Women’s mental health has "standards", do you know?

The psychological health we often say is that the body, intelligence, and emotions are very reconciled, adapting to the environment, and can be modest and happy in interpersonal relationships; we can give full play to our ability in work and occupation.American scholar Campus proposed that a person’s mental health should have four standards: positive self -concepts; properly identifying others; facing and accepting reality; rich subjective experience, available.

The mental health standards of the World Health Organization are:

① normal intelligence;

② Good at coordination and controlling emotions;

③ Have strong will of will;

④ Harmony of interpersonal relationships;

⑤ Can be used to adapt to and improve the real environment;

⑥ Keep the integrity and health of personality;

⑦ Psychological behavior is in line with age characteristics.

Based on the discussion of general standards for mental health at home and abroad, women with mental health should have the following characteristics:

(1) Normal intelligence.

(2) Basically stable emotions.

(3) Good self -awareness.

(4) Have an independent personality.

(5) Good will.

(6) Good interpersonal relationship.

As humans enter the 21st century, people’s attention to women is not limited to traditional fields such as marriage, family, education, but also gradually extended to social security, physical and mental health and other aspects of the quality and gender safety of women. Among them, women’s mental healthThe problem has become the focus of common attention in the international community.

Female psychology origin and modern development

Women’s psychological health is closely related to the development of female psychology.Female psychology rose in the United States in the early 1970s in the context of the booming development of women’s movements.From the perspective of research, female psychology is a psychological theory of biological tendencies that occur with the progress of natural sciences such as medicine, neurology, biochemistry, and molecular biology.It focuses on the function and attributes of women’s advanced nervous system, and special psychological phenomenon determined by women’s special physiological foundations.Modern medicine divides women into 5 periods: infantile period (before birth to before menstruation), adolescent (menstrual tide to roughly mature reproductive organs), childbearing age (ovarian reproductive function and endocrine vigorous period), menopausal (ovarian nests (ovarian nests)Functional recession has begun to shrink from the reproductive organs), and the elderly period (the ovarian function has further declined and stopped).Each period of women’s psychological hygiene focuses on each time.

1 Inf infants and young children need to help educate them to understand men and women, but there are no advantages and disadvantages.It is necessary to prevent gaming sexual contact with girls and body damage and blows;

2 The early and menstrual tide of adolescence is an important symbol of female biology maturity.The focus of psychological hygiene is to strengthen sexual knowledge education, understand the causes of second sexual characteristics and menstruation, and avoid panic.Specific: (1) Psychological adjustment and necessary drug treatment for depression, irritability, headache, etc. of menstrual syndrome.(2) Education to avoid early love.(3) Scientific understanding of masturbation.

3 Period women will go through the process of getting married, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, etc., which has brought sharp changes in physiological, and also brings many psychological problems.At this stage, it should be noted that (1) There must be a good mental state during pregnancy: Studies have confirmed that emotional disorders of pregnant women may lead to fetal malformations and lip cracks.Solid mood and stable mood are of great significance to eugenics.(2) Timely adjustment of psychological conditions after delivery: postpartum hormone changes sharply and uncertainty about future life changes, which are prone to postpartum depression, which is very threatening to mothers and children.(3) Scientific treatment of infertility: In China, infertility causes many women to blame and depression. This psychology is one of the important reasons for pregnancy.Long -term tension and anxiety can also affect pregnancy.Therefore, through symptomatic treatment and maintaining good psychological conditions, infertility may be cured.

4 Menopausal and Senior period With the decline of endocrine function, the function of the nervous system is unstable, and the ability to adapt to the environment is declining. Menopausal women will have so -called menopause syndrome. The main symptoms are mainly emotional changes, such as depression, irritability, Decrease in headache, memory, insomnia, and at the same time become sensitive and suspicious, and there are delusional symptoms.

How to deal with negative sexual life events?

Most women are now in a state of intense work and living conditions. The fatigue body leads to sub -health. The psychology of fatigue will also lead to mental sub -health. In the long run, it will cause mental symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, and depression.In fact, mental and mental health is as important as physiological health.Actively responding to the negative events in life, and early preventive measures are effective measures to improve psychological quality and alleviate negative events on psychological impacts.The following will introduce a set of positive emotional management measures: support, cultivate, aware, and action.

Construct a support system

First of all, building a support system can effectively respond to psychological crisis, help individuals to maintain social identity and obtain emotional support, material assistance and services, information and information with new social contacts.The social support system includes the help and support given by interpersonal relationships such as family members or friends, colleagues, neighbors;, Psychological assistance hotline and medical and health system.

Cultivate an optimistic mentality

According to the emotional ABC theory of American psychologist Albert Ellis, for the same event (Activating Events), different beliefs held by different people (Belief) will eventually bring different results.Studies have found that optimistic people can maintain a better mental health no matter what level of stress events, and the pessimistic person’s mental health level is significantly reduced under high stressing incident.Therefore, his inner beliefs and attitudes to life play a very important role in this process.


Perception refers to conscious awareness that does not judge things, and keeps clearly observed on the spot.In life, many people have the trouble caused by emotions. When anger, sadness, and excitement come, do you feel it, or do you feel after the end?The prerequisite for managing emotions is to understand emotions, and perception is the first step.The lack of awareness will make us unknown when emotions come, causing emotions to accumulate slowly, but when they realize that they have been affected by emotions, swallowed by it, or detonating emotions, they blame others after hurting others.Emotions, especially negative emotions, are not terrible, and the terrible thing is unknowingly. Therefore, perception itself is a healing.

Action is now

Take action allows us to really affect the impact of negative events on psychology.Including (1) cultivating hobbies and actively establishing relationships.(2) Find a sense of security and control.When you are anxious due to external news, look at those who protect you, gather your own safety environment, your protective measures, and your surrounding protection measures, give yourself more positive hints.At the same time, formulate daily living plans to increase the sense of rhythm and control of life, which will help alleviate our anxiety.Finally, learn, practice and reserve, maintain curiosity and exploration, learn psychological knowledge, and conduct meditation training.(Xing Jia, Dongfang Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Source: Zhonggong.com

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