends on the severity of the symptoms. Doctors will recommend to naturally prevent nausea, such as:

● Vitamin B-6 or ginger.

● Try to eat less meals and eat more dry food (such as biscuits).

● Drink plenty of water to keep water.

If vomiting is severe, you must seek medical treatment in time. Do not take it lightly, because pregnancy drama vomiting will not only affect your health, but also deprive the baby’s nutrients. It is easy to make your baby prematurely give birth or have low birth weight.

Do not reject drug treatment too much. Doctors will give the safest way of treatment according to your physical condition and your baby’s physical condition.

I hope that pregnant mothers can spend pregnancy healthy and comfortable, come on!

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