Women’s organ ultrasound inspection needs to be paid attention to

Female organs are different from other organs of the human body. It will change with the changes of the menstrual cycle. The ultrasonic performance of the uterus and nests during different physiological periods will be different. Sometimes the doctor will require the vaginal ultrasonic examination on the 3rd to 5th day after menstruation (referred to as ""Yin Chao "), sometimes it is required to be checked during menstrual periods, and sometimes it is almost checked during the period of menstruation. Because the purpose of the examination is different, the patient needs to accurately evaluate the patient’s basic status for the purpose of reproduction. ThereforeIt is important, the latter 3 to 5 days of Yin Chao to evaluate whether there are endometrium polyps, fibroids, ovarian cysts and other diseases, and the middle and late period of menstruation is significantly improved to evaluate the accuracy of uterine deformities, and the three -dimensional imaging of the uterine cavity cavity cavity cavity cavity is imagingMore helpful diagnosis.It is found that there are abnormal ovarian cysts due to irregular menstruation and other reasons. As long as it is not to twist, rupture, infection, etc., there is no need to be too nervous. This may be physiological.Carefully condition the body and mind, and after 2 to 3 months of menstrual cleanliness, review the yin after the Yin Chao decide.

Ultrasonic has no radiation, no harm to human tissues. The early yin super inspection time is short. Generally, it does not exceed 3 minutes. The doctor’s examination is very soft and will not threaten pregnant women or fetuses.Yin Chao check can accurately judge the location and number of pregnancy sacs, judge the development of the embryo, and early detection of special circumstances such as ectopic pregnancy (commonly known as ectopic pregnancy) and scar pregnancy.EssenceThe vaginal ultrasound in the middle and late pregnancy has significantly improved whether the cervical incompleteness, whether there is a placenta front, and whether the placental implantation accuracy is significantly improved, and a more objective assessment can be performed.

1. What is vaginal ultrasound examination

Vaginal ultrasound is a breakthrough technology in obstetrics and gynecological ultrasound in recent years. It can clearly show the structure of the internal organ and tissue structure of the pelvic cavity. Compared with the traditional abdominal ultrasound examination, it does not need to fill the bladder.Diagnosis of diseases has the characteristics of early identification and accuracy.Vaginal ultrasound examination is clearer than abdominal ultrasound examination, not affected by the patient’s abdominal fat, and is suitable for obese patients; after vaginal ultrasound examination, you can live normally without special care; you can understand the patient’s uterus, ovarian, and pelvic cavity.A basic judgment.

2. What are the advantages of vaginal ultrasound?

The vaginal ultrasonic examination is a probe that uses the pussy in the lane to check the patient’s uterus and attachment. Part of the examination is consistent with the examination of urination of urine in the abdomen. In fact, the content of the observation is the same, but the channels are different.For patients with thick abdominal walls or old age and weakness, Yin has a unique advantage. It can avoid thick abdominal walls. Observe the images with clear and refine diseases.Patients with pregnancy are afraid that doing yin will be miscarriage and cause infection.Please don’t worry, because Yin Chao is strictly disinfected, one set, one person, one person.Moreover, in the early pregnancy, Yin Chao can also observe the fighting of the fetal heart or the size of the gestal sac, or its development, and Yin Chao has unique advantages in the examination of the above disease.For gynecological diseases, especially for tumor observation, Yin Chao is also better than those of the abdomen.

3. Does Yin Chao check the pain?

No pain.Because the vaginal probe contains lubricants, it will help reduce local mucosal damage.Vaginal ultrasound examination is a method of using super probe into the vagina for ultrasound diagnosis. It is suitable for the pelvic internal organs. It has the characteristics of clear images, high resolution, and accurate test results.Patients need to empty urine in the bladder before examination. The medical disposable condom holds the vaginal probe and applies sterile agents inside and outside. The probe is placed in the vaginal dome to observe the pelvic pelvic cavity of the uterine appendix.

4. Precautions before gynecological ultrasound examination

(1) Drink plenty of water before gynecological ultrasound examination, fill the bladder, push away the intestinal tube, reduce gas interference, and make the bladder as a good "acoustic window" to see the images of the uterus and bilateral ovarian and pelvic cavity. For this reasonDrink 300 ~ 500ml of water before making ultrasound.

(2) Vaginal ultrasonic examination needs to be emptied in the bladder. Those who have no sexual life and blood of vaginal inflammation cannot do vaginal ultrasound.

(3) It is recommended to wear loose clothes before checking. In addition, it is best to accompany family members during pregnancy.

(4) Doctors will require women to conduct vaginal ultrasound examinations in the 2nd to 5th weeks of menstruation. The purpose is to observe the basic situation of the uterine nest, including the numberOvoic or pathological cysts, uterine forms, etc.; After IVF cycle treatment, vaginal ultrasound can help understand the thickness of the endometrium, endometrial type, number of follicles and the growth and development of various follicles, and determine whether the follicles are mature.Guide for medication.

5. The advantages of Yin Chao Check

First, do not need to urinate and wait; second, the yin super high -frequency probe is close to the uterus and ovarian imaging is clearer than the abdomen, and the resolution is more accurate.The abdominal scars, intestinal interference, etc. are more suitable for patients with difficulty in the abdominal wall hypertrophy, deep oval or difficulty in the abdominal examination; fourth, they can shorten the examination time and obtain more accurate image information.

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