Women’s fever 40 degrees, the whole body erythema … The culprit is at home

A few days ago

“Hangzhou women’s hamster face rotten dragon fruit”

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Women’s fever 4 days full body covered with hemorrhagic rash

Recently, Ms. Wu (pseudonym) from Hangzhou, Zhejiang came to the Department of Dermatology, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital.Ms. Wu’s situation surprised the doctor. I saw that her body was covered with hemorrhagic rash, her color was red, her face was red and swollen, and her color was exactly the same as the dragon fruit.According to Ms. Wu, about a week ago, she suddenly had a high heat of 40 ° C, and she did not retreat for four days.At the beginning, a small rash appeared on her body. Gradually, Ms. Wu’s rash spread to her body and face, and she looked red -purple.Dermatologists at the First People’s Hospital of Hangzhou said that after so many years of doctors, patients blushing and swollen like this is still rare.

Pet hamsters at home with "Yàng) insect disease"

What is the reason, causing Ms. Wu to have such symptoms?After a comprehensive examination and careful observation, the doctor judged that it was likely that the "yàng) insect disease" should be caused by the bitter worm.It is understood that tapeworms are generally breed in places where the terrain is low, humid, and weeds, and there are more rural and outdoor.But how did Ms. Wu who lived in the city came into contact with tapestorm?In order to figure out the reason, the doctor continued to ask the patient: "Is there a mouse at home?" Ms. Wu said that a hamster had a hamster at home, which had been bought 20 yuan on the roadside.After hearing Ms. Wu’s above answers, combined with her whole body symptoms, the doctor basically determined that she had suffered from tador disease. The culprit was likely to be the hamster bought at 20 yuan.

The doctor introduced that after being bitten by a tapestorm (often living on a mouse), scorching will be left on his body.Sure enough, after careful check, the doctor found a coke on her, confirming the previous speculation.

What is "yàng) insect disease"?

Terramoma is also known as tadpole and sand lice, which can infect tapestorm disease.When the tapeworm bites the person, a kind of enzyme will be paralyzed. The incubation period of tapestorm disease is 4 to 21 days. The first symptom is high fever. In addition to red eyes, there are red skin, swollen skin, paralysis of limbs, disgusting drowsiness, etc. In severe cases, more organs will organize more organs.Death dysfunction.

When the larvae bite the mouse, they will be parasitic on the mouse but because the mouse is infected with the second body, so it is not threatened to the mice.Once the mites bite the mice, the larvae develops the sons to bite humans on behalf of them, which may lead to human infection.

Doctor specially reminds

To buy hamsters to a place with formal sources

June to October each year

It is the high incidence season of tador disease

These insect -proof reminders should be remembered

The production and work activities of the wild should be tight, cuffs, cuffs, pants and mouth, and try not to stay in the grass.

The body’s exposure can be applied to mosquito repellent, potassium sulfide solution, etc.

If fever, skin rash and other discomforts occur after the wild (activity), and even skin scorching, you should go to the doctor in time.

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